Saturday Playoff Preview

Welcome to the NFL Playoffs!

NFL Playoff Tree

Lets all keep in mind that EJ waxed our asses in the regular season, so take what the rest of us say with a grain of salt.

adc wildcardArchie: Colts

EJ: Colts over Chiefs. I like the Colts and Andrew Luck. The two teams faced off a few weeks ago, a game which the Colts won. I think the Colts, under Luck, win a close game at home in Indianapolis.

David: Let me be upfront. I want the Colts to win. Jamaal Charles cost me my fantasy title by deciding to blow up for 9 TDs in week 15.
F* Him.
Indy’s home advantage isn’t as domniant as some teams, going 6-2 this year. Luck has never lost against Kansas City, he’s 2-0 against them.
Lets talk offense.
Luck is better than Smith, Charles is better than anyone the Colts have on offense.
Luck and Smith both had a 60% completion percentage, and threw 23 TDs. Luck did throw 2 more picks though- and 509 more yards.
Turning to the defense, even though the Chefs have had a ton of Pro-Bowlers over the past 2 years, they actually only allowed 5 less yards per game than the Colts D. Lets also keep in mind that quite a few of these Colts players are leftovers from a team that was hanging up AFC South banners like laundry every year.
Not to mention the fact Andy Reid is not nearly as good in the playoffs than in the regular season.
Winner: Colts- 37-17

NFC PlayoffArchie: NO

EJ: Saints over Eagles. It will be cold in Philly but I like the experience of New Orleans over Philadelphia.

David: The Iggles are at home. Big whoop, they went 4-4 this year at home. I’m more worried about Brees being winless on the road in the playoff. He did win a neutral site game and he won in Chicago this year.

This game will come down to the Saint defense. They have to face McCoy. They are missing Kenny Vaccaro. That scares me, I’m not sure I’m sold on Nick Foles. Yes I know he has thrown up huge numbers, but I just wonder how he’s going to be on 4th and 7 deep in the game. I know what Brees is going to do (force the ball to Graham or look to the 7th string fullback in the flat who hasn’t caught a pass since 4th grade)

I don’t think there is chance in hell this turns into a shootout. Rob Ryan is too good a coach and its going to be too cold. But bust a few plays on either end and it can be a 2 score game, then someone is going to start feeling the cold and want to go home. I’m looking to that being someone on the Philly defensive line.

Saints: 24-14

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