Sunday Playoff Predictions.


NFL Playoff TreeWelcome to Day II of the Playoffs! Archie, EJ and David are back, and all had a great Saturday, All 3 of us went 2-0 on the weekend. Just keep us in mind if you are in Vegas, and also keep in mind that EJ whupped arse during the regular season.


Cincy vs SDArchie: Cincy

EJ: Bengals over Chargers. I love the Bengals and have been high on them all season. The Chargers may have beaten them a few weeks ago, but I like Cincy at home.

David: This one is kind of odd to me, I just don’t trust Marvin Lewis- just like I didn’t trust Andy Reid. I also don’t trust Phillip Rivers going cross-country.

So what to do? Cincy was undefeated at home, so I might have to go with that. But then AAAAHHH they have Andy Dalton! He might even be shakier than Phillip Rivers.

So I’m down to looking at the defense.Yeah, thats not really a help.

The Chargers have looked really good down the stretch, and I think thats where I’m gonna make my pick. I think the Chargers have been fighting and clawing and scratching to try and get into the playoffs they might have burned all their tricks.
Bengals 41-24.

GB vs SFArchie: Niners

EJ: Packers over 49ers. Two words: Aaron Rodgers. The Packers are a tough out with Rodgers back, and I expect him to land bombs on the Niners.

David: I hate this game.
No only because the winner gets to come to Carolina, so I will have to see whats coming, but these are two teams that would shock no one to be in the Super Bowl this year.
Lets face it, other than Philly, name me a team in the NFC that would stun you to be in the Super Bowl. Give the Saints an extra win and the 2 seed and they would be taking in major cash in Vegas for sure.
This game is the best QB in football, with a possible rookie of the year at RB vs last years NFC champion, who got better on paper.
I don’t trust Kappy. I just don’t I understand what he did last year, and I’ve seen flashes this year- I also saw Joe Flacco last year and this year. I understand I have Cam Newton, so sue me.
But I have a hard time poking a hole in Rodgers when I break down the QBs. Anything that comes up is nit-picking, like talking about Brees height.
I think the Packers have a great shot, only because of the weather and the Rodgers.I just think its going to be a tight game, and the hardest to pick of the 4. Dammit.

I don’t want to, but I have to take the Niners due to the beating the Packers D has been taking, Niners 24-21

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  1. So , I went 3 for 4 the first weekend. I still can’t believe the Bun-Gals lost , at home, for the 3rd year in a row, AND Marvin Lewis was not fired before midnight Sunday.

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