Maurice Jones Drew likely to part ways with Jacksonville.

MJDI think Bill Belichick should take a look at MJD this offseason in free agency. Sure, they have a committee of running backs at New England, but they’ve taken gambles before. I honestly don’t think it’s too much of gamble with MJD. Remember they did sign Fred Taylor at the end of his career when he left Jacksonville. Also, they took Corey Dillon on. So this isn’t New England’s first rodeo with a former franchise back. MJD is only 28, and he’ll be 29 years old when the season starts next year. He only rushed for 803 yards this season, with a dismal 5 touchdowns. He’s been hit with the injury bug of late though, but it’s nothing he can’t bounce back from. Over his career, he’s accumulated 8,071 yards rushing, while averaging 4.5 yards a carry. He was the 2011 NFL rushing champ. For his career he’s made three probowls. He can catch out of the backfield, it shows in his 335 receptions over his career.

The Patriots were 9th in the league in rushing this past regular season, but they always cycle their backs, and also, they don’t necessarily keep them long either. I liked Blount’s production at the end of 2013, and I think he’s a keeper, but Vereen, and Boldin, I’m just not sold on them. Whether New England would let MJD be their all down back is up in the air, but he’s worth a test drive. Unlike his former mentor, Fred Taylor, he’s still got wheels for New England. Blount and MJD would be a solid 1-2 punch, and if the Pat’s do show interest, watch out for the Jets snagging him up. That’s just how they do each other in their rivalry.

MJD needs a title contender for a team and Jacksonville has been a struggle for him. I think New England would rejuvenate MJD and give him even more of a motive to oppose his will on opposing defensive lines. The Patriots would reap the benefits, that’s if he can stay healthy. Where he lands in free agency in 2014 should be very interesting.

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  1. I recently read (I think on Yardbarker) that MJD is one of 5 players coming into free agency that should be avoided. BUT Belichick does like to take a player and remold him to showcase his true potential….see Randy Moss, for example. I agree it will be very interesting to see where MJD ends up.

  2. MJD to the Pats has been talked about what- last 3-4 years now?

    Kind of tired of the story. Problem is, how good is he going to be? Dillion was burned out just like MJD is going to be, but he also had a better Brady too.

  3. I totally agree that MJD would be a great pick up for the PATS! He has about 2 good years left in him and he would easily be a 800yd plus rusher with them! Nice read! Can’t wait for Free Agency. Go Dolphins

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