YIR: Best thing to happen to you this year.

Welcome to the 7poundbag End of the Year Spectacular.

Every Day from now until the New Year, a different Question about what was will be answered by the staff. I answered no followup questions and some questions can be taken different ways. Thus allowing the writer to answer how he or she felt.

That gives you, dear Reader, some new Content while allowing those of us that enjoy our families, or at least the food that comes with them, some time to partake.

Best thing to happen to you this year.

High FiveJoe: I made it through the year. It’s been tough economically with prices for everything going up and personal income stagnated. So, just to make it through the year and know I have a warm home to go to everyday when some people have nothing is the best thing to happen to me this year.

EJ Best thing to happen to me this year? Not sure what to say since I haven’t had the best 2013. The months of May and June were pretty tough for me, but I did celebrate a birthday last week, so that’s a good thing. I still have my health (even if I could afford to drop some pounds), and I still have my sanity. I’ll take those for what they are.

David: I only have to file 1 W-2 this year. Considering last year I had to file 3, and it was not exactly a banner year financially, this year at least. If I can do that again for the next 19+ years and not have a work history like the past – geez 24, I’ll be a happy panda. I’m hoping for a stable 2014.

Ancient Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times.

Bill: As cheesy as it may sound, my wife and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary this year. I could not have found a better person with which to be than her. Given how tumultuous my previous marriage was (long story – don’t ask), this one is about as idyllic as they come. As a secondary success, I was able to finally pay off my student loan. Though it wasn’t as much of a burden on me as they may be to some, it was nice to have closed that chapter of my life on time and in full. I wouldn’t mind returning to school at some point to pursue a masters degree and if it’s possible to pay for it without having to go into debt to do it, I’m all for it. Student loans aren’t bad so long as you don’t over borrow, but I’d rather not endure that revolving payment again.

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