UFC 168 Review + Anderson Silva, Matches to Make, ETC

Lets see how I did on my picks for UFC 168, and what I think about the fights, the fighters and where we go from here.



UFC 168a

Preliminary card (Fox Sports 1)

Gleison Tibau     vs.     Michael Johnson

Winner: Michael Johnson KO at 1:32 of Round 2 (Picked Tibau 0-1)

I expected the fight to go like the first round, Tibau got caught, nothing more. MJ looked much better than I expected. Kinda wouldn’t mind seeing Johnson vs Luazon. Lets see how he is on the ground vs a master.

Dennis Siver     vs.     Manvel GamburyanSilver

Winner: Siver via Scorecard (Picked Siver 1-1)

Siver was just too much for Manny, as I expected. I actually wonder just how huge Siver is when he enters the cage. He looked light a Middleweight in there vs Gamburyan. I’s like to see Siver vs Maynard, or even the Diamond. This was one entertaining fight. I didn’t think Siver would be on the mat vs Manny that long and look that good.


John Howard     vs.     Siyar BahadurzadaJohn Howard

Winner: Howard via Dec (Picked Howard 2-1)

Boy was I wrong here. I expected this to be a dull fight, and lord knows I are my words here. Both men put on a SHOW. Howard did Brock Lesnar proud hitting an F5 on Siyar, in a move that might be the big think coming out of this if not for the leg kick we will get too. The Welterweight Division is in a bit of a turmoil right now, and as spectacular as that was, I can see Howard vs Rousimar Palhares, maybe even Matt Brown. This was just a great fight.

Chris Leben     vs.     Uriah Hall

Winner: Hall vis stoppage (Picked Leben 2-2)

This one was a homer pick, I should have known better, Uriah looked really good here, but this fight is more about Leben than Hall. Leben is done, and I am a sad panda for it. Lets keep going with TUF guys for hall- How about Ed Herman?


Dustin Poirier     vs.     Diego BrandaoDustin Porier

Winner: Dustin via TKO (Picked the Diamond 3-2)

Poirier looked pissed all weekend long, and finally took it out on Brandao- just looking masterful. I hope he gets to make up for missing Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Can we get a fight with Clay Guida if the Siver fight falls through?

Jim Miller     vs.     Fabrício Camões

Winner: Miller via Submission (Picked Miller 4-2)

I did not expect Miller to look that good on the ground, or Camoes to look that good on the feet. Just a good start to a fight. I wonder if Miller went to the ground due to that left. Great win for Miller, who should be coming back for that Title shot he had taken away. How about Bobby Green if he wins? Maybe Benson if he loses to Josh Thompson?

Josh Barnett     vs     Travis Browne

Winner: Browne vis KO (Picked Browne 5-2)

One of those fights makes me want to move to Vegas. Of course, I expected this to go the distance, but a win is a win. Werdum is up next for Browne, and I’d like to see Barnett face Overeem next, maybe even Roy Nelson.  I did enjoy this fight. Travis Browne joins the VERY shot list of guys to beat Barnett, I don’t think Josh is done by any means, and he has the drawing power to rebuild himself quickly in what is still a thin 265 division. Maybe Barnett vs JDS if they both have some layoff? I was very impressed with this fight and I will be picking Travis to get the next shot against CAIN.

Women’s Bantamweight
Ronda Rousey (c)     vs     Miesha TateRousey

Winner: The Rowdy One (Picked Rousey 6-2)

Did not expect Tate to do this well. I don’t think anyone did. Had Tate put up this kind of effort in the first fight, we would have been a lot more excited for this one. Sara McMann is up next for the Rousey, and I am ready for that fight. As for Tate, I kinda feel for her, she is not really built to change divisions, even if that was a viable option, and I just don’t think we are going to see Rousey/Tate III- the divison is thin, but not THAT thin, Apparently Cat is still going to be out for a lot longer. Sonnen kept talking about weaknesses that Rousey may have showed in this fight. I don’t see it. Her standup looked improved, yet she doesn’t have much power yet, but as long as she have 1004 ways to ARM-BAR you, she’s going to be a danger, and with 25 minutes to find a spot, its going to be hard to topple her.

Middleweight   Title
Chris Weidman (champion)    vs.     Anderson Silva

Winner: Weidman vs Injury (Picked Anderson 6-3)

My only miss on the PPV portion, lets not talk too much about Silva’s injury being the reason Weidman still holds the title, he dominated round 1, just like he dominated the last fight. There is no shame in his fighting career. Weidman has got the tools to be a champion for a long time, and he looked even better this time than last time. Vitor is next of course, and the big thing is going to be where the fight takes place, I do wonder if the whole knee thing is a ploy. Vitor on TRT is a whole lot more dangerous than without. Vitor will do one thing that no one really has, semi-roided or not.

As for Anderson Silva, I could see him coming back for a one shot deal in Brazil vs Vitor or Wandy if they really pissed him off (or Vitor has the belt) I really don’t think he’s coming back and lets be honest, I don’t see why he would, he would be close to 40, he’s taken a lot of damage and there really is nothing left for him to prove, and idiotic people can claim that Chris got lucky twice. I do think its interesting the way Weidman keeps wrapping himself in the flag, like he’s MMA’s Rocky.

Rocky 3Hold up! Think about it. He beats the champion, Apollo Creed- who has cleaned out his division- in 1 and 2, he’s gonna face a Mohawked Loudmouth.

If he wins- CAN FEDOR CUT TO 185???? Actually maybe Shlemenko comes over to the UFC in the next year, and beats Jacare and takes the Rocky IV spot.

The one thing I don’t want to see is the awkward beach hug with Weidman and Matt Serra.



If you haven’t seen the injury, don’t goto the next page.

Maybe now he can get a hat that fits
Maybe now he can get a hat that fits


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  1. I’ve said this a million times but I’m not an MMA guy. However, I had to watch how Silva broke his leg and all I can say is: DAMN!!! He reminded me of the old school GI Joe’s where you can bend and flex the limbs in all different directions. Didn’t know the human body could do the same damn thing.

  2. Checking a leg kick can really put a hurting on you, catching it on the shin like that.

    I get the feeling we may see this happen more often, with strikers looking to hit the lower leg instead of the thigh.

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