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Sports Person of the Year?

EJ: My pick will be likely be unpopular and panned by people who will read this  but I’m going with Floyd

EJ just changed all of his answers to Serena Williams
EJ just changed all of his answers to Serena Williams

Mayweather Jr. I first saw this argument from Sugar Ray Leonard, on Sports Illustrated’s website, and I have to agree with him. Mayweather captivates fans of boxing, as well as casual fans, and he wins. Not only does he win, but he wins in dominating fashion. His two fights this year against Robert Guerrero and Canelo Alvarez were master class. He picked the two fighters apart and hardly broke a sweat. Even if you hate his brash antics, he makes you respect him (in a strange way) with the way he methodically picks apart his opponents. Also, out of the ring he is a respected person in his sport, as well as a contributor to the community.

Joe: if I had to pick to pick someone purely on their sports achievements then I agree with the AP pick… Serena Williams.However, I think Sportsperson of the year goes beyond just winning and losing and can, and should, include front office people, owners, field managers, etc… So, my pick, taking all of that into consideration would be Michael Weiner who took over as head of the MLB player’s union about four years ago and helped shape an era of labor peace as well as allowing the memberships’ voice to be heard on how to go about dealing with drugs in the game.
He was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in August of 2012, but continued to work to make a difference in the game. He did it with class and dignity… and he is my sportsperson of the year.

. Chris Weidman

David: Asking this a little early, if Chris Weidman wins this weekend, I would take him, beating the most dominate fighter since the heyday of FEDOR. Combine that with the fact he had to do it TWICE in a row. Add to that the specter of Hurricane Sandy, and he would be it.
If Chris loses, I would give it to LeBron. Putting up with what he has, coming back down 3-2 to repeat, I’ll give it to him.

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