YIR: What would you like to give one sports personality for Christmas?

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What would you like to give one sports personality for Christmas?

Joe: ARod: Humility and honesty.         Derrick Rose

EJ: I’d like to give Derrick Rose bionic knees. It’s sad what’s happening to Rose. The former NBA MVP just cannot stay healthy and it’s a damn shame because he was a great player to watch. Hopefully he can be a great player again, but with his knees betraying him the way they have the past couple of seasons it makes you wonder if he may be nearing a premature end to a career that never really got fully under way.

David: A Farewell Title for Timmy D.

He stuck around another year at Wake, He’s never been an ass to anyone, yet plays with some serious fire. Duncan is my third favorite player of all time, and has been a joy to watch night in and night out. If Boston had won the lotto, and we got to see Duncan and Pierce for 15 years- there is no telling how far up the GOAT list he could have climbed. The fact he might be playing in the smallest market of any player in the top 20, and the biggest free agent the Spurs have ever signed might be 32 year old Michael Finley- 4 years after his last All-Star team.



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