WTF… January 1st, 2014… New Years Day…

1) On Christmas day, I read about how someone, who had been sifting through a dumpster on Christmas Eve at a Long Island (NY) gas station, discovered a pup-dawg. Yes, a live pup-dawg…. According to the Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the puppy was taken to the Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island (West Islip, NY) for evaluation, and, although the pup was in a neglectful state with matted and dirty hair, it appeared to be in good health, friendly, and, taken in for its protection and welfare at the Islip Animal Shelter.

Police said that a surveillance video showed a black SUV pulling up to the dumpster area and then someone exiting the vehicle with a black plastic bag that was tossed into the trash bin at 7:42 a.m. Monday (12/23). After investigators were notified of the puppy being found (at about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday), they retrieved that bag which was found to contain a cardboard carrier with ventilation holes. They surmised that somehow the dog got out of the carrier, chewed her way through the plastic bag and then was ultimately discovered by the dumpster found

Now I know this is “just” a damn dog but it is a damn dog that did not asked to be brought into this world, and, then, just because someone was suddenly inconvenienced by its presence it needed to be tossed into the garbage as if it were some left over piece of trash that was of no more functional use. To some this may sound a bit much but to me the dickhead who abandoned this dog into that dumpster, while still alive, to be eventually collected by a  garbage truck and then either dumped into some landfill, OR, incinerated or crushed alive, and, then dumped into a landfill deserves that same fate to be handed to them, also. I know that will never happen, but, it would be justice served.

Just what the hell did that poor dog, in its short life, every do to this jerk? Probably just wanted a little food, water and attention… just to play…  and, for that, that dog, with just that small amount of care and tenderness, would have been his best buddy forever… just like the little guy I adopted from a rescue center about eight, or so, years ago.

But, nope, the dumbass had to go be a schmuck… a dickhead… and just not take care of the little critter and then finally decide it’s life was worthless, and, just like an old pair of worn out socks, it was time to toss it into the garbage can of life… But, unlike an old pair of socks this was a living, breathing being… You, jackass, whoever you are… you are a lot less than that little dog will ever be… you are inconsequential to this world except to be held up as sad sack example of what not to be in this life…

And let me ask this: How long will it be before you treat some human… some child, or, woman… like you did the pup dawg because they, too, had become a burden unto you? Will you also toss that as yet unnamed person into a plastic bag and then into a sad, cold, unforgiving dumpster on some lonely roadside?

That’s the next step, dumbass…

In New York the penalty for simple cruelty to animals is a fine up to $1000, and imprisonment up to 1 year; for aggravated cruelty, the penalty is a fine up to $5000, and, imprisonment up to 5 years.

I hope you are found and arrested and get the maximum for the crime that this is: Aggravated Cruelty… I only wish it could be more… you unconscionable dolt…

“Unless we have courage to recognize cruelty for what it is–whether its victim is human or animal-we cannot expect things to be much better in the world.”  Rachel Carson Biologist (1907-1964)

“The man who kills the animals today is the man who kills the people who get in his way tomorrow.”  Dian Fossey, American primatologist (1932 – 1985

“Saving just one dog won’t change the world, but surely the world will change for that one dog!”  Unknown

“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.”  Bern Williams

mutts cartoon

Update… as of Saturday (12/28), detectives from the Suffolk County SPCA announced that they arrested Michael Papini on charges of MLK JrFelony Aggravated Animal Cruelty, Animal Abandonment and other charges. Now get this… Papini is employed as a kennel attendant for the Town of Islip Animal Shelter. Papini was arraigned in First District Court in Central Islip. He was released after posting $500 bond and did not enter a plea. He has also been suspended from his kennel attendant job at the shelter… God only knows what else he has done to the animals under his care.

SPCA detectives broke the case after a microchip found in the Lhasa apso connected the dog to a person identified in court papers as Joanne Murphy. Murphy told detectives that when she could no longer care for her two pets… yep, there is another dog involved in this atrocious affair… Papini offered to take her dogs to the shelter for adoption. Murphy said she paid him $250 to carry out the task. We know the puke didn’t do that, and, why is still a mystery.

Authorities say recovered CCTV tapes show Papini dumped 5-year-old poodle, Bailey, from a parked vehicle on Cooper Street in Babylon Village at about 7 a.m. on December 23, shortly before he dropped the Lhasa apso, Cherry, in a dumpster behind  a gas station in West Islip.

Shelter officials have said that Cherry, who has been renamed Miracle, has recovered from her ordeal and will soon be put up for adoption. However, shelter staff, heartened by the rescue of the Lhasa apso, now fear for welfare of the poodle.

Maybe two miracles can happen…. one can only hope…

2) On the Sunday (12/22) before Christmas, a Florida lady, with her young child in tow, was probably in a hurry to get some last moment Christmas shopping done and hurriedly parked her car to rush into a store… and admittedly didn’t do so good a job parking in the process. We’ve all seen it… and… sometimes have done it…

For those of us who have been cheated out of a parking space because of someone’s inattention to detail due to a lapse in common sense courtesy, usually, we either flash that old middle digit, or, say something like “How’s it feel to be a dumbass?”

And, then let it alone and go off to find another parking space…. as the steam escapes that momentary dead air space between our ears… within a few moments it is all over and essentially forgotten.

Not for one car load of dumbasses, however… Seems a vehicle of idiots looking for a place to park concurred with the assessment that the lady in question wasn’t the best at parking and then decided to take letting her know about it to the next level… times ten.

Assuming that the obligatory cussing and ranting is in the process of being raged at the lady; one of the peeps gets out of their car and punches her face. Then the assailant grabs her by the hair and slams her face-first into her car as another person comes over and begins punching and scratching her, as well as pulling her hair from her scalp. During this time the rest of the attacker’s entourage were covering their vehicle’s license plates with a rag so any surveillance cameras, or witnesses, would be unable to ID their car.

letter to santaMeanwhile, the mom’s 9-year old child was yelling “Don’t touch my mommy. Leave her alone, stop it, stop it, you need to stop touching her.”

When this ugly incident was done and over, and, the two… the mom and the child… returned home… the little girl decided something had to be done about these dumbasses… and she went to the highest authority figure she knew… Santa Claus…

When the child sat down to write Santa, she asked only that the woman who instigated the entire ordeal be made to pay for the attack on her mom…  “Dear Santa, Today my mom, Christine, got physically hurt by a woman. I want you to put her on the naughty list! She had long black curly hair, no tattoos, black shirt, jeans, and cruddy attitude!!!”

Christine Beckwith
Christine Beckwith

The mom, Christine Beckwith, who suffered a black eye and scratches on her face told police the attacker was a Hispanic woman in her early 20s, with long and curly, dark hair. And she is about 5 feet 4 inches and 140 pounds.

Here’s hoping someone saw the dumbasses involved, saw their vehicle well enough to describe it and maybe even caught at least a partial of the plate and have already spoken with the police… and that the police find out who these Grinch’s are, arrest them and that they then get their comeuppance and find out that what they had wrought has now come home to roost and that karma really is a bitch.

And, it wouldn’t hurt if Santa drove his sleigh past the precinct house when they were being led in for booking and they all slipped and fell into some reindeer shit…

3) An article in Friday’s (12/27) NYDN says that when Tony Romo’s back injury made him almost a certainty to be disabled for the kitna 1upcoming Dallas/Philly game this Sunday (12/29) the Cowboys signed retired QB Jon Kitna. And Kitna, who retired in 2011 after a 15-year NFL career, including 3 years with the Cowboys, told media sources that he would donate his entire check ($53,000) for that weeks stint with the Cowboys, to Lincoln High in his home town of Tacoma, where he now teaches math and coaches football.

And, since as of Friday, when Coach Jason Garrett said Romo had back surgery and that second string veteran Kyle Orton would be the man under center on Sunday (12/29) against the Eagles in a game that will be do or die for getting into the NFL playoffs for both Dallas and Philadelphia, Kitna will be the next in line if anything happens to Orton.

Now, I think this is highly admirable of Kitna and he deserves every accolade that comes his way for doing this damn good deed… BUT… turning back to the game… if Kyle Orton, who was the guy who got benched in Denver for Tim Tebow (nuff said about that), is doing the QBing for the Cowboys… I won’t say the game is a lock for Philly… but, on Sunday, I believe, that Jon Kitna will be QBing the Cowboys by the 4th quarter, if not sooner, and, that if  anyone is a Philly fan and has a desire to go to a playoff game then they can start having someone standing in line for playoff tickets by that same time…

Update…Ok, I misjudged Kyle Orton big time, as he had a huge game replacing Tony Romo. But, the result for the Cowboys was still the same: Cowboys’ QB has a big game and a chance to win it late but throws a pick and Dallas comes up short and out of the playoffs… again.

4) I read on the AP wire services that a 15-foot python had been slithering around a Bali (Indonesia) luxury hotel that was closed due to ongoing renovations and that a security guard from a nearby restaurant offered to help capture the snake.

The guard managed to secure the snake’s head and tail, and, then put it on his shoulders to move it somewhere to wait transporting it to a more permanent location. Seems the python had other ideas about what was about to go down and it wrapped itself around the guard’s body and in the process caused the guard’s death. python

People who were there were unable, or unwilling, to help but did call the police, who came but could not save the man. The python escaped into nearby bushes, and at last notice the police were still searching for it. The official cause of death was suffocation.

Police put out warnings to be alert, since the snake was still loose in the area which is popular with tourists. An associated release said that attacks on adult humans by pythons are rare, but have been documented before.

Ummmm… not for nothing… but in what sense did this snake attack anyone? Seems to me, I read that the man grabbed the snake by its head and then …in retrospect… inadvisably, placed it upon his shoulders and the snake just did what it probably considered to be a natural reaction for itself… wrapping its body around an attacker in self defense…

Listen up good folk… do not … I repeat… do not grab a python by its head and tail and then lay it across your shoulders if ya’ll know what be good for your personal well being… especially, one 15 foot long… constrictors tend to.. well, they constrict on whatever is nearest to them if they be feeling afeared for their lives.  Just saying… try using a little common sense is all.

5) Step aside, JLaw… Kerry Washington…

kerry-washington-covers-womens-health-december-2012-01Kerry Washington UPTOWNkerry-washington--vanity-fair-kerrygiant5yp4KW-Ebony-Magkerry-washington-maxim-shootKW Uptown

6) Is this being very lazy or just simply wisely efficient and environmentally sound?390-ditto-1225

7) Since baby boomer William Jefferson Clinton was ensconced as our fearless leader, you just never know who might get an invite to some of the White House soirees… I mean peeps like Kid Rock,  Bob Dylan, Elton John, Pete Seeger, Muhammad Ali, Arlo Guthrie, Stevie Wonder, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Buddy Guy, Led Zeppelin, Bonnie Raitt, JayZ, Ludacris, Eazy E and now… Snoop Lion, snoop lionaka Dogg, in a tux.Kerry

Snoop has been in and out of jail, was arrested for selling cocaine and has been known to carry a gun and seemingly smokes pot wherever and whenever he chooses… to the point that he was banned from being able to go to Norway for two years because in 2012 he tried to enter the country carrying marijuana…  Snoop was scheduled to perform at the Hovefestival in Arendal, Norway, when he was detained by customs authorities after drug-sniffing dogs ratted him out.

But, despite all of Snoop’s history someone seems to believe he was worthy of an invite to one of the biggest of the White House galas…  the White House reception for Kennedy Center honorees hosted by President Obama on December 8 where Snoop performed a tribute that evening for one of the honorees, Herbie Hancock.

Afterwards, during a casual meet and greet between guests, Snoop met up with the third most powerful man in the US government, Sec State John Kerry, and they talked some; joked around animatedly, even slapping each other shoulders. Snippets of the convo suggest they were talking about Hancock as Kerry is heard saying to Snoop, “He invented your whole thing… He invented hip-hop.”

And, Snoop replies in agreement, “He invented hip-hop.”snoop28n-1-web

Then Kerry offers a fist and Snoop bumps him back…

And, in case anyone is wondering there is no credible evidence that Snoop and the Sec State, a confirmed pot smoker himself, albeit he says not since 1972 (cough, cough), were seen coming out of the Oval Office with wafts of pungent odors trailing behind…


Some confirmed marijuana smokers…

Barack Obama - I inhaled, frequently.That was the point.
Barack Obama – I inhaled, frequently. That was the point.
Sarah Palin - I can't claim a Bill Clinton and say that I never inhaled.
Sarah Palin – I can’t claim a Bill Clinton and say that I never inhaled.
Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman
Michael Bloomberg - You bet I did. And, I enjoyed it
Michael Bloomberg – You bet I did. And, I enjoyed it.






George W. Bush
George W. Bush
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh
Martha Stewart - Of course I know how to roll a joint
Martha Stewart – Of course I know how to roll a joint
Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou











8) Stop me if you’ve heard this one before… a white dude is in a bar; goes up to a couple he has never met, or, even seen, before and shows them a video of himself cold cocking a 70-something year old black dude down to the ground, leaving the old man with a broken jaw and three missing teeth… the punch line?

There is none… it’s the latest twist on the asinine “knockout game” that is making the rounds throughout the country…  But, ya know… actually, there is a punch line, sort of… the couple that the jackass showed the video to? One of them was an off duty arson cop… so, after the couple sees the video and then leave the bar, they see a cop across the street and go tell the on duty officer of what they had just seen… long story short… the dumbass is now facing a hate crime charge…

Want the long version?

On November 24, 2013, Conrad Alvin Barrett after telling the couple that he had played the “knockout game,” pulled out his cell phone and showed a video to them. The video was shot from the point of view of the person holding the phone. The video does not show the face of the person holding the phone, but it does show the legs and shoes of the person. The person holding the phone walks over to someone, and says, “How’s it going, man?” The video pans upward to show the victim, an elderly African American man and then he gets closer to the victim, a loud smack is heard, and the victim falls to the ground. The person laughs, says “knockout,” and then flees in his vehicle.

The off-duty cop noticed that the video showed a man with shorts and brown loafers and that Barrett was wearing the same outfit. He also noticed that the voice on the video matched Barrett’s voice.

After seeing the video, the couple immediately leave the bar and see a uniformed police officer (Michael McCoy) across the street; flag the cop to come over and inform him of what they had seen. When Barrett walked outside the restaurant towards his vehicle, the couple pointed Barrett out to the officer and he approached Barrett and asked him if he had shown a video on his cell phone to the couple. Barrett said he had, and Officer McCoy asked to see the video. Barrett showed McCoy a video that was different than the one the couple had described. McCoy then confiscated Barrett’s phone and told Barrett that he had confessed to an assault to an off-duty peace officer. He also informed Barrett that the phone possessed evidence of a crime, and Barrett then left the area.

On December 2, 2013, Officer McCoy obtained a search warrant for Barrett ‘s cell phone. Why this took over a week is not exactly clear but Barrett’s arrest was now a done deal.

In addition to the “knockout” video, Barrett had also saved on his phone videos in which he used a racist epithet and asserted that black Conrad Barrettpeople “haven’t fully experienced the blessing of evolution.” And, in another clip saved to his phone, Barrett stated: “The plan is to see if I were to hit a black person, would this be nationally televised?” And, in yet more video footage shot before the November 24 attack, Barrett says that he has “found the perfect African-American suspect,” but for some reason he then changes his mind and doesn’t go through with assaulting that person.

At this point, the FBI is notified and gets involved in the investigation.

On December 24, the FBI file in court an affidavit that specified that they had probable cause to believe that Conrad Alvin Barrett violated Title 18, U.S.C. 249(a)(l), and, that he willfully caused bodily injury to a victim, who is African American, because of the victim’s actual and perceived race and color.

Barrett was charged and arrested that same day with violating the federal Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

After Barrett appeared in court on December 26  and 27, Barrett’s attorney told media sources that his client was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2004 and has been treated with lithium and an anti-depressant, and, that his client also has a history of substance and alcohol abuse. The attorney added, “He was not taking his prescribed medications on the day of the incident.”

On Friday (12/27), a judge denied bail for Barrett.

Ya’ll should know where I stand on this by now… The fool made a decision to stop taking his meds and may have been drinking and/or drugging (he was in a bar), and, now a court of law will make a decision on what he needs to do to pay for the consequences of that decision. But, regardless of any legal mumbo jumbo, and whatever a court of law may decide, what this guy really needs is a dose of kickass for just being freaking dumbass stupid.

I mean, you don’t just go up to strangers and start bragging about how you committed a felony, and, if, you do go and do that sort of thing then  it would be very advisable to make sure you change your clothes from the ones you wore during the felony… no?

9) An article In Tuesday’s (12/31) NYDN said that New York Magazine had published a series of emails between Alex Rodriguez and Yankees’ president Randy Levine which showed that what had once been a friendly relationship between the two men had quickly become very sour after the Biogenesis drug scandal and Rodriguez’ alleged involvement in that scandal became more and more evident.

Rodríguez and Levine
Rodríguez and Levine

The Daily News further reports that sources say the emails were leaked by people associated with Rodriguez and “… appear to belie the so-called bombshell communications that Rodriguez’s legal team has hinted for months would exonerate (Rodriguez) in the Biogenesis matter…”

Regardless of the fact that the emails appearing in the New York Magazine article were not presented as evidence during ARod’s arbitration hearing that ended in November.

The News also says it has seen additional emails that indicate there is no evidence that the Yankees tried to keep Rodriguez from playing for the team after his recovery from hip surgery, or, that proves his claim that his physical maladies were misdiagnosed by Yankee doctors in the fall of 2012.

In the words of one source who spoke to the News, “There’s nothing there.”

So, what the emails seem to say is that ARod, and his legal beagles, put up a smoke screen of sound and fury that really signified nothing… or, one could say that they lied. But, they didn’t do it while Rodriguez was bound by any legal restrictions, i.e., oaths. Besides, if he continues to say it often enough then everyone just might hear it often enough to think that he really is getting a raw deal… he might even begin to believe his own bull…

But, it is appears that the truth is that ARod tried to pull off a charlatan’s misdirection ploy so that the poor sad pitiful jerk could make it sound like he is being made into a victim by the big bad Yankee conglomerate who are only trying to cheat him out of what is rightfully his… his still to be paid hundreds of millions of dollars… I mean, his desire to play baseball.  Because, after all, his only desire is to play the game that he loves so much, so, he can help the team, and his teammates, that he loves so much, to try to win games. I mean the money is just secondary… still rightfully his… but secondary… because that’s just the type of guy he is… after all…

Wow… I almost fell for it there for a second…

Hmmm… “It’s not a lie, if you believe it.”  (George Louis Costanza)

10) A picture tells a thousand words…




saving kittiespowerful





















And, just one last peek at man’s… and, woman’s… best friend…











Lennon words













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