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OK, today we need to talk some NFL, and the 4 remaining teams, Who too pull to now? Some Pro-Wrestling, and finally I complain. Old Man Style.

I’m a Panthers Fan, and even with that being said, the NFL should be embarrassed by that playoff game. The first half was almost entirely called as if they were playing in Kalifornia during a Harvey Milk celebration. I mean the “headbutt” call alone was an utter joke. You cannot let one team push and shove and call everything on another team. The refs did get a lot -uh, “fairer” in the second half, so I can only guess that the NFL did get involved at halftime.

And before you scream sour grapes at me, I follow several national media members on twitter, and I don’t think any of them are Panther Fans.

Number One in our hearts, But Number one in the trade value?That being said, the Panthers were not helped by the lack of push the O-line got. I would have lost massive amounts of money if you told me the Panthers would have 1st and goal twice, have 0 turnovers yet come away with 3 points. The second half, the supiroir firepower of the Niners let them pull away. The Panthers have had an overachieving secondary, and when you can’t get the push up front (1 sack) thats when your secondary has to work too hard. Crabtree, AB and Vernon Davis is just too good.

Oh, and back to my preview?

Colin threw for UNDER 200 Yards and ran for 15 yards, so lets stop the “superman talk” Newton did 267 yards, and ran for 54 yards- he only ran 2 more times than Colin did, by the way. SF completed 50% of its passes. So Yeah, lets not compare him to Montana and Young ok?

I got a question the other day at work.

With the Panthers and to a MUCH lesser extent, the Saints being out. What is a fan to do?

Lets talk about the quartet of evil.

1. The Niners.

The team that beat my team? I just don’t know about them. I used to be a Niners fan, but I just hate John York and what he has done to the franchise. I also got problems with Colin and all the blowing he’s getting on TV. I get the feeling this teams window is as short as the Pats window. They have a LOT of low paid talent, and its not going to last in the NFL. I can’t pull for them.

Manning vs Raiders2. The Seahawks.

I guess I have to pull for them, even though they invented home games, apparently. I can deal with all the Wilson love though, he just has outworked everyone in the organization from day 1. I hate Petey though. But I’ll take Petey over John York.

3. The Broncos

I can’t stand all the love for Peyton Manning. How a man with 1 ring and a lesser road winning percentage than I have in the playoffs be on the short list? I mean I understand the stats- but lets count how many times the second best team in the AFC South made the playoffs ok?

ne-patriots-helmet4. The Pats.

Ok, I really don’t have a huge glass of haterade for anyone on here. I do wish Tebow was still on the team so he could get a snap under center and make half the suits on ESPN explode. Brady is on the short list of GOAT QBs, and another ring would make it even better.

So I guess I have to pull for the Pats. Almost like I had to pull for the Ravens last year- not really with any joy, but lets just say If I have to sit there and watch Bronos/Niners for the Super Bowl, with Manning having to to shove away a “sportswriter” from his groin so he can take a snap during the game – I’m going to be ticked having blown a day off.

I watched something I had not watched in years,

Pro Wrestling.

I did a TD (From Fannation) about who could win the Royal Rumble. I kind of found it funny- I have no knowledge of current storylines, but simply picking the main eventers from the last two weeks, my opponent and I covered all the obvious ones.

So one night (coughing and wheezing) I sat and watched Smackdown. I really wished I had watched Old School Raw, but that might have tainted my watching experience. I’ve seen most of those guys for 20+ years, I don’t think they have aged well.

So what did I think?

Stiffs are still stiffs. Its kind of fun to see how some characteristics have not changed in 20-30 years. Problem is, its more obvious in some areas, less obvious than others. You don’t get the foot stomping, or the play calling or the rest holds, possibly due to the rings being mic’ed and the wrestlers being used to seeing everything on film. I bet once the “older” stars are gone- the art of ring generalship will be gone for good. Its going to go to sequence to sequence to sequence. I’m not sure if thats going to be a good thing, but its going to fix a few issues I still see.

CM PunkCM Punk is amazing The ability to adapt from one opponent to the other to the other, while not breaking flow was nice to see. Team wrestling is an art form. I think it is going to be gone in its “classic” form. Watching a 2 on 2 match is more like watching several mini matches.

Finally, the E seems to be overly concerned on the “look” of their wrestlers. You simply don’t have the smoothness of old. Of course, you don’t have the beatings- since you have tons of short matches and the wide variety of wrestlers. The E seems to spend a TON of time having wrestlers look to the crowd, look to the camera, look at the mirror. Its almost like they are posing way too much.

The Orton match was interesting, but I kept wondering, is that all you got?

If you read Arn Anderson’s book, he talks of being near-sighted. He didn’t much play to the crowd as he couldn’t SEE them. The E might do a better job of not caring about the crowd. This is not Suzanne Vega- who will instantly gain a generation of fans with a look.

Finally. A Warning.
Getting old sucks.

Having a cold used to just hurt. Kill a few hours, take a nap and then I’d be fine.
I spend a few DAYS hacking. I drop a few hours on the can. I lose my appetite.I have problems getting going. I’ve been ran over by a car, had surgery, taken a crowbar to the skull, shattered my wrist, fell 15 feet off a roof, been knocked out by a pool cue- yet never have been knocked back like this.

Getting old Sucks.




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  1. Getting old beats the alternative, though.

    And, what’s with all the Peyton hate? It’s not his fault the idjits from the studio shows wet their pants over him… is it?

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