YIR: What are you looking forward to the most this year

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What are you looking forward to the most this year (2014)?

EJ: I’ve always been a boxing fan, but I’ve been getting more into the sport this year. For 2014 I’m looking for some super fights to go down. From the Middleweight division of 147 pounds, all the way up to the Light Heavyweight division of 175 pounds, there are some truly talented fighters that will face off against each other. 2014 is shaping up to be a year where every month could have a future Fight of The Year candidate.
Joe: Personally? Getting on Medicare so I can afford to get my damn knee fixed… finally!
Sports? The Yankees getting back to being relevant.
Jon Jones vs DCDavid: Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones. I am sick of DC talking smack, and with Silva and GSP taking a step away from the #1 P4P rankings (for different reasons) . DC is going to be in there with someone with finishing power. I just can’t wait.
Bill: Quite honestly, I’m looking forward to seeing how the Phoenix Suns finish the season given their fast and hot start. No one expected them to succeed even half as much as they’ve done this far seeing how the owner, Robert Sarver, still remains to hamstring any chance at ascending the ladder upwards and out of the pit of NBA mediocrity. Their new GM has been shrewd in his moves and they make him look like a genius when compared to the buffoonery that preceded him. All this success will have an effect on their lottery chances in the June draft, but I’d rather see them compete and lose than intentionally tank as a means of increasing their chances of a better pick. Karma has a funny way of putting the hurt onto people who test it, and I think it best they not go down that path. Should they end up there, so be it… but I’m hoping they don’t.

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