The Blog About Nothing 12/20 Edition

What up world! It’s an extra special edition of The Blog About Nothing. Today, happens to be my birthday. Yes, I’m 32 years old today. Thank you for all of your applause and adulation. It’s greatly appreciated. According to Wikipedia, I share the day with Kansas City Royals pitcher James Shields, fellow New Yorker and former Philadelphia 76er Royal Ivey, and former Lions, Cowboys, and Bears wide receiver Roy Williams. We are all 32 years old today. Happy Birthday gents. Yup, 1981 was a great year. I was planning to do a whole blog dedicated to 1981, but that just seems corny now. I mean, I was only alive for 11 days of the whole year, and I surely don’t remember that. So, I’ll just take my victory lap in this opening paragraph and focus on the stories of this week. Let’s get it.

I’m tired of talking about the Lakers. I really am. I know you are tired of me blogging about the Lakers. You must be, but Kobe Bryant being out for 6 weeks due to a fracture of his left knee is breaking news. Pardon the pun. Kobe was only 6 games into a comeback from his ruptured achilles and now he’s out again. The Lakers star, who was recently given a generous 2 year contract extension, will once again be on the sidelines watching the Lakers cast of young castaways soldier on in his absence. Part of me feels sorry for Kobe, and for the Lakers organization, but a part of me thinks that this is a good thing. Kobe rushed back to help his team and justify his extension. Now by sitting out 6 weeks, the Lakers can regain some of the magic the young guns had when they got out to a 10-9 start without him.

I’m on record as saying that I want the Lakers to finish in the Lottery and I still do. However, I also want the franchise to plan for life without Kobe and the chance to see what a Nick Young, Xavier Henry, Wesley Johnson, and a new signee like Kendall Marshall can do. The Buss family, and General Manager Mitch Kupchak has to prepare for what life will be after Kobe and no time like the present to get going. Nurturing growing talent, picking up a high draft pick, and regain the veteran in Kobe Bryant, and the Lakers could have a decent but title-less next couple of seasons. If I am going to be optimistic about the Lakers future, then that is the best I can give you. Moving on…

Am I the only one who feels used this morning? I mean just used! The Houston Rockets sent guys like me into a tizzy, yes I said tizzy, with the talk of them trading disgruntled backup center Omer Asik. I got so wrapped up in the Asik talks that I was practically refreshing my screen on Twitter every few minutes for updates on where Asik would land, only to find out that the Rockets are not trading Asik right now! Yes, the Houston Rockets announced that they were going to trade Asik by December 19th, so that whoever acquired him, or whatever the Rockets acquired could be dealt by the February 20th trade deadline. NBA analysts, and team building types like myself, kept speculating on where Asik would end up, and Twitter was our vehicle to keep updated. Asik was almost dealt to the Celtics, the 76ers, the Cavs may or may not have been interested, the Hawks, Lakers, and Knicks all kicked the tires but yet as of today Asik is still a Houston Rocket. I felt so disappointed by the whole drama that I feel General Manager Darryl Morey owes me something. Maybe he should e-mail me from Houston, to wish me a Happy Birthday, and offer me a job in the front office. I’d accept it too. Why? Like I’m doing anything else better right now in Brooklyn. Nope. I’m available and you owe me Darryl.

Speaking of Houston, and Texas, Texas Longhorns football coach Mack Brown resigned this week after 16 years at the University. Mack, who won one National Title, and lost in another title game appearance, steps away after a few down years by University of Texas standards. Coaching the Texas Longhorns is a demanding job. Texans love football, and they love a winner. Once you stop being that, they will make your life very difficult and the pressure of the situation finally forced Mack to walk away. Coach Brown was a good coach though, and he was a good man. Although I blogged about Texas needing to fire him a few months ago, I was sad to see him leave. Now, it’s up to the University to hire a replacement and I have a suggestion for them: look no further than University of Louisville head coach Charlie Strong. Charlie, 53, compiled a solid resume at Louisville, was a former defensive coordinator at the University of Florida, and is a solid recruiter. I can easily see him waltzing into a recruit’s home and selling both his momma and his daddy on why their boy should be a Longhorn. Give Charlie a call!

Staying in Texas, am I the only one that thinks it’s time for Jerry Jones to step back from the Cowboys? I’m not saying sell the team, but the owner has no place standing on the sidelines and being the de-facto General Manager of the organization. Jerry was a football man back in his day, as he was an Offensive Lineman at the University of Arkansas but today he’s nothing more than a good quote. The Dallas Cowboys have developed a reputation of failing late in the season because they lack talent and depth. If Jerry is the one bringing in the players then isn’t that his fault? Also, how is standing on the sidelines and putting your under siege coach (Jason Garrett) and quarterback (Tony Romo) a good thing? It can’t be. If the Cowboys want to be America’s team for a good reason, and Jerry wants to win a Super Bowl for the first time since the mid 1990’s then it’s time to fall back. Fall back Jerry!

I’ve covered basketball, college football, and the NFL, so I might as well keep on going and move on to baseball. Robinson Cano is a Seattle Mariner. He recently signed a $240 million dollar deal over 10 years to leave the New York Yankees who were reportedly offering 7 years and a $175 million. In leaving the Yankees, Robinson insisted that it was about respect and not the money because the Yankees offered him more money on average. Robinson wanted the security of knowing that this deal would be the last one he would sign as MLB player. Considering the deal goes until he’s 41, it very well will be his last. Signing this deal is a coup for neophyte agent Jay-Z. Y’all know I was going to work Jay-Z into the blog somehow. I’m that big of a fan, and I have to admit that he did a good job in finding that one sucker that was willing to give Robinson a longer deal than what the Yankees were offering. I guess the man will not lose. As for Robinson though, trading the bright lights of New York for Seattle is a loss. He may be paid, but he’s gone from the main stage to back stage. Enjoy the Pacific Northwest and relative anonymity Robbie!

Finally, and I promise you that this is the last topic, I just wanted to say a quick word about the National Hockey League. Honestly, I barely watch hockey but I wanted to make this blog epic and damn it, it can’t be epic without some fucking hockey! Gary Bettman, Commissioner of the National Hockey League, recently mentioned that the NHL is considering expansion and adding 2 more franchises. Now, I know I just bagged on Seattle in the last paragraph but I think adding a team out there is a good start. Seattle fans are rabid, and adding a franchise in Seattle would be good tie in for the Vancouver Canucks. Seattle-Vancouver already share a passionate rivalry in soccer, so adding a hockey rivalry only grows the game in the region. As far as the eastern franchise I’m hoping one will be placed in either Quebec City or the greater Toronto area. Personally, I prefer the greater Toronto area but that’s only due to my familiarity with the City of Toronto. The Maple Leafs in downtown Toronto, and a new franchise in Markham (or the like) would make Hockey Night in Canada pop off!

I’m closing in on 1500 words and my fingers are starting to hurt. It’s my born day. I shouldn’t be working this hard. I’m out of here. Since this is the last edition of The Blog About Nothing before Christmas, I’d like to say Merry Christmas, and thank you for reading. Peace.

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  1. Jerry Jones is not going anywhere.. so the Cowboys will remain irrelevant. Just like the Yankees did until Steinbrenenr got suspended and Gene Micahel built the team that Joe torre eventually inherited.

    JayZ sold Cano a bill of goods. JayZ is all about the money and (in my opinion) could care less about the peeps he reps. Cano is all about the money, too, regardles of what he says. BUT he is also about the fancy lights and running in the circles JayZ runs in … He will get neihter in Seattle.
    Yeah Seattle has less taxes and all that but no Broadway, no Garden, No Barclays… no fancy lights at all. Sorry, Cano but I hope ya’ll didn’t let the door hit ya in the ass on your way out and ya brought yourself an umbrella… heard it gets rainy out there.

    Merry Christmas, and, of course…. Happy Birthday, young man!

  2. The picture is pretty funny. I have no clue on how to add blog images, so I thank you for doing it for me. Even if it was by accident.

  3. Thank you Joe. Yeah, I know Jerry isn’t going anywhere but he really isn’t doing his franchise any favors. I wish he’d see that for himself but you’re right that it would take an extreme act (like Steinbrenner’s suspension) to get him out of the picture.

    As far as Cano goes, I hear you. If I were a Yankees fan (I’m a Mets fan unfortunately) I’d feel the same way you do. I never thought Jay would actually take Cano from the Yankees. When he was hired, I thought Robinson staying was a slam dunk. However, I just give him credit for being Boras-like in finding the one dumb owner. Robinson at 31 still has some good years in him, but that contract will be a problem 5 or 6 years in.

    Thanks for the birthday and Christmas wishes. Much appreciated.

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