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Welcome to 7 pounds of Something! We have a fun week coming for you- but to get you through Monday, I’m gonna talk Jimmy Graham and free agency, the Pro Bowl and some awards show from last night. Also, the NBA Roundtable comes back tomorrow!


Jimmy Graham does not want the franchise Tag.Monday


As we all know, the franchise tag basically takes you out of the free agent market,  and forces you to play for the team that franchised you, and if you don’t, then you lose a year credit for your retirement, its like slavery in the NFL.
Of course, they do have to pay you the average of the top 5 salaries for your position.

Thats the issue here. First, its a one year deal, so if you underperform, or get hurt, then you don’t have that nice signing bonus or that long term deal to fall back on.

Now, I have lived through this on my team, the Carolina Panthers, a few years back with Julius Peppers, its not really good for team either, as all that money hits the cap, there is no flexability, and the player tends to get a bit ticked at the team. Needless to say, smart teams franchise one of their best players, so it tends to be a constant talking point.

I blame his union for this, they agreed to it, and its thier fault, not the Saints, that he cannot go on the open market.

So Graham gets franchised, then he makes his 6.9 million dollars as a tagged TE.

Poor baby, he is going to make 7M next year for playing football.

But not so fast, his agent is going to try and push for Graham to be classified as a WR, so he gets the average of that position’s salary.

Jimmy GrahamThat gives him a 4.5M raise, to almost 10.5M. That can cause a problem for the Saints, with only a 127M cap to begin with.

For a man making 1.3M a year, that’s a pretty big raise either way, but the issue is the Saints are a projected 12M over the cap to start with. For a team with several major needs, every penny counts.

Now, it does seem that they have a bit of history to look back on. When Terrell Suggs hit free agency, the team tagged him as a linebacker, but Suggs wanted to be counted as an outside linebacker, a position a bit more highly paid- about 3.5M more at that time. After some arguing, they agreed to split the difference.

A few years back, Ravens pass rusher Terrell Suggs was fighting the distinction he was a linebacker and not an outside linebacker, but sources said in the deal that was struck in his instance the sides agreed to split the difference between the two franchise tags.

My Guess? Somewhere around 5 years 45 Million, that should give Drew his number 1 target until he retires, lets keep in mind, Drew isn’t exactly 27 years old- He’s 35. This deal lets Jimmy stay as long as Brees does, Jimmy is 27. So say Brees retires in 3 years. Jimmy will be 30, still in his prime, and maybe 25M left on his deal- would you trade a second rounder, or maybe even a first for that? I bet the Saints could get a fistful of picks for Jimbo if he’s still catching double digit TDs and his knees are still 100%.

Those numbers also are a bit more than what Colston makes. Yeah, I’d cut Colston to keep Jimmy, but I’d be willing to bet the Saints will gut more on the defense to keep them both. Heck, trade Colston to the Panthers (Hint Hint) Sorry, I need to calm down.

Did watch the Probowl, they definitely seemed to care more this year, maybe King Roger’s threats to yank the Hawaii trip had something to do with it, maybe they found out if the Pro Bowl was killed, the bonuses went with it, maybe it was as simple as Jerry Rice vs Deion Sanders did it.

I have a few issues.

What about when the new-ness has dropped off? When the team captains are Jordan Gross and Curtis  Martin, what then?

Here is the biggest issue.

I flipped on the ProBowl. My daughter, who loves her some football, wanted to know who was playing, I told her it was the pro-bowl, it was all the great players- I didn’t want to get into breaking down how some players didn’t deserve it, etc but still.

She asked me who should win- Normally this is easy, the Panthers or Saints or LSU or Notre Dame or UNC. Fairly easy Question.

Not this year. As a Panthers fan since day 1. Who do I pull for?

#Team Rice

#Team Sanders

HC Ron Rivers

Mike Tolbert

The Great Kalil

Jordan Gross

CAM Newton


The Kraken


Now even though I have a hard time pulling for Neon Deion for ANYTHING, I found myself pulling for his team, because he had both LUKE and Cam on his team, even though Cam again did not play well-could have been worse, look at Phillip Rivers performance.

Not to mention this might be the last time I see the Kraken wearing a Panthers Helmet. Tolbert

But did you see Tolbert- a man called a Bowling Ball with Lips this week by thankfully, someone that will not get Al Sharpton called in, or at worse cause Jason Whitlock to write 15000 words this week, run OVER the defensive player of the year- who happens to be HIS OWN TEAMMATE?

It was a classic Tolbert Run, but not exactly what I want to see in a exhibition game, if Tolbert and Kuechly get up holding their arm or shoulders, or heaven help me walking off woosy, I am not a happy Panda.

So lets keep the honorary coaches, but lets get them back on the conference teams. I need a rooting interest.

I bet everyone who took the Over in Vegas at 93 were hating life early and often though.

They don’t build them giant building cause they have a nice Buffet people.

Finally the Grammies!!

And you people have a good week!


I am proud to say I have never owned a CD by anyone who won a grammy last night. Now if you will excuse me, I have a mix tape of Prince to throw in my 8 track. Modern music seems to manufactured, either tries to be “edgy” or done by hot people with above average voices. I’m sure there is good music out there, but I simply don’t have the shovel to go find it.



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