Barstool: Should the NFL Dump the XP?

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Today we have David and Steven talking about the NFL thoughts on removing the extra point!


David: Rodger the Dodger has proposed eliminating the Extra Point, with the thinking that the point is almost automatic, with only 5 misses this year, and they could just give 7 for a TD, with a bonus point if you go for 2, and you lose a point if you miss the conversion.

1. Extra points are not automatic, they have missed 5. I remember one year my Carolina Panthers won a game due to Peppers blocking not 1 but TWO kicks in a game- and one was an XP. That gave them the margin of victory.
There have always been blocked or even missed points, removing the try also takes away the attempt of a fake going for 2, not normally used in the NFL but I have seen it happen quite a few times in the NCAA. As so of these coaches filter upwards, a fake XP attempt might happen more often.

Totally Down with the Plan!
Totally Down with the Plan!

You also have bad snaps and bad holds. I understand the NFL wants Tony Romo to succeed, but to remove Extra Points is just not the way to do it.

Nice try Roger, but if you hate them, then move to posts closer.

Steven: Now, I see no reason not to tamper with the extra point rules. It really has become perhaps the most uninteresting aspect of football. Extra points failed this season, as you said, 5 times. Out of around 1200 tries. That’s less than 1/2 of 1 percent failure rate. One good thing about them is they give me a head start on my post-TD bathroom trip. Does anybody really watch them? And four of those five fails were blocks. That means only 1/1200th of attempts were actually MISSED!

Also, strategy could actually be enhanced through this new rule. Typically, teams would take the 7 and kickoff. But in particularly close games, or when trying to close and opponent’s lead, that “extra point” could come in handy. Lots of different scenarios come to mind for either going for it or keeping the 7.

David: Here is the reason why you will not see the XP go away.


It drives the NFL because thats how they get 9 figures a year to show the games.

Ad Break
Ad Break
Ad Break

Now we start off at the 20.

No one turns the channel after a TD, we might turn our heads to check our fantasy teams, but with EVERY TD under review, no TD is solid until the football goes through the uprights.

That is PRIME Ad time. Might not be exciting, but its there. You take that out, and you are going to have to replace it- so you add another minute before the kickoff or a minute / two minutes to the 2 minute warning? Throw in another TV timeout?

Steven: While ad breaks may be affected, the revenue from them will not. The NFL will either charge more for ad time, or simply

Go for 2 dude!!!
Go for 2 dude!!!

lengthen the ad breaks a little through the course of the game. This is a very easy issue to deal with. I’m 100% Goodell has hashed this matter over extensively with whoever the hell he hashes things over with prior to saying anything publicly about the proposal.

So now, after a score, we will have to wait through a commercial break, not knowing for certain whether we will see the teams lined up for the try, or setting for kickoff. And later in games, particularly close ones or important ones, there will be much speculation among the viewing audience, leading up to and right after the score (during the ad break!), as to whether there will be or should be an extra point attempt. It really would add intrigue in many circumstances, particularly with the risk of losing a point with a failed attempt.

As I write this, I like the notion more and more. AWAY WITH THE AUTOMATIC EXTRA POINT!

David: Wha?

The revenue will not change?

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but TV has micromanaged the way the Ads break and when people change channels and when they need to charge the most. The TV companies are not going to throw BILLIONS at the NFL, hand then a tape and say, just play these commercials whenever. They are not about to just let things go to change. If the TV companies had their way, they would take the 60 yards from the middle of the field away.

Like I said, NO one changes the channel after a TD.

The Point after is ALMOST automatic.
But not 100% There is always a chance that there is a miss.

Not to mention is the competition committee has to agree, who is on that committee?We are Kickers


In case you have never seen the NFL, highly paid coaches SUCK at math. They have a hard time figuring out when to go for 2 or when to kick the FG over going for the TD and when, and you want to break out algebra??

Steven: Interesting final argument there. First off, the point after is automatic enough, with a more than 99.5% success rate, to be called “automatic”.

You seem to contradict yourself a bit as well, claiming on one hand that TV has the power to block a rules change in the NFL (micromanage), while on the other, conceding that TV lacks the ability to bring about rules change in the NFL (60 yards removal).

And why do you keep mentioning changing the channel? The only reason any real football fan changes the channel is to check the other game that’s on. So that is a non-issue here.

And of course a change in the game would go before committee. What is your point there, good sir? This is subjective topic on whether we think the PAT should or should not be eliminated, or altered from its current automatic format.

As for coaches sucking at math, we’re not asking them to perform calculus. Just get with their assistants and make a choice based on grade-school math and strategy.
Its time for change.


You Decide

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  1. R.I.P. Walter Payton and Phil Hartman.

    Honestly? I don’t see why they are tampering with the extra point. Just keep the game as is.

  2. Hasn’t the NFL made enough changes already? As many people have told me repeatedly, those Lombardis the Pats won came off the foot of Adam Vinateri. Keep the PAT.

  3. Eliiminating the XP is as silly as when MLB thinks about eliminating throwing the pitches on intentional walks. In both cases, almost nothing weird ever occurs… the XP is almost always automatic… and the IW piches are almost always without incident… the fact is that stuff can happen.
    In the case of the XP the snap can go awry, the holder can fumble the snap, the kicker can slip, etc… yeah, its rare but it is an unknown that can change a game. Why eliminate it?
    As far as the two point conversion: If a team wants to go for the two point play that still is an option, so, why create a new rule when it is only successful for most teams about 50% of the time? Some teams are better at it; some are worse and some don’t even try it during an entire season.
    Eliminating the XP is as silly as Adam Vinateri suggesting that if a field goal is made from 50 yards, or more, that it should be worth 4 points.
    Please… ya takes your chances and ya lays your money down…
    Sorry, When it comes to sports I lean towards the conservative side of things.. and, if it ain’t broke; don’t fix it.

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