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MondayWelcome to Monday. Today I’m grinding on MLK, Richard Sherman and where are the Pats spending all their Money??

I’ll post the funnies of the week later today. Joe did one heckuva job with the MLK posting, so I’m going to let that lead the week for a bit. If you have not spread the word- you should: http://tinyurl.com/mo384ey

Fun Fact about MLK, he left his “I have a Dream” Speech on the podium when he finished. Just walked off. George Raveling, who was a assistant basketball coach at the time (and at 6’5 was asked to provide security during the speech)  picked them up, he tried to give them to Dr King, who told him to keep them. Raveling says that he has been offered 6M for the speech (with hand written notes.) He states he will never sell them, but will give them to his son. Raveling is one of the Nike Money-men so he doesn’t need the cash. I hope we never see those notes on Pawn Stars. I’d much rather see them in the Smithsonian- under glass so Kids can read them and try to understand what he meant by the DREAM.MLK Jr 2

Problem is, I don’t see it happening. Major Black entertainers with tons of cash don’t seem to care enough about history – and to that point neither to rich white people. Call me the first time anyone puts 7 figures into restoring a landmark. Oprah could drop 15 Million and put the Dream Speech in the same casing that the Constitution and DOI are in. I would maintain that the Dream Speech is the most important work of the 20th Century.

My luck? Jay-Z will buy it and cut it up and put a 2×2 square in specially marked CD of his latest album. Or Kanye will have it made into pants.

The Super Bowl is upon us. I had my third straight week of missing one game a weekend. EJ swept the weekend to tie me going 7-3. So there ya go.

Let me speak on the Sherman deal. Cornerbacks talk. Wide Receivers talk.  Info-Babe feels like she didn’t get her question answered. It was a dumb question. You could have had a sixty year old man in a gimp mask come up to Sherman and say, YO RICHARD and stick the mic in his face and get the same reaction.

I have been banging the drum that Kaps isn’t all that. He had 135 yards passing. Yes the Seahawks have a great D. But you can’t try and be Superman and try and have the media compare you to Montana and Young and drop 135 in a title game. How many yards passing did he have against Carolina again? Exactly. Great job by Seattle. I’m still not impressed by the offense though.

What did impress me is the Broncos.

That looked like it should have been a 40-14 beatdown the way it looked on TV. It was a 10 point game and looked worse.

Question. Where is all the Pats money? Brady is “only” a 13M cap hit, and they constantly trade down so its not like they have a stack of high draft picks- and even now they are not the albatross they used to be.

So lets see. Brady&Hoodie

Brady is at 13M, as he should be the highest.

Next is Vince Wilfork at 10.6 M then Logan Mankins- a Guard, is the ones with 7 figure guy at 10M even cap

Then Jerod Mayo at 5.9M, Thats it- and here is the fun thing, NO ONE MAKES OVER 5 Million!

What they heck, Talib, yeah, that guy is the third highest paid Pat at 4.8M – and he’s the only one to make over 4 Million!

The issue for next year is dead money- 7.5M going to Hernandez of the over 8M in dead money, the Pats only are projected to have 7.6M to spend.

The problem is, the WR free agent list is a bit thin. The top 10 by production:

1. Eric Decker
2. Jeremy Maclin
3. Hakeem Nicks
4. Julian Edelman
5. Golden Tate
6. James Jones
7. Anquan Boldin
8. Andre Roberts
9. Emmanuel Sanders
10. Riley Cooper

Nicks might be the best of the lot they could grab, I could see a run at James Jones since the Pack have other needs. Would you drop a second rounder on Tate? I know I wouldn’t and I’m a Panther fan- Brandon LaFell is the 14th best WR free agent. I just can’t see the Pats doing much better than what they have in Free Agency. If I’m the Hoodie, I’m looking at dropping half my picks on Wideouts. Plus bringing in every SEC/ACC Wideout that can run a sub 4.6 to tryouts. The Pats have to stretch the feild before Brady just quits trying- or degrades.

So thats going to do me this week, please enjoy the site, and I’m still taking suggestions on what to do after I am done with PUPPET MASTER – Retro should be up this week.

Finally, something from the Facebook Page- if you are not with us there, you missed this:

MLK Kanye



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  1. Neat fact about MLK Jr… and, unfortunately, I think you are right about what could happen to the speech… it should be in the Smithy but unless that dude changes his mind and donates it, I doubt it will ever get there. And, that’s sad.

  2. I turned the SF/Seattle game off in the second half. Why? Because San Fran, who I sort of was rooting for, simply did not impress me and I said “Self, they deserve to lose, so screw it… ”

    You are right: Kaps ain’t all that and I don’t see San Fran ever winning a Super Bowl with him a the helm.

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