Early Edition Of MLB RT….assisted by David Snipes.


Early edition of MLB RT. Questions/Topics were introduced by David Snipes. Thanks David for the assist.


1. It’s been said that baseball writers loved Mark/Sammy and hated Bonds. If someone the writers loved -like say Bagwell or Thomas had made the march to 755, would we still have the same story on steroids?


STEPHAN: Well Frank Thomas got in so I don’t think this is that relevant. Jeff Bagwell was a great player, but I’m not so sure he is a sure fire Hall of Famer. He was caught with the injury bug far too much in his career, and that…not steroids, may keep him out.


JOE: Yes, we would still have had the “same” story, no matter who hit 755, IF the person who hit the 755 was found to have used PEDs. If, the record setter was “clean” then the story would have been different, to some degree, but, it still would have been a big issue that needed to be dealt with.

ARCHIE: Steroids would have still been a big issue simply because Congress got involved. When you place into one cauldron, congress, those that would turn their back on the preservation of the integrity of the game, big money, more money, and a low supervision and control of the game, and the hypocritical media, the Steroid Era is what pours out of the ladle.


2. Does the fact that the same reporters that missed the elephant in the room are the ones turning in blank ballots damage the hall?


STEPHAN: I think if you are a voter, you should turn in your ballot how you see fit. Surely, even with the PED era, there is one or two candidates that can be voted for. Does it damage the HOF? I don’t think so, because I think the right guys get in eventually.


JOE: No, because they are a minority.  One writer said they shouldn’t have their vote revoked because then that would be censorship. I’m on the fence about revoking their right to cast a ballot. If the candidates for the Hall were so-so then I could see a voter saying he didn’t think anyone was worth voting for. However, when you have someone of the caliber of Greg Maddux on the ballot, I don’t see how a voter can justify putting in a blank ballot.  The problem is who makes the call on whether a voter is just being derelict in his responsibility or really, truly believes he is making a sincere and honorable statement.


ARCHIE:  My first observation is this, plain and simple, HELL YES!

Maddux carried 97.2% of the votes and received 555 votes. That means there were a possible 571 votes to be had. Obvious math states then a player must receive 429 (they round up) votes to make the hall.  Let’s say 10 of those hold back and turn in blank ballots. Now all players must receive 77% of votes from those that did submit ballots. This number continues to grow as more and more fail to submit a ballot.

Biggio received 427 votes, two shy of the needed 429. IF he had only to meet the 75% of 561 he would have made it. Hell, IF 5 blank ballots did not count against him he would have made it.  I feel the players should only have to achieve 75% from those that submitted ballots. In other words, a blank ballot should constitute a forfeit or be treated just like those registered voters that did not go to the polls.

Even on our Presidential elections, ONLY those ballots submitted count. Can you imagine an election that would NOT allow anyone into office because they failed to carry a certain percentage of votes from registered voters?

Why hold it against someone for not receiving a vote from someone that does not care enough to vote? I mean, c’mon man, if Maddux was not good enough to have ALL eligible voters turn in a ballot, then the ballot holders themselves are ruining the integrity of the voting system.


3. What should Bud Selig do to fix this, or should he?


STEPHAN: No. Selig needs to stay out of this? This is separate from day to day operations in MLB. It’s simply not his fight. So there really isn’t anything he can do except voice his opinion.


JOE: Selig can’t do anything because the hall is separate from MLB… “The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is an American history museum <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Museum>  and hall of fame <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hall_of_fame> , located at 25 Main Street in Cooperstown, New York <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cooperstown,_New_York> , and operated by private interests.”  


ARCHIE: Mr. Selig has already made his contribution to this issue. He sat in silence and allowed the “Steroid Era” to happen. Thanks Bud. Thanks a lot.




4. Who was the biggest snub, or is this a moot point since he’s getting in eventually and “first ballot” is overrated.


STEPHAN: It’s hard to not say Craig Biggio with 3000 hits and only missing the call by two votes. He will get in eventually, but I think he would be the biggest “snub”. Though, I think the right guys got in this time around.


JOE: If the discussion is just about first ballot candidates then I don’t think anyone got snubbed. However, the fact that Mike Mussina only got about 20% of the votes cast was a big surprise to me and that I thought was a slight snub in, and, of itself.  However, the voters did do a disservice by not electing Biggio… he belongs in the Hall.  


ARCHIE: In my opinion, IF all the voters were forced to place at least one name on their ballot for submission, Biggio would have earned at least two more votes. Again, if he only had to achieve 75% of those voting and not 75% from all possible, he would have gotten in. He probably got snubbed more than anyone not roid related. Last year not a single player was elected to the Hall. Is there any of you out there that can honestly tell me that NONE of those candidates are deserving or will ever make it in? And if they do, then why the hell was there blank ballots submitted?


And for the record; to all those of the BBWAA, it’s like my old grand pappy used to say, “Shit or get off the pot”. IF you turn in a blank ballot this year, you should not get one next year.


5. Can we get José Canseco in the hall as a contributor?


STEPHAN: That is the biggest joke I have ever heard. Canseco is the last guy to be anywhere near the Hall of Fame. But let’s be realistic here. Even with his vote, it would not be enough to get those suspected players in. Hell, he alone wouldn’t have been enough to get Biggio in this time.


Let me just add. The Hall of Fame is not a flawed system. When I saw the ballot as it was announced, I thought it was very accurate to what I was projecting. I would not have changed anything except maybe Biggio getting in.


JOE: Since José Canseco seems to be about the only user who spoke the truth about PED use in MLB, before the fact, then, he should be a headliner in a special room that is devoted to the “Steroid Era”.  Problem is who gets to establish when that era began and how long it existed for… or is it still going on now? Personally, I think MLB players, to some degree, were using steroids as early as the 1970’s


ARCHIE: What? Did I read right? How about, when donkeys fly? How about when Pete Rose is reinstated into baseball and he and Shoeless Joe make it in? Until these first two happen; forget it.

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  1. Archie has a great point about only counting the votes from those that were cast. I wholeheartedly agree with that idea.

  2. The last question was a bit of a tongue in cheek, but I do wonder how people will look back on Jose in 20-30 years.

  3. I figured it was tongue incheek but I was actually serious… The Hall needs to address the PED era and he should be at the head of the class as the bigget proponent of players using PEDs, and, as one of he few, if not the only one, who spoke the truth about PEDs.

  4. The biggest issue most had with Canseco was that he did not admit to anything until AFTER his career. It was in 2005 when he did his interview where he admitted his own use and implicated use by others.

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