Saturday NFL Playoff Preview

Welcome to the Divisional round of the NFL Playoffs, and lets see how the panel feels about the games. This week features 3 major home favorites and a toss-up.

NFL Playoff TreeOK, as always keep in mind that EJ slapped us all around in the regular season, but David went 3-1 in round 1.

Early Game:

EJ: Seahawks over Saints. A rematch of a game played earlier in the season and the Seahawks blew out the Saints. I don’t think Seattle will blow out the Saints this time around but I can’t see New Orleans beating the Seahawks at home. I think the 12th man of the Seahawks will be too tough for Drew Brees and the Saints to overcome.

Saints SeahawksDavid: I’m gonna be honest with you. My wife is a HUGE Saints fan, and I enjoy when they do well, since I work with a TON of Saints fans as well, but I have gone over and over the matchups here, and I just don’t see how the Saints win.

Shut down the pass and slow the game down isn’t going to work, the Saints make WAY too many 3 and outs in close games to do that.
Shut down the run and keep an extra player in and make Wilson beat you with his arm, yeah- did that a few weeks ago, how did that end up again?

The only way I really see the Saints having a shot here is to blow the game open, hope Petey plays into his hands and tries to win a shootout- since all fans love shootouts. If the Saints had Kenny, then maybe they could do that- he could make they needed play on 3rd down to end a significant series. Rob Ryan is just too good a coach to let Seattle do whatever they want. The issue is, so is Petey.

Barring turnovers, or a defensive TD after an offensive one- I just don’t see the Saints getting the double digit cushion that makes them impossible to beat. What will keep this game close and interesting is Brees can and will throw it to 30 different people trying to move the ball. Wilson simply has to take what he’s given, and not mess it up. The only thing that keeps me from giving up hope is the Seahawks, and Petey have lost quite often when they had the best team on the field. That might happen this game, but it might.  The Saints don’t often let up when they stagger their opponent.

Seahawks: 31-17

Colts vs PatsIndianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots

EJ: Colts over Patriots. OK. I picked the Colts to beat the Chiefs, and I was really worried about my pick at halftime of that game. Then, Luck and the Colts led a comeback that is only equal to the Bills comeback against the Oilers of 20 years ago. Luck was on fire, and I like the Colts to carry that momentum over the Patriots at Foxboro.

This is how we do the DOZENS!
This is how we do the DOZENS!

David: Of the 4 games, this one is the easiest. The Hoodie has done one thing very well since he came to Foxboro. The best weapon you got? Its gone. Now what? The only reason the Pats are not working toward their third handful of rings is, well to be honest, bad drafting. The Colts came back and beat a team with a BAD playoff coach (like I said) who just couldn’t handle losing player after player. The Pats have a hall of fame playoff coach- and is used to being so injury-riddles they could undergo Decimation at halftime and keep going. Pats 34-14


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  1. Burned? Hell, you got runned down, beat up, and raked over the coals… And, just for chuckles… if the Broncos don’t step their game up then the freaking Patriots will take them to the woodshed the same way they did it to the Colts.

  2. Yeah I got beat up pretty bad. Got too impressed by their comeback against the Chiefs, and thought they had momentum. Maybe, the Pats hater in me didn’t want to see them win either.

    Not too sure who to pick in the AFC Championship Game. I feel like the Broncos are the better team, but the Patriots and Tom Brady have some hold over Peyton. I really have to sit down and figure out who I want to pick for next week’s blog.

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