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First of all congratualtions to Jimbo Fisher and his Seminoles. Hell of a win last night. That was one of the most exciting National Championship games I have watched in many moons.

Congratulations to the Auburn Tigers for a great season. No one expected to see them in the NC game at preseason; all the talk was about Saban’s Tide.

Now, after all the upfront congratulatory sentiments; Brent Musburger is a chump. That’s right a straight up ESPN homeristic SEC chump.


After coming all the way back, lose the lead and then come back again Musburger’s closing remarks were; “It’s been a remarkable season in the SEC this season.”

Really? Are you that homeristic with your ESPN blinders or did you just have a Senior moment?

Not only did Alabama, and all the slobbering dicks that beg just to touch the shirt tails of Nick Saban, lose to Auburn they also lost their bowl game to a 16 point underdog Sooner team. One led by the barking Bob Stoops that ran his trap over and over about the inconsistency of rankings among the conferences. I guess Saban and the boys elected to prove him right?

Two of the typical power house SEC teams in Florida and Georgia did not finish in the top 25 and both were behind Vanderbilt for Christ’s sakes.

During the regular season the SEC was 1-4 against top 25 ranked teams. If it is any consolation they were 3-2 against ranked teams in the bowl games, even though their top two went down.

So remarkable season is not what I would choose to call this year’s edition of the SEC in review. I guess the teleprompter script writer just could not hold back commenting again on the SEC. NOT ONE TIME did I hear anything about how good of a season the ACC had.

Oh well, Musburger’s contract is up in August, maybe we will not have to listen to his rhetoric next year.


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  1. comment I received off the boards after reading this post. From a friend of mine and big time Bama fan.

    BLUF – Florida State had a better team than Auburn, it was remarkable Auburn
    was even at the NC game. Alabama certainly is probably the most talented
    team outside FSU in the country…they lost on the greatest play probably in
    college football history and played against a motivated Oklahoma team that
    played the game of their life to beat Alabama. Taking nothing away from the
    Sooners but don’t forget Bama outgained Oklahoma and helped their own demise
    by turning the ball over 4 times. Yes Oklahoma played a hand in 3 of the
    turnovers and cashed in on all of four of their opportunities, but that
    doesn’t take away the fact that Saban and Bama are still the best program
    and coach in the country. Mizzou had a great run and beat OSU, Baylor got
    their ass handed to them by Central Florida, so in the end what conference
    can really stand up and say they’re better than the SEC. And to be honest
    Auburn exposed FSU to a point and had ample opportunity to put the game
    away. ACC can claim 2 big bowl wins with Clemson and FSU..but who else can
    really stake their claim. The other truth is that when you really look at
    it FSU is really an SEC team playing in the ACC. This wasn’t as if Ohio St
    or a Big 12 team upset the SEC for all of the marbles. But I will give FSU
    credit, they beat the SEC instead of trying to whine about the SEC being
    overrated and winning by hook or crook, if the SEC was to be dethrone that
    was the way to do it. But don’t fool yourself or be an SEC hater by
    thinking the SEC run is over, it isn’t by any means.

    Roll Tide

    Here is my response back to him.
    I agree with about 90% of that. IF FSU is a SEC team playing in the ACC so
    is Miami.

    I DO think the SEC is still the best conference. All I was saying is that
    Mush Mouth had no business talking up the SEC in the face of their two best
    teams losing their bowl games, whatever the reason. And to NOT mention the
    great run FSU had was basically lunacy.

    ALL during the first half when Auburn had it all going their way they
    basically kept mocking FSU’s #1 ranking and talked about how good Auburn and
    the SEC teams were.

    In the end, FSU showed them what they were all about.

    I’m not hating on the SEC, just expect when they DO get beat, ESPN should
    respect and recognize.

  2. Not for nuthing but how come when a team turns it over it’s because they srewed up and not to the credit of the other team’s defense and a part of how the team that won outplayed the team that lost… I’m just saying turnovers are part of the game and if they are forced turnovers then give credit where credit is due.

  3. Beats me Joe, but that is the truth behind the SEC homerism. If they lose, ESPN makes excuses for them instead of giving credit to the team that beat them.

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