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Team of the Year?

Iron BowlEJ: In a nod to college football, I’ll have to go with the University of Auburn Tigers. Auburn didn’t win a game in the SEC last year. This year? SEC Champions and about to face Florida State in the National Championship game. The Tigers were the cardiac kids of sports this season with thrilling last second wins over the University of Georgia, and the University of Alabama. Coached by Gus Malzahn, quarterbacked by Nick Marshall, and led by running back Tre Mason (the son of Maceo from the rap group De La Soul) the Tigers just did the damn thing all season.
Joe: Hate to say this but… The Boston Red Sox
Followed by the UConn Women’s team
David: Lets see, we got the Heat- but they have a Duke player on the team. We have the MLB and NHL champions but I don’t watch them, we got the Super Bowl Champs, but they have done squat this year, So I’m going to take the Florida State Seminoles. Lets not forget they started the year off with an Orange Bowl win.
Bill: This is a tough one. The Ravens held on to win the Super Bowl… the Red Sox made an improbable comeback to win the World Series.. the Heat barely survived versus the Spurs.. and the list goes on. Picking just one team to be the TOY is tough, but my pick goes to…. the Phoenix Suns. They purged their front office of the cancer that inhabited it that saddled the team with a collection of terrible acquisitions and revamped the team by nearly wiping it clean. The hired a new GM, Ryan McDonough, and he’s been a godsend thus far: purging the roster, making shrewd moves, picking up first round picks to rebuild, and pretty much looking like a genius the entire time. If the Suns could somehow get out from under the plague that is Robert Sarver and get an owner that’s less fixated on finances and more about the business of winning with top flight talent, they could turn this team into a serious contender practically overnight.

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