Sunday NFL Playoff Games Preview

Hope you enjoyed our Saturday preview, and either listened to the guru- EJ or the guy who was right, David.

Sundays slate houses the number 1 seed in the AFC and over in the NFC, the closest game according to Vegas, Newton/Niners.

Lets get to the Picks.

NFL Playoff Tree

San Francisco vs Carolina Newtons, er Panthers

Niners Panthers

EJ: 49ers over Panthers. Sorry David, but I don’t believe in your squad. Yes, I know they won the NFC South, and they are the #2 seed in the NFC, and they did beat the Niners in San Francisco earlier this season but I think the 49ers will roll in the rematch. Yes, I picked against the Niners last week but I like them to make it to the NFC Title Game next Sunday.
David: First off, for picking against my Panthers:
Sam Jackson
Next: Someone explain to me why Carolina is so beaten here. They beat the Niners at SF. They are at home, they sold out in 3 minutes for the opener, and you add a PISSED Steve Smith.
Remind me again how good Green Bay is? This was not a 13-3 Green Bay with a 20 year home streak Packers. I understand that Colin is good- but he’s not great, he’s had more talent around him than most QBs his age. Cam is a bigger, faster version of Kaper and he’s done it on a big stage.
Panthers SackHere is my problem with all the Kaepernick love. Stealing from Simmons. In 23 games, he’s gone over 300 yards TWICE. He’s been held under 210 THIRTEEN TIMES. He’s also cracked 50 yards rushing SEVEN TIMES, and over 60 yards only FOUR times in those 23 starts- and those teams? The Rams twice, Seattle, and the Rams. The over 50 club? Jaguars, Miami, and Atlanta.
I’ll take my chances with the Panthers defense stacking up there. I’m more worried about Vernon Davis coming up the sides than Colin going long range. By the way Newton has cracked 50 yards 19 times- 60 yards 10 times, so yeah. Enjoy that.
Where I DO have a problem is coaching. Riverboat Ron is fun and all, but he STILL has blown 2 games this year alone. I just can’t get over that memory. I hope I can, but it gnaws at me. Harbaugh is a MUCH better coach than Ron.
But Luke is the best MLB in the GAME. Newton is a better Kaepernick  than Kaepernick, Steve Smith will eat half the children in California. If Carolina’s offensive line can hold. Its going to be a smooth game.  Panthers 187-3 (lucky bounce)
Chargers Broncos
EJ: Broncos over Chargers. This is the 3rd time these teams will face off, and despite the worries of Peyton Manning in cold weather, the Broncos are just too talented to not win this game. Maybe I’m selling the Chargers short, but I don’t think this game will be close at all. Broncos win big.
David: This one isn’t the laugher most think it will be. Peyton really should be coached by Andy Reid. Can you imagine those two? They will go 16-0 every years and lose in the playoff opener. I just don’t see the Chargers being able to drag this game through the mud enough to keep the game close enough for panic to set in to give the Chargers the win. I do think they have the confidence to keep punching back and keep it going, so it shouldn’t get to far into double digits. Broncos 41-30

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