Most important thing to happen this year

Welcome to the 7poundbag End of the Year Spectacular.

Every Day from now until the New Year, a different Question about what was will be answered by the staff. I answered no followup questions and some questions can be taken different ways. Thus allowing the writer to answer how he or she felt.

That gives you, dear Reader, some new Content while allowing those of us that enjoy our families, or at least the food that comes with them, some time to partake.

Most important thing to happen this year


Joe: That after all the crap that happened politically, economically, socially and in nature (Government shutdowns, sequester cuts, Banks being fined, PED scandals, nature’s wrath, the cost of living rising, Detroit, hurricanes, blizzards, typhoons, etc… ) somehow we made it through the year and the House and Senate finally agreed on a budget to at least avert any shutdowns in 2014.
The mantra is probably: “We’re still standing… ”

David: Can I be selfish? The most important thing to happen to me this year is I turned 40. Not that I got the birthday party,  or to be honest, any party, I had to work- and got little notice there- no cake or anything.
But considering my family history, my fat ass and my lifestyle, making 40 is a pretty big deal.

EJ: Most important thing that happened to me this year? I guess I’ll have to say turning 32 was the most important thing to happen to me this year.

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