Year in Review: Wishes for 2014

Welcome to the 7poundbag End of the Year Spectacular.

Every Day from now until the New Year, a different Question about what was will be answered by the staff. I answered no followup questions and some questions can be taken different ways. Thus allowing the writer to answer how he or she felt.

That gives you, dear Reader, some new Content while allowing those of us that enjoy our families, or at least the food that comes with them, some time to partake.

If you could make 1 thing happen this year, what would it be? (No Lotto)

EJ: That the New York Jets win the Super Bowl. I follow a lot of teams. I’m a Lakers fan, I’m a supporter of Manchester United, and I’m a relapsed Mets fan. Those teams all have won during my lifetime. Except for the Jets. I was born 12 years after their lone Super Bowl win in 1969, and with the exception of a couple of AFC title game experiences, I have not seen my team with a chance to win one. So, if I can make one thing happen this year it will be that the Jets, under a new coach, and with a quarterback that will hopefully have some weapons around him, can win the Super Bowl.
panthersDavid: I have lived through not one but TWO championships from MY North Carolina Tarheels. Plus a ton of Final Fours. As long as Jordan owns the team, I’m not gonna waste it on even my beloved Bobcats. F* Jordan. So how about my Panthers? Hell Yeah.
But non-Sports? I’m gonna cheat- It’s my site so I’m getting 7 wishes.
1) I want another DJ. Hopefully from the South. If I got a guy as Passionate about the Cowboys and/or Heat as he is about his teams, I could get something scary. DJ is easily the MVP of the site. Kinda like Wade is the MVP because he got LeBron (EJ) and is pretty damn good on his own.
2) Find me 2 EJ’s One of the smartest guys around, a great sounding board. I want 2, so I can argue with all 3 of them.
3) I want another Joe. I know one day some site like Grantland is gonna find him and take him away. I have tried to get some of his stuff in a bigger site ( and newspaper ) and eventually he’s gonna be gone. I need another one.
4) I need 6 more Archies and Stephens. Actually I need to be a 7th. The MLB roundtable came off like clockwork, week in and week out. I wish I was that good. Archie has a tendency to toss content up there when I got nothing.
5)  I want 3-5 people that don’t write about Sports. EVER.
6) I want to crack 1K likes on Facebook.
7) Most importantly, I want me and mine to have a great year. I don’t need any facebook posts from my friends asking for prayers.
Joe: Worldwide freedom from hunger.  

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