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Welcome to the 7poundbag End of the Year Spectacular.

Every Day from now until the New Year, a different Question about what was will be answered by the staff. I answered no followup questions and some questions can be taken different ways. Thus allowing the writer to answer how he or she felt.

That gives you, dear Reader, some new Content while allowing those of us that enjoy our families, or at least the food that comes with them, some time to partake.

1. What is the Best Story of the Year?

Joe: Best
Sports? Biogenesis scandal and the players taking back their Union
In general: How people always seems to pull together in the face of adversity… Boston Marathon bombing, Winter Storm Nemo, Typhoon Haiyan, etc…

Sports: I’m gonna go with the year of upsets- or near upsets in MMA. We started the year with 3 fighters that simply could not be beaten, Now? One- Anderson Silva, lost outright, and another, Georges St-Pierre should have lost, and the last, Jon Jones, lost in the eyes of many. Add to that the loss of Benson Henderson, and the only Champions the seems a dominant today as he did 12 months ago is Cain Velasquez and Jose Aldo, unless you consider Renan Barao.
In General: Pope Francis. I am not Catholic, but the sway the Catholic Church still holds over Billions cannot be overlooked. With the Church, both Catholic and Protestant under seemingly constant attack, this Pope is going to need to be active and positive to try and regain the followers, and the support, that have undermined the Church the past few decades.

Sports: I’ll say that the Miami Heat repeating as Champions was the Best Story of the Year. I am not a Miami Heat fan, but it was good for the game to see LeBron James win his 2nd NBA Championship. If the Spurs were able to pull out Game 6, we all would have been doomed to hear prognosticators go on and on about LeBron’s inability to win the big one, so it was good to see Bron slide a 2nd ring on his finger.

In General: I have to agree with David that Pope Francis is THE Best Story of the Year. I am not Catholic, but I followed the election of the Pope with great interest, and I love the humanity that is Pope Francis. The Church sorely needed a man with his human touch. Long may he live. 

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