Best player: Shaq or Kobe?

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This time around DJ wants a rematch and again, we are talking Kobe vs Shaq, Who was better?

Who won? You decide in the comments!

DJ: I say Shaq.

4-time NBA Champion (1 without Kobe)
2000 NBA MVP
1992-1993 NBA Rookie of the Year
3-time NBA Finals MVP
2-time All-Star MVP
14-time All-Star
3-time All Defense 1st team
2-time scoring champ
1994 FIBA World Championship WVP

Both are great players and each won without the other.

– – –

David: KobeKOBE

(both Since 1998)

NBA 1st team 6 years
NBA 2/3 Team 4 years

NBA DEF 1st Team 6 years
NBA DEF 2/3 Team 2 years

2 scoring titles


ZERO first team Defense
3 2/3 team Defense

first team all-nba 7 times
2/3 team all-nba 1 time

1 scoring title
0 rebounding titles
0 Block titles

1. He came from the EAST – Lot easier to win without going through DUNCAN and PHX – True the Celtics won- but the POWERS live in the West

2. He beat a team that got ROLLED in the finals- and Dirk WILTED in the heat { 🙂 } of the limelight.

3. Wade vs EVERY OTHER PLAYER Kobe has

adv WADE

Kobe is the BEST SG in the GAME- Offensively AND Defensively
Shaq has made LESS than HALF the All-D teams – ZERO first teams and only got ONE scoring title since MJ

– – –

DJ: Shaq never got the recognition he deserved for being a good defensive player. The man was 7 feet and well over 300 pounds. He was a human roadblock to the basket and nobody ever wanted to tangle with the Big Shaq-Fu.

Shaq was unstoppable the year the Lakers decimated the Sixers. He averaged 33 points per game, 15.8 rebounds, 4.8 assists per game and 3.4 blocks per game in the NBA Finals against the best defensive center in the game at that time in Dikembe Mutombo.

Kobe has never showed domination like that on the biggest stage, the Finals. Shaq is much more difficult to guard. If you double Kobe, he can be forced into turnovers.

Kobe has never stepped up like that and against Celtics (it wasnt his fault) the Lakers got manhandled. Think that would happen with Shaq? A 39 point defeat? Helllllll nooooooo.

– – –


That would be ONE year there-

But KOBE was on that team- and who was he matched up withShaq_Cavs

the MVP AI?

SHAQ was facing a 78 year old center who NEVER was an offensive force.

Here is the thing though

SHAQ SHOULD be dominant – but he is NOT 50% of the time- he gets lazy ( HE admits it) and he takes it easy in some games- plus he is OUT OF SHAPE early on- it is only his size EEEE REAR END that keeps him dominant in the NBA- no one ELSE has his frame in the NBA-

Centers are supposed to REBOUND- and SHAQ has ZERO rebounding titles since 98, and NO Block titles- CAMBY is a better blocker- and he gets weakside blocks in the HIGH post

Kobe has a MVP with out SHAQ
Shaq does NOT have a MVP without KOBE on his team

If SHAQ was so dominant- how come he cant get 3rd place Def team votes? – why was the Heat WITHOUT WADE a LOTTO team?

Seems to me SHAQ needs a Guard to take the pressure off him more than Kobe needs SHAQ

Lets see-
Magic – Penny- Rising star 4 time All-Star with Shaq, 1st team all-NBA
Lakers -KOBE – MVP – 1st team All-NBA
HEAT – Wade – Finals MVP –

oh and before you claim it was SHAQ


– – –

DJ: Shaq’s defense is better than he gets credit for. Why doesn’t he get 3rd team votes? No clue, but Shaq was very good at using his weight to lean on an opponent’s back and prevent him from getting good position to score easy buckets.

The bottom line is Shaq has those 3 MVP’s to Kobe’s 2.kobe vs shaq 2

I listed his most dominant Final appearance, Kobe never dominated a series like Shaq did. He couldn’t. Kobe is a great player, but he shoots a lot and (as much as he wants to be) isn’t Michael Jordan.

Sure Shaq isn’t the greatest rebounder, this is well known. 10.9rpg since 98-99 season but there also havent been many 7-1 330 pound center’s either. How many 300 pounders have led the league in rebounding? My guess without researching is none. They are usually guys like Dennis Rodman (6-8 and 220 pounds), KG (6-11 and 220 pounds), Dwight Howard (6-11 and 265). Lithe, athletic guys that possess agility to grab rebounds and caroms off the rim.

Mutombo was 33 at the time. June 25, 1966. And if you have some evidence he is 78, 9 YEARS AGO, please fax the birth certificate to me. Love to see that.

– – –

David: Shaq got all those MVP playing LESSER players than Kobe Did


Its like winning Wimbleton by beating Anna K when everyone else twisted an ankle coming off the plane ( BIG STEP there)

Or Danica winning a race becasue everyone else crashed

So you are telling me that Shaq is too FAT to REBOUND?

I have NO idea how to respond to that- Congrats- after 30 or so TDs we have had you have make a point I cannot refute

So Shaq is a better player than Kobe because he is too fat to rebound.

is that what you are saying? Because every OTHER center in the NBA is expected to REBOUND- I guess Shaq gets a pass? I suppose if Garnett gained 50 pounds we would all shrug and say I guess he got tired of rebounding?

Like I said – Shaq has not done ANYTHING without a Shooting Guard who made FIRST TEAM all NBA WITHOUT HIM

Kobe has made the FINALS WITHOUT a HOF caliber center.

and I know you think all non lakers stink-but Penny pre-injury was an AWESOME player.

Shaq vs Kobe

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  1. I gotta go with David on this one… in my opinion, Shaq is a tad lazy while Kobe seems to try to improve his game.

    Now, who’s better… Wilt or Mike?

  2. MJ wins all.

    Jordan is the second best player of all time. I will defend that to the bitter end.

    I would put Wilt 4th.

  3. MJ would win all. Granted.

    Between Shaq and Kobe? Despite my fandom of Shaquille, I’d lean to Kobe here. Shaq due to his size was supposed to be dominant. Kobe? I think he’s a huge asshole, but that is really the reason why he is so damn dominant. He wanted it more, and he didn’t give a damn who he had to go through to get it..

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