A Christmas Quiz

Grab a Pencil, see how you do.

Yesterday I had to work, but I tried to keep some spirits up with some Quizzes and FYIs for my co-workers.

Thought you might enjoy.

Grab a Pencil, see how you do.
Grab a Pencil, see how you do.

Q1. Everyone knows Boris Karloff did the narration and the voice of the Grinch, but who did the singing? – You might not know the name, but he did another famous cartoon.

Q2, There is a Sequel to the Grinch Series- where he attacks another Holiday- Obviously this was not as loved. What Holiday?

Q3. How does Santa have to really deliver all those presents.

Q4.The Grinch is black and white in the original Book, Who colored him Green?

Q5. What is the Zip Code of the North Pole?

Hint: Canadian Zip Codes are 6 characters.

Q6. Rudolph was created by what department store as a promotion?

Q7. St Nick is a real life Saint, of course, but in addition to Children, what else is he the Patron Saint of?

Q8 What Classic Christmas song (and trust me, you know it- its a MAJOR one) was written Not for Christmas, but actually for thanksgiving.

Q9. What famous song was actually banned in churches because the writer was Jewish?

Q10. What President banned Christmas Trees in the White House?

Q11. When did Christmas become a national Holiday . . and WHY?

Q12 How many total gifts are there in the 12 days of Christmas?Grinch

Q13 What was the first State to declare Christmas a holiday, and what state was the last?

Q14 Easy one for you. St Nick is only the second most popular Saint in the Catholic Church, who is Number 1?


Original Candy Canes was all white and a stick. The Red was added – three stripes, to represent the trinity, (and it was made into a J for Jesus)- If you believe some factories in Europe.


The First “Modern” Artificial Tree was made by a toilet Brush company- it used the twisting motion used to make the bristles to make the branches able to hold ornaments and stay stiff for longer periods of time. Previous artificial trees couldn’t hold weight and tended to look melted by the end of the holidays.


FYI: There are about 20,000 places worldwide where you can receive training on how to be a Santa, classes include how to deal with children, remaining Jolly, and what to avoid eating.

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