7pounds of Something: 12/23 Edition

Its good to be the King

How do world? This week we are talking Saints/Panthers, the end of Fantasy Season, Walter Mitty, and some questions for YOU the reader on what you want to hear.

Cause everyone loves to talk Fantasy, I came in 3rd in my fantasy league, once again I got nailed by a feast or famine team, this one lead by Peyton Manning AND Eddy Lacy- but the difference is this time, my team didn’t lay a ton of eggs- and I won. So a nice little 3rd place and 6th place in my two leagues. I think I want to try an auction league next year. Plus somehow I’m gonna do a live draft.

But lets get on to real football.

Cam HeismanFor the second time in 3 weeks the Panthers of Carolina took on the Saints of New Orleans. Just like last time, the home team won. I’m still not sold on Riverboat Ron Rivera, but I still hate Mike Shula. How do you not convert a SINGLE THIRD DOWN? I understand the Saints played a great game defensively, but not one?

I’m not going to give my co-workers too much shit about the game, we did get waxed a few weeks ago. I was glad to see Luke have a dominant game, stunning he’s not leading the voting in Pro-Bowl, proof that people are stupid. I was also proud of the game the secondary had, it seems to be running hot and cold some games.

I do wonder how long Steve Smith is going to play. He’s not going to the Hall, but considering the Shit QB’s and Shit OCs he’s had to play, I have no doubt had he been drafted by Denver or New England – he’d have a fistful of rings and be on the shortlist for the Hall.

I have watched a TON of movies this week, some good, some bad, some absolute shit.

Its good to be the King
Its good to be the King

Also, if you have Sundance Channel, might want to take a look at some of the movies they are showing. Wednesday they have some of Mel Brooks best- the Producers (Remake), History of the World Part 1 and Robin Hood, Ok, not all classics but still.

So in addition to finishing up the Puppet Master series, you will also be getting Snow White and the Huntsman, Taken 2, My Bloody Valentine and some other movies that have been clogging up my DVR.

I am a big fan of older movies, and the Secret Life of Walter Mitty is right up there. Danny Kaye, who I have to thank my Ex-Wife for introducing me to, is just a genius in this movie. Walter Mitty is an excellent short story and something all kids with excellent dads should have a familiarity with. Danny Kaye just does an awesome job with all of it.Walter Mitty Kaye

I think Ben Stiller has a great chance of doing a good job in the upcoming movie, he has good timing, when he cares, he always does a good job, and he seems like he cares on this one. He’s no Danny Kaye, so he’s going to have to do the book a little closer to the vest, unlike Kaye- or the attempted Robin Williams remake in the 1980s that THANK HEAVEN didn’t get made. I like Robin Williams, but I don’t need a 10 minute sequence of him yelling Puckita Puckita Puckita while-maniac running around a streetlight and jumping off cars.
So I’m fine with Stiller, he’s smart enough to know he can’t do Danny Kaye 2.0, my problem is, he’s going to try and update/change it. I normally am ok with this on classic books- if it makes sense and done well. I just don’t know if he can pull it off. The more ads I see, the more scared I get if this is going to be done well. When Stiller goes wrong, he doesn’t go off the tracks, but it just bad enough to make the movie stink without making him question what he did wrong.
So will I see it? Sure, I doubt I see it in the Theater. Spending that kind of cash is more reserved for things like the Avengers sequel, Hobbit II, and so for forth.
Finally, one thing I want to get back into doing is the podcast. My question is.
What do you want to hear?
I was doing a MMA one, plus a movie one- do you wish for me to be doing one of those solo?
Or should I be doing a basic 20-30 minute topic by topic breakdown of the week’s news?
Should I just do sports? Mini-Reviews? Fuss about Agents of Sheild?
You Tell Me.
Maybe I’ll just call DJ and see if I can convince him that EJ is trapped in the Phillipines and needs 10K to leave the country.
Well, thats my time, thank you all for reading, and I hope you have a great new years.
I’ll be back next week, with my New Year’s resolutions.

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  1. Funny about them old movies; just saw two “Christmas” movies: The Bishops Wife (Cary Grant, Loretta Young and David Niven) and The Shop around the Corner (James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan) and both are excellent pics. Now I need to see Christmas Carol… either 1938 with Reginald Owen or 1951 with Alastair Sim… though I tend to lean to Alastair Sim

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