BREAKING NEWS: Bynum traded for Pierce

Sources have learned that paperwork has been submitted to trade the Cavilers’ two biggest offseason aquisitions away for a future Hall-of-Famer for not only scoring, but leadership.

Brooklyn, without a first round pick for the next decade, has picked up not only the former all-star, but 2013’s first overall pick, the disappointing Anthony Bennett.

Per unnamed sources, lets look at the details.


Brooklyn Nets Bynum
Andrew Bynum (12.25M, 2 years)
Anthony Bennett
Anthony Bennett (5.3M, 4 years
Cleveland Cavaliers Paul Pierce 

Paul Pierce (15.3M , 1 year)

Teletovic (3.2M , 2 years)

The Nets are actually going to shave over 900K ff their cap with this trade.

Anthony Bennett, when reached for comment, stated he was looking forward to not only leaving Cleveland, but also working with Kevin Garnett in learning Post moves. Bynum stated he was tired of listining to Mike Brown and was ready for a coaching change.

As for the Nets, Paul Peirce stated he has missed playing with a top tier point guard and was ready to see what Irving could do, and stated he was willing to see just how good Cleveland could be in the playoffs. Teletovic was not only there to help the Salary, but also adding some size to a team about to lose 2 big men.

There was no word from LeBron James and how having Pierce there would affect him resigning there, but sources close to the King stated James could play any position on the court, but is still not going to Cleveland unless he buys the team.

When asked for comment, Nets Coach Jason Kidd said he was surprised by the move and asked what position Bennett played,



There is no truth the rumor that the Nets added in 7 (Top 7 Protected) first round picks to the deal. The Nets are still on board in having a draft pick sometime before 2020.

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  1. Hell, would that it were so… or, as Lewis Carroll one had Tweedledee say “… if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn’t, it ain’t… ” mutter, mutter…

  2. The funny thing about this is that this deal might actually happen. Saw something on where it was floated in the rumors section. Can’t remember the reporter who actually came up with it.

  3. Agreeing to a Pierce for Bynum deal actually cuts the Nets luxury tax. Think it goes from $80 million to $49 million. Going off memory because it’s been a few hours since I read that.

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