The Blog About Nothing 1/10 Edition

What up world! This EJ bringing you another edition of The Blog About Nothing. We’ve survived the polar vortex! It felt like most of the United States was trapped in a meat locker earlier this week. Single digit temperatures and me just don’t get along. I need winter to be over with ASAP!! While, I sit here shivering, this week I’ll talk about Andrew Bynum (AGAIN!), Dennis Rodman’s drunk rant on CNN, and why I don’t care about college basketball before the month of March. Let’s get it.

Last week, I went on and on about Andrew Bynum and his pending trade away from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Bynum was exiled by the franchise due to his conduct off the court, and at the time leading speculation was that Bynum was going to be reacquired and subsequently dumped by his former franchise: the Los Angeles Lakers. As a Lakers fan, I was all in favor of the Lakers trading Pau Gasol to the Cavaliers because that deal would have taken the Lakers out of luxury tax territory. Well, a funny thing happened. The Cavaliers did deal Andrew Bynum but they dealt him to the Chicago Bulls, who ended up releasing him. The Cavs acquire small forward Luol Deng, and the Bulls pick up two 2nd round draft picks, and a 1st rounder by way of the Sacramento Kings (the pick may revert to a 2nd rounder by 2016 if the Kings don’t finish out of the Lottery in the next 2 drafts). So, what’s my verdict for all of the teams involved?

I love this deal for the Cavaliers and Bulls, but I lament the opportunity lost for the Lakers. The Cavaliers have long had a hole at small forward. In picking up Deng they get a hard working, versatile forward that is in his prime. The 28 year old is a pending free agent, but his skill set should mesh well with franchise stalwart Kyrie Irving. The point guard, should be able to find his new teammate with ease, and Deng should become a stable 2nd or 3rd scoring option. The Bulls? They start the rebuilding process. With Derrick Rose’s injuries, the Bulls were in a tough place as having too much salary dumped into a good but not title worthy franchise. Trading Deng, picking up future assets, and leaving room to either deal, or amnesty Carlos Boozer in the off season, will only free up cap space and speed up the process.

As far as the Lakers? Once again I feel the organization has over valued Pau Gasol. There are two franchises in the NBA, that I honestly feel places far more value on their players than they are worth and that is the Lakers and the New York Knicks. This thinking permeates to both the front office and the fan base. Both groups genuinely feel that their players are far better than what they are. General Manager Mitch Kupchak, and owner Jimmy Buss, missed a good chance to start over when they insisted a 34 year old Gasol was worth more than what the Cavaliers gave up for a 28 year old Deng. Oh well. I’ll keep saying it: the Lakers are a bad team, stuck in neutral. I’m over it, but I couldn’t resist one more opportunity to point the finger. I’ll be done with them for a few weeks . . . unless something happens worth me blogging about. Promise.

Moving on, but speaking about a former Los Angeles Laker, what in the hell was up with Dennis Rodman and his appearance on CNN earlier this week? Dennis, has come out to say that he was drunk, but if you watch the CNN video he sounded like he was auditioning for the WWE. Vince McMahon better give him a call. Dennis sounded like he was watching tapes of Hulk Hogan, and the Macho Man Randy Savage in their primes. In his emotional, and drunken, interview Dennis screamed at reporter Chris Cuomo and defended his best friend forever Kim Jong-Un. Kim, the notorious North Korean dictator, has become very close to Rodman and Rodman sees himself as a self styled diplomat to the State. Problem is, that Dennis in his interview, and his whole North Korea adventure this week brought down the profile of the NBA players that went over there with him. Which is funny considering the players he brought over to North Korea had little current profile as it is. If the whole idea was to open North Korea through sport, then it’s safe to say that the initiative failed. The NBA may not have sponsored this trip, but in getting former pros like Kenny Anderson, Charles Smith, Doug Christie, Vin Baker, and a few others Dennis could have done something not seen since the US-China ping-pong diplomacy games of the Nixon era. Then again that’s what happens when the media and general public, legitimize someone as batshit crazy as Dennis Rodman. We fucked up people. We fucked up into caring, and loony tune Rodman ran with it. Now that he’s disgraced himself, yet again, can we please bury him back into the vault that is obscurity? Please.

Speaking of obscurity, I don’t give one damn about college basketball this time of the year. Now, I cared at the beginning of the season because I was interested in watching the debuts of Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, and all of Kentucky’s young talent but now I simply don’t give a damn. College Basketball will be all over ESPN, Fox Sports, and local sports channels but I avoid it like the plague. Something about watching a mid-season conference matchup does little for me. Now, I’ll turn my eyes to it in time for the conference tournaments, and definitely in time for March Madness but I need to know am I the only one who doesn’t care for some random matchup in January? I think I need to see the Nielsen ratings for these games, but I doubt that I am alone in my disdain for college basketball during the months of December to early February.

That’s it. I’m done. No, wait I’m not done. One more thing. To the New York Knicks franchise: good luck in trying to trade J.R. Smith. It’s a damn shame they can’t trade in between associations because the only team that will want that malcotent waste of talent is the Shanghai Sharks. I’m glad the organization got what they could get out of him, but now it’s time for the fool to be moved on. I wish the Knicks can cut him like they did his useless brother. It’s time to say goodbye to the weed smoking, shoelace untying, bad shot taking, Twitter loving son of a bitch.

OK. Now I’m done. Thanks for reading. Thanks for supporting what we do here at and peace.

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  1. I may not be indicative of folks who are watching sports this time of year but if I do sit down to watch anything it tends to be college basketball… Mens and Womens… I live in UConn territory.

  2. As a St. John’s alum and fan, I actually miss UCONN in the old Big East.

    When it comes to Connecticut, or any other state without a professional team (no disrespect to the WNBA Connecticut Sun), I do understand watching game in and game out. I get that.

    I just get bored of college basketball after the first few games of the season. Wake me up for March Madness.

  3. Its ok, maybe UCONN will still get into the ACC (BCS champs) but its hard to care anymore myself. the players rotate too much, and theone and done playoffs just Iis making me care less and less yearly.

    I swear. if you gave me a choice to watch this years UNC/Duke game or watching a tape of a game that just has 199- and the last year is rubbed out, I think I grab my Montross doll and hope for the best.

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