Trading for ‘Melo? 5 Possibles

MeloTom Penn thinks the Knicks should deal Melo

Easier said than done.

The issue is he makes 21M, they are over the cap with only a 850K cap exception, so they need right at 20M back

Not to mention, they have to have a team that has a snowballs chance of resigning him, not like Toronto or Phoenix is going to trade their top 2 paid players for him, then watch him go, the Knicks don’t have a half dozen first rounders to throw in.

– Who can eat that much salary and have parts to let it go, you have to trade at LEAST a 15M guy, plus parts. Or two 10M guys. – that’s just to make it worth adding the parts.

So just for fun, lets look at all the major Media markets.

Detroit for Josh Smith and Charlie VComing to America

Now dumping Charlie for a scorer might be a great thing, and I could almost see it- but dumping Josh Smith might be a bit hard to do. I could actually see this one IF- and thats only IF, Greg Monroe and Melo became buddies. I mean like Eddie and Arsenio buddies.

Washington for Nene and Ariza

Again, this could happen. I’m not a fan of Nene, and Washington is close enough that the one that runs the Anthony family could be happy. Could this work? Maybe.

Dallas for Matrix, Monta and B.Wright

This just a dump for the Knicks. I like Wright, but 3 years of Monta aside, this is just a dump. I wonder if the Knicks would do this just to get Shawns expiring deal. On the Mavericks side- you are paring Melo with Dirk. That is a scoring 1-2 punch that could go somewhere in the west until round 2 of the playoffs. More I think on it, the Mavs might even give up a pick to make this happen.

GST for Lee, Speights and Klay

Oh Hell no. The Knicks would jump all over this deal- even if they have to deal with the Lee homecoming. This only happens if Curry finds Lee and Clay doing something really inappropriate.Watch the Knicks try and get Barnes in the deal instead and blow it.

But finally, how about this?

The Los Angeles ClippersLA Clippers

Jordan, Redick and Barnes.

— Would be fun for it to be Harrison Barnes, but this is the other Barnes. Melo slides over and takes his SF spot, he can create his own shot. You now have a hole at SG, but its not like there are not a dozen possibilities there as well they could make.

Plus the Lakers would set themselves on fire Seeing CP3, Blake and Melo on posters everywhere.

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  1. The Warriors and Clippers proposals are by far the best ones because I can see Carmelo staying with those franchises. However, as you stated the Golden State proposal is a better one for the Knicks than it is for the Warriors.

    With that said, I can’t see Carmelo willing to re-sign with Detroit or Washington (although I do love the LaLa crack you made. That lady really does real things).

    Dallas? Maybe, but the Mavs would have to make another move to make Dirk and Melo work.

  2. So with Melo and Kobe acting like butt kissing buddies yesterday and Kobe offering to advise Melo on his future does that mean the Knicks need to talk to the Lakers about a trade?

  3. Maybe, but for what? Pau Gasol and this year’s 1st would be a place to start if I were the Knicks, but why would the Lakers want to do that? If the Lakers really want Carmelo then it makes sense for them to just wait until the offseason.

  4. But, if they don’t trade Melo to someone then the Knicks will ultimately get nothing because, in my opinion, he ain’t staying in NY… Pau Gasol would be something as opposed to nothing.

    This is all specualtion… However, the Knicks need to make a trade and Melo needs to be a piece of that trade.

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