UFC 168 Preview

Welcome to the UFC 168 preview, the UFC’s stacked year end card. This one is double-billed title fights, with rematches, one we all want to see and one we don’t no matter how much the UFC wants us too. This is smart of the UFC, since a buyrate for Rousey/Tate II is going to stink or going to need some major help, and Sonnen is busy- unless we got Sonnen vs Frankin for some reason.


UFC 168a

Preliminary card (Fox Sports 1)

Gleison Tibau     vs.     Michael Johnson

Gleison is one of those guys that can look like a world beater, then the next fight look like someone that might be looking for a shot on the next FIghtMaster series. The positive thing is here, Johnson is normally a lot closer to Tibau’s floor than his ceiling. Gleison is going to have 15 minutes to get his act straight and beat Johnson. I’m putting the over/under at minute 9.

Dennis Siver     vs.     Manvel Gamburyan

Manvel is a solid fighter, but has problems when it comes to strikers with speed. Siver has major problems when coming up against elite fighters. Manvel is not elite. If Siver is able to keep the fight standing he should win a fairly one-sided contest, if Manvel is able to hit the takedowns, he may pull the fight out. I’m taking Siver via Dec.

John Howard     vs.     Siyar Bahadurzada

This is going to be a dull fight. If Howard stands with Siyar, he will go to sleep- if he doesn’t get lucky, something he can do. But odds are he is not going to last 15 minutes on the feet. Howards chances of winning skyrocket when he goes for the takedown, since Siyar has little to no takedown defense and is no threat on his back. Howard isn’t stupid by any means, he will strike until he gets caught once, then spend the rest of the fight in lay and pray.

Chris Leben     vs.     Uriah Hall

Chris LebenThis one is going to either to be interesting, the guy who held everyone’s attention at TUF 1, and personally I think should get more credit for putting that audience in the seats before Bonner/Griffith I. He will be facing the guy that has fallen on his face faster than any stud coming off the show. If “the next Anderson Silva” can’t do anything against Leben, the next chance the UFC has is to match him with Kimbo Slice. Leben will be more than happy to stand and trade, and Uriah would do well to stand on the outside and throw strikes. Leben will come forward, so Hall may have to adjust to throwing while moving backwards- lets hope for his sake he has been watching another TUF 1 Alum, Forrest Griffith, actually Griffith vs the Real Anderson Silva.

I’m a Leban fan, and I’m hoping against hope he wins and it only takes ONE left hand and this fight is over. I’m taking Leben to get one more win, and go out on top. Sorry Uriah.


Dustin Poirier     vs.     Diego Brandao

As a firm member of Team Diamond, I look for Dustin to win this fight by ripping off Brandao’s arm and tossing it at the Zombie and giving us a rematch. Diego is no joke, he has very good power, strong striking defense

UFC 168

, and since he’s Brazilian, he has a black belt. If Dustin has the cardio, he’s going to win, if not, Deigo can catch him. I think Poirier gets strong as the fight goes on, and grabs a late submission in round 3.

Jim Miller     vs.     Fabrício Camões

Camoes is a good fighter, not great unless he’s on the ground, I think this is a straight rebound fight for Jim Miller, who should be able to win if not by KO by fairly dominate striking.

Josh Barnett     vs     Travis Browne

This might be the most interesting fight on the PPV card- not fight of the night, that’s going to Dustin/Diego, but Travis Browne has a very good chin, a pretty good motor and above average in all aspects of the game. Josh Barnett has been one of the best non-UFC heavyweights for a decade, it seems, and he has hit the UFC upper echelon by storm. Winner here should get in the number one contender fight if CAIN is going to be out for a bit.

Josh Barnett is one of the smartest fighters ever, and can run a good gameplan and has good instincts, he’s not going to tire and few men can knock him out. Problem is, Barnett is on a 10-1 winning streak, and has only lost to DC since his PRIDE days. I can see this fight going one of two ways. Either Barnett is able to get the takedown, wear Browne out in the clinch, or Browne is going to catch him and put him, if not to sleep, wobbly enough to take a close decision. I’m looking to Browne for the upset, just because of his power and the MMA Budda in his corner.

Women’s Bantamweight
Ronda Rousey (c)     vs     Miesha Tate

I’d love to see Tate take this one, but its not going to happy. Bring on Sara!

Rousey-bar Round one.

Middleweight   Title
Chris Weidman (champion)    vs.     Anderson Silva

Here we GO! The big rematch. Lets no discount what Weidman has done, and Anderson Silva has looked worse and worse since the first Sonnen fight,with people he deserved to be in there with (No Bonnor) He might just be slowing down, and lets not forget people, Anderson lost the first round as well. Weidman has some very good submissions, very good striking and is a powerful wrestler. The problem here is Anderson is not going to be doing his normal antics, he’s going to be looking to prove his dominance. Silva may or may not have taken Weidman seriously, but he will now. Thats not saying Weidman got lucky, or he won’t win again, i want to see Weidman win I’ll be honest, but I just can’t see it. Anderson is going to stick and move and catch Chris more than once- for the TKO.

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