Super Bowl 2014

DJ: 28-17, Denver.

EJ: Seattle over Denver. I’m not confident in making this pick but I like the Seahawks to beat the Broncos. While, I’d be very happy to see Peyton Manning win his 2nd Super Bowl trophy, I believe that this is Russell Wilson’s time. I’ve been impressed with the guy since I saw him play early last season and I think he’s the perfect field general for this team.Denver Cheerleaders

Seattle is going to have to run the ball in what should be a cold night at the Meadowlands, and they are going to have to defend the pass attack of the Broncos. I think the Seahawks big secondary, led by mouth all mighty Richard Sherman, is more than capable and I expect Marshawn Lynch to go beast mode on the Broncos defense.
I like the Seahawks to win what will be a close ball game. I hate throwing out scores but I’ll go with 28-24 for a final score.
Joe: Denver by 3.

David: I’m a big fan of history, as regular readers will know. First, there has been 4 times that the number 1 offense and the number 1 defense has met in the Superbowl.

3 times the team with the number 1 D has won.

The only number 1 defense to lose? The 89 Broncos, to the Niners, whose defense was number 3 that year.

The Broncos defense THIS year is ranked 22nd.

Of course Denver has a great offense.

That’s an understatement.

The Broncos are the NFL’s highest-scoring team ever. The top 10 scoring offenses of all time before this year Broncos? Only ONE won the SuperBowl. (The 99 Rams)

Marshawn Lynch1-9 for the number 1 Offense?

Just not a great Precedent.

Lets talk Jerseys just for the Hades of it.
The Broncos got to pick. They chose colors, I guess to make the Seahawks wear white.

Denver has worn their signature Orange three times in the Super Bowl.

Then went on to lose all three times.

I hate the fact that the weather is clearing, even though that means they won’t move the game, but its still going to be a lot colder in Jersey than Manning is used to it being.

I do think its going to come down to the running game. There, the Broncos are at a disadvantage. The Refs have allowed pushing and shoving and pass interference throughout the playoffs, and I don’t see them stopping now. If the Seahawks need to burn 3 minutes off the clock? They have the power to do that. If the Broncos have too? Not really an option to burn clock.

I’m going with the Seahawks.





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