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Happy New Year! It’s EJ and I’m back with another edition of the blog, the first for the year 2014. It’s freezing cold here in New York, and there is snow on the ground. Still not stopping me from doing my thing. I’m a New Yorker. It snows in Winter. Nothing new. This week I’ll talk a little Andrew Bynum, why I don’t care about what Dwyane Wade does on his own time, Bill O’Brien to the Houston Texans, and who should replace O’Brien at Penn State. Let’s get into it, shall we?

A few months ago, before the start of the NBA season I was singing the praises of the Cleveland Cavaliers. I was optimistic that the return of head coach Mike Brown, point guard Kyrie Irving, their young guns, and the addition of center Andrew Bynum would push them into the playoffs. Well? A few weeks after posting that blog, I was calling Brown and idiot and openly questioning the effectiveness of Kyrie Irving as a point guard. Now? I’m ready to throw in the towel on the 10-21 Cavaliers, despite playing in the “Leastern” Conference where a losing record will get a team or two into the playoffs. Andrew Bynum, my heralded edition, has been suspended by the team due to him being a negative influence. Rumor has it that Bynum no longer loves the game, while some other rumors have him involved in a sexual relationship with the spouse of one of the assistant coaches. No matter the reason for his dismissal, Bynum is bound to the bench and the team has until January 7th to trade or release him before his deal becomes guaranteed. As expected, the Cavaliers are calling the remaining 29 teams trying to get a deal done.

Now, as a Lakers fan I know firsthand that Andrew is a knucklehead. The New Jersey product marches to the beat of his own drum, and that drum beats at crazy levels. I keep convincing myself, that because he’s a young guy he will eventually mature but I do not fault the Cavs for wanting to dump him. Currently, the Los Angeles Lakers are involved in trade talks in order to reacquire their former headcase. In what would be a salary dump, because Bynum would be subsequently released by the team, the Lakers are offering Pau Gasol to the Cavs for Bynum and a player to be named in order to make the salaries work. Now, I’ve gone on about Pau in this space so you know that I have little use for the guy. Trading him now, would finally get his ineffective ass off the team and allow for the Lakers to finally go into rebuild mode. Clinging on to a relic of a recent past, and overvaluing his contributions is damaging to the Lakers organization and for Lakers fans. I have no qualms with dumping Pau, and cutting Bynum in order to save on the luxury tax. I’m good with that.

My beef here lays solely with Andrew Bynum. You were dealt away by the Lakers, you disrespected the Philadelphia 76’ers and their dedicated fan base by not even suiting up for them, and now you’re being jettisoned by the Cavaliers after a matter of months. At 26 years old, and a 7 year NBA veteran, I just wonder when will he finally get it? If he’s traded and released, or just released, come January 7th, he’ll be a free agent looking for his 4th team. He’s a talented big man. Yes, he has bad knees but when healthy he is a true talent. If he truly dedicated himself to the game, and his body holds up, he can go down as one of the better big men to play the game. However, he has to want it. His career is really at a crossroads now. If his desire to play the game is truly not there, then walk away. Walk away from the game Andrew if that’s what you really have to do.

Another “basketball” story that I have beef with is the coverage of Dwyane Wade and his off the court activities. Recently, Dwyane Wade became engaged to his long time girlfriend Gabrielle Union. Gabrielle Union, is an actress and a beautiful woman. Actually, before Kerry Washington came onto the scene, I used to call Gabrielle “typical pretty black actress”. My point being that if you needed a beautiful black woman in a movie or television show, she’d be the one you cast. Guess, Kerry has that now. ANYWAY, my beef with Dwyane Wade is that the media apparently thinks we should care that Dwyane fathered a 1 month old boy with another woman while he was on a “break” with Gabrielle. Now, why should I give a damn where Dwyane Wade sticks his penis? Now, I do think he is a smart dumb cat (shout out to Ghostface Killah) for going in raw with a side piece, but he’s a freaking millionaire. As long as he is a good father to his son, and Gabrielle is publically OK with it, then why should I hear about this on the news, on the radio, or on television. I don’t!


Enough of me clowning around. Time for some football! This week the Houston Texans have hired former Penn State University head coach Bill O’Brien. I love the hire. The Texans may have finished the season with the worst record in the National Football League, at 2-14, but they have made an inspired choice in O’Brien. The former Penn State man, spent 5 years in the NFL as an assistant to the New England Patriots. Now, former Bill Belichick disciples tend to fail as head coaches in the NFL (Romeo Crennel, Al Groh, Josh McDaniels, Eric Mangini, Nick Saban, and Jim Schwartz) but someone has to buck that trend and I believe O’Brien will be that guy. Why? The Texans are actually pretty talented. They have a top running back in Arian Foster, one of the games best receivers in Andre Johnson, and they have good defenders in Brian Cushing and J.J. Watt. I consider the Texans failure of a 2013 season to be due to injuries, and a loss in morale, but if they come back strong next season they can be a winner. Now, O’Brien will need to decide if Matt Schaub is the answer at quarterback, or does he need to draft one with the #1 overall pick, but I see no reason why the Texans can’t do next season what the Chiefs did that season. Why can’t the Texans go from the worst record in the NFL the season before, to a playoff team the next season? They’ll do it. Mark my words.

With Bill O’Brien NFL bound, the Penn State Nittany Lions need a new head football coach. The school has begun a national search but I have a candidate for them. My suggestion? Former Rutgers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach: Greg Schiano. Schiano, recently fired from Tampa Bay is a college head coach. He’s a proven college head coach. He was a solid recruiter in his native New Jersey when he was with Rutgers, and his Rutgers teams also had a pipeline in South Florida. It also helps that coaching Penn State was his dream job growing up in neighboring New Jersey. It was the job he aspired to. Now, I know the Nittany Lions have to do their due diligence and contact a real Penn State guy in Al Golden, who is currently the head coach at the University of Miami, but at the end of the day I can’t see another coach better for them than Greg Schiano. I’m on my soapbox, out on the campaign trail, and looking to see him get elected. Damn it!

So, that’s it. Another wordy, and hopefully worthy, edition of The Blog About Nothing. Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting and I wish you a happy, healthy, and a prosperous New Year. Peace.

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  1. I’ll give you the simple reason Bynum won’t walk away from the game: the dough re mi… As long as some team has a need for a big man and it is willing to take the chance Bynum can fill that spot, in at least a holding pattern until they can get a more permanent/better fix,they will throw some stupid money at him and he will take it. Whether he is being disrespectful to the game, his team, the fans or teammates is inconsequential because he gets a significant check for a period of time with the least amount of expended effort on his part.

    Some “athletes” are just like that, unfortunately.

    And, don’t be dissing my lady of the week… although, I may be taking a closer peek at Ms. Union for a future edition…

  2. As far as Wade and his penis… I agree… what he does in his own time is no never mind to me… it’s between him and his lady and no one else… I said the same thing back when Clinton was being lambasted for sticking his willy where some said it don’t belong.
    To paraphrase an old song: It ain’t nobody’s business but his own …and Hillary’s, or, in the case in hand… Wade’s and Gabrielle’s…

  3. When the Clinton story broke I was on the phone with one of my Uncles and he asked me “why are you Americans so concerned with who the man is sleeping with?” My family is from Trinidad, and stories like Clinton’s wouldn’t even bat an eyelash down there. Don’t get me wrong, they’d talk about it but the “outrage” wouldn’t be involved.

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