Final Four Picks!

NFL Playoff Final FourWelcome to the Final Four Picks

Round 1, EJ went 2-2 and David went 3-1,Round 2, EJ went 3-1 missing the Pats, and David went 3-1 missing the Niners.

Lets see how they do in Round 3!

Pats BroncosEJ: Broncos over Patriots. Everything in me is saying pick the Patriots, EJ. However, I just can’t. Tom Brady might be Peyton Manning’s nemesis, and Peyton tends to fold when he places too much pressure on himself, but I’m still going with the Broncos. I’m not 100% sold on this pick, and I won’t be too surprised if the Patriots do win this game, but after going back and forth with this, I think Peyton will do just enough to beat the Patriots in Denver.

David: Lets see, Manning in the Playoffs vs the Hoodie with a running game. Both teams have been lit up with injuries, but the Pats have been doing it all year. I simply think that Manning is going to have to make a play to win the game and once again, just won’t do it.

 Seahawks NinersEJ: Seahawks over 49ers. Just like my Broncos pick, I’m not too sold on this one either. These two teams know each other well and they hate each other. These two head coaches know each other well, and they hate each other. A lot of hate, and a lot of intensity will go down in this matchup. Both quarterbacks come into the game, after not playing well in the semifinal round, but it’s just so damn tough for visiting teams to win in Seattle. The 12th man, hasn’t seen too many losses up there in Seattle and I don’t think they will this week. I expect Russell Wilson to rebound, and for Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch to put his team on his back and lead them to the Super Bowl.
David: I’m going with want over truth. The Seahawks offense still does not impress me, Percy is not going to have an impact, and I’m just not sure they can get a great passrush on the Niners. The Niners have the experience, the better skill position talent and a better offensive line. The Defense is pretty good as well. Everything points to the Niners being the best team in football on Paper. So why am I picking the Seahawks? Cause the Niners had to play the Packers, Panthers and Seahawks on the road. The Hawks got to play at home. There is a reason they have lost to teams they are better at on paper.



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