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How we doing world?Monday
Its Monday, and to make up for this cruddy column, I got you some funny pics that went up this morning. Today you are going to get my new years resolutions, and some random thoughts that everyone loves.

1. I went 3-1 in my picks for the NFL playoffs. I am still stunned the Chargers won that game with Phillip Rivers throwing 16 more passes than I did in that game. I could have at one time made a STRONG case for him being a top 7 QB, but 16 passes?
I am glad the Saints won, the wife and most of the people I work with are Saints fans, and I’m ok with that. I’ve been watching them for years and as long as they are not playing my Panthers, I’m ok with them winning.

2. This might be the least-built BCS game in recent memory. I have seen almost no build here. I understand the Tigers are not in the game, but last year they were not and we got TONS on Bama. Jimbo Fisher has LSU ties and still nada in the media. I’m taking FSU by the way. I just think Auburn just cannot hang with the offense.

3. I picked it. I am the MAN. Charlie Strong to Texas.
I’m glad for the hire. I’m not big on hiring the black coach just to hire him, but he has the pedigree and he has won at smaller schools. I do wonder how some of the good-ol-boy-alumni are going to react to the first 3 game losing streak or the blowout loss to OU or A&M. My only question is how long he’s going to stay at Texas before looking to the NFL.

4. In a global warming update; its FRIKKEN cold out here. I’m in the DEEP SOUTH for a reason, that is NOT to work on my ice skating.I heard on the news that Indy is in shutdown due to the cold, outside of for emergencies. Puppet_Master_4

I’m sure Obama is going to take credit for fixing Global Warming, since we have spent BILLIONS on it.

5. For those of you in the know, my DVD player took a poo last month, and I’m having to use the Playstation 2 as a player until payday.

My Puppet Master set is not loved by the player- apparently it knows something I don’t since I get about an hour into Retro Puppet Master before it takes a dump on it.

So my Question to you.

What Series to do I take on next? I have Killjoy, Hellraiser, Underworld, Leprechaun, Phantasm, Saw and several other series. Do you have a favorite?

6. We have added a new writer, so everyone welcome Wesley. I’m hoping to get some boxing out of him, since that seems to be his thing, and I think only EJ cares about it. I have a hard time watching it now, Kind of sad to say the last guy to make me hit the brakes is Benard Hopkins.

7. ok, Here we go. My

New Years Resolutions

A. I want to get under 275. I’m not the type of guy that waits until Jan 1 to drop. I’ve lost 20 pounds since Thanksgiving. I’m down to 305.

I would love to see 250 again, maybe next year.

B. I want to cut down on Dew and other Corn-syrup concoctions. I plan to drink more Tea. I’m wanting to pick a day and use that as a Sode-Free day, just one day a week no soda at all. I think that will help with #1.

C. T-Shirts. Gonna happen. Promise. Maybe hats. 52oz

D. Big Steak. I got the 25th and 26th of April off already. If I gotta F’N WALK to Dallas, I’m doing it.

E. I want to get a Lead position at Work. Tired of other crap getting in my way.

F. We have 106 Likes on Facebook. I want to double that. If I have to annoy everyone I know (Including YOU) I want to double it.

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