Winter Edition of “What Grinds My Gears!” ala Peter Griffin style

It’s been a while since I’ve done this and with all the bullshit going on in the Sports, Entertainment and News world, it is well overdue.

Let me start with the whole Phil Robertson suspension from A&E’s popular Duck Dynasty series.




Okay, just a short background note here before I go the hell off. I have two gay grandkids; one male, one female. They openly live a gay/lesbian lifestyle. And I STILL think A&E are a bunch of IDIOTS!

Duck Dynasty is one of the highest rated shows on all of TV let alone cable/satellite TV. They had 12 million viewers watch the season premiere. Phil Robertson is the religious Patriarch of the family. A&E KNEW going in his beliefs and values. They KNEW when he was hired that he refused repeatedly to conform to their wishes that he pull back on his religious views and  the certainty that he would more than willingly share those when asked.  So why the hell is it such a shock to them that he express his values during a Magazine Interview when asked his opinion on homosexuality?

Why would it not be enough from them to simply say, “Those views and opinons expressed by any actors/characters from A&E programming are not reflective of A&E or the ownership”.

It is frigging hilarious that they just fell on their sword for what a few gay/lesbian readers of GQ might think about Phil and his opinion. If I were in Willie’s shoes at this point I would have my agent begin looking for a new network to their show to; let A&E sink back to the bottom of the pit with the rest of the cable cellar dwellers. I for one will continue to support the Phil and his Phil-o-sophies…….


Moving on. There has been much talk, at least in my circle of retired military friends and associates, about the proposed cuts to the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) for military retired pay. I have seen several post related to this that suggest that all soldiers will lose upwards of $75,000.00 over the course of 22 years from these cut backs. Well, pardon my retired ass but I did the math and it is no where close to that amount. Those opposed to these cuts used an E7, Sergeant First Class as an example and they stated that he/she would lose $83,000.00 buying power over the course of 22 years IF the Federal Government cut the COLA by 1% each year.

I have seen several Veteran associated post demanding this be squelched, denied or nipped in the bud. I usually stand by my brethren 100% of the time on these issues because I realize it is just like gun control, you give an inch and they take a mile.

BUT, on this one I am not so sure. The 1.75% COLA increase for 2014 was just posted to my pay leave and earning statement for January 2014 and the total increase for me was $29 a month. If it had been ONLY the .75% it would have been $14. So I would have lost $15 per month (roughly) for the next year. Quick math here shows a loss of around $179 for the year when all pennies are rounded off.

So, that loss of $179 per year for me; more for some, less for others; is intended to take care of the sequestration from now on and help us move to a more managable debt deficit while maintaining no more furloughs or layoffs; I’m all for it. However, they start trying to take my actual retirement pay and I will meet my brothers on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Moving On. The Heisman, or as it should be named now,  the “Trophy to the most popular guy that did good thru the season and did not get charged with anything.” Trust me, if they are going to come back years later and demand Bush to give back his trophy then we have not heard the last of Famous Jameis.

I do NOT proclaim to know anything at all about whether he is guilty or not but I can tell you that from the reports I read all that is missing is the smoking gun or in this case him admitting. That is about the only thing missing the DA could have used to charge him in this he said she said case.

I feel for the young lady and her family IF this actually took place. With all the training I received in my military days I know none of us is supposed to find fault or blame on her part because she failed to maintain her conscious self. I know we have always been taught and trained that no is no regardless the situation.

However, with all that behind us now, that leaves the last two Heisman trophy winners two for two for NOT being the upstanding community citizen the trophy was dedicated towards. IMO Johnny Foosball and Famous Jameis both leave a very tainted mark on the whole process.


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  1. I don’t watch a lot of anything on the tube but I have seen some snippets of Duck Dynasty, and ,even I know, from this limited exposure, that this dude tends to be a bit on the “religious right” side, so, his comments shouldn’t come as a surprise. A&E seems to be trying to cover all their bases and be politically right when it really should be as simple (per your suggestion) as putting a disclaimer on at the beginning of each airing of the show.

  2. I’ve only seen a handful of episodes of Duck Dynasty but I agree with both of you gentlemen. A&E going into this knew who Phil was. His comments shouldn’t have been that surprising, and a simple “his comments doesn’t reflect the opinions of A&E” should have sufficed.

    Willie will find plenty of takers for the show, if he did elect to move Duck Dynasty to another network. While I’m not a regular viewer of the show, it’s actually pretty entertaining.

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