Who is the Next Texas Coach?

So who should be the Next Coach at Texas? This is unlike most jobs, where you have to look at if a coach can recruit, or what is his buyout? Neither of these really apply at Texas, as I have covered before is a Tier 1 Job. Recruiting in Texas is pretty simple, throw a football as hard as you can, and whoever catches it, see if they can run it back to you in under 5 seconds. Then give that kid a scholorship. Buyouts are no problem, Texas has enough ESPN money to buyout Brazil to get a punter. The Next Texas coach does not have to rebuild a program from a bad coach, or repair the psyche of the Longhorn faithful, he has to do one thing.

Win. Texas

ESPN and Texas are not spending the money they are spending the money they are spending, and giving you the advantages you have as a coach to hope you can make the Alamo Bowl. Its a HIGH pressure job, and while on the surface it might seem to be an easy job, its one of the worst jobs in the coaching industry if you start 3-1 or heaven help you, lose to the Aggies and the Sooners in the same year. Ask John Mackovic how much fun Texas is after you get blown out by UCLA.


So the Candidates in alphabetical order:

Art BrilesArt Briles

Current Job: HC, Baylor since 2008
Record: 78-59
Texas Ties: None
Age: 58
Salary: 4.2 Million

Chances he would leave: Excellent, he skipped out on Houston to goto Baylor.

Should he take the Texas Job? He’s gone up and up every time he done a fine job. I would think that it’s got to be easier to do it at Texas than at Baylor. He is familiar with the area, and he is familiar with the high schools, only this time instead of cherry-picking who he wants, and battling for each and everyone, he can walk in, throw the cap on the table and look to see if there is Bama, LSU or USC hat, and if not, he wins.

Does Texas want him? Here is the problem. Texas has to win and WIN BIG. You can go 9-3 and 10-1 every year at Baylor and people will have a parade for you, in Texas after 3 years they will be looking to hang you.

Verdict: I would think that he would be a good hire for the Redskins, considering how many eggs they have in the RG3 basket. I’m not sure he’s a great hire, I personally think Texas A&M would be a better spot for him, but they seem to have a good one now as well.

Final: No. I wonder if Danny will pay an OC 4M? Heck, hire Rex Ryan for 4M and let Briles be the Head Coach.

James FranklinJames Franklin

Current Job: HC Vanderbilt
Record: 23-15
Texas Ties: None
Age: 41
Salary: 3M

Chances he would leave: What? Leave Vandy? Inconceivable!

Should he take the Texas Job? He’s young enough that if he fails, he could easily resurrect his career, a failure at 46-47 years of age? He can easily go back to the ACC or Pac-10 and be an OC/Recruiter and be just fine, he is not even close to being done. If he succeed he could be there a decade or two and be a legend.

Does Texas want him? He’s young, he can recruit and he won at Frikkien VANDY! In the SEC for crying out loud! Lets face it, Vandy could compete in the Big 12 at this rate. Plus he does have one factor that I am not going to dignify. I’ll let WIlbon and Whitlock do it for me.

Quote: “Any of those other things, we don’t talk about. They are outside of our control or focus or concern.”

Verdict: I think its a little early, to be honest, not like pulling from a lesser power hasn’t worked before- see Brown, Mack- but lets be honest, this is Vandy, and it is VERY early into his career, of course, better a year too early than to miss the boat on him completely.But bottom line, he is only SEVEN games over 500.

Final: Pass.

Chip KellyChip Kelly

Current Job: HC, Eagles
Record: 8-6 NFL, 46-7 NCAA
Texas Ties: None
Age: 50
Salary: 7.5M

Chances he would leave: I don’t see it. He wanted to go to the NFL, he’s doing fine in year one of the NFL, he’s one of only 4 coaches to have total power.

Should he take the Texas Job? If he wanted to go back, then Texas is a prime job, his success at Oregon only is magnified by being a good NFL coach. If the next coach at UT fails, and Chip is still trying to figure out how to funnel Nike money to get extra picks in the NFL Draft, then he could be the coach at UT in 2018.

Does Texas want him? Lets keep in mind that he still has another year to go on what the NCAA calls a “show cause” penalty, not like Texas couldn’t blow through that like Jackson Jeffcoat through a Div-II blocking back. Texas would love to have him.

Verdict. Not yet. Give him 3 years in the NFL then come talk to him. He could be Sabin, he could be Jimmy Johnson. He’s not going to be happy until he finds out.

Final: No

Gus MalzahnGus Malzahn

Current Job: HC, Auburn
Record: 21-4
Texas Ties: None
Age: 48
Salary: 3.85M

Quote: Anything you can do at Texas you can do at Auburn

Chances he would leave: I’ll be honest, if not for the Alabama game this year, I could see it. I do think he’s got a leg up now, plus his kids (and future kids) know not only can he hang with the Sabinites, he can beat them. Of course, come February, this may all change, but no coach, and I mean NO coach changes jobs before the title game.

Should he take the Texas Job? He has the same advantages and disadvantages as Franklin. Save one biggie. But he has the advantage that he has is he has played with the big boys, and won.

Does Texas want him? Well, comparing Auburn to Texas as equals might be the best denial I’ve ever heard, way to bump up the current folks and tick off the old folks. That being said, if he wins the NC, he could say he was changing the colors to Pink and Kiwi Green and the only thing it would happen is Home Depot would be overnighting paint to Austin by Lear Jet.

Verdict: I’m sorry how good was the last coach to take Auburn to the NC game? Aren’t you glad your school didn’t break the bank for him? Again, I have problems with going with too much too soon, if he was 41-9 with a good 4 year track record, I could see it. The problem is again, how good was the last guy?

Bill O’BrienBill_O'Brien

Current Job: HC Penn State
Record: 15-9
Texas Ties: None
Age: 44
Salary: 1.9M

Chances he would leave: 100%, and why not? He’s got no strong ties to Penn State, but he’s a solid upwardly mobile coach, Texas is a destination.

Should he take the Texas Job? Of course. Its an obvious upwardly mobile move.

Does Texas want him? I have no idea why they wouldn’t offer him the job. Patriot Assistants have done exellent in major coaching jobs, and he does have a great track record, plus PSU didn’t improve last year- why is he on this list again?

Verdict: No. This is the guy that gets hired to replace the guy you hire to be the coach at Texas.

Final: No.

David ShawDavid Shaw

Current Job: Stanford HC
Record: 34-6
Texas Ties: None
Age: 41
Salary: 2.5M

Chances he would leave: I’m not sure, he’s 41, and if he wants to stay at Stanford for the next decade, he could make it the next USC. If he wants to go, he can go anywhere he wants. I do think if Chip Kelly was still at Oregon he might be looking to go a bit sooner than later. He can run the Pac-10 another few years and still have his pick of jobs each and every year.

Should he take the Texas Job? If you want to stay in colledge, there are few places better than Texas. I don’t want to tick off the Longhorn Faithful, but Standford is a tad harder to get into than Texas, but still, Shaw has been a MASTER recruiter in a talent rich area, I’m sure the other schools in the Big 12 and SEC would love for him to stay where he is.

Does Texas want him? He’s been at Stanford since 2007, and has a proven record, true its not much longer than Franklin and Malzahn, but it is an entire class. Its a knock, but not as Big. Plus he has a little bit extra.

Verdict: He’s built a great program at Stanford, and he has no problem finding smart kids that can play, and he is keeping it clean- also something hard to do while competing for the BCS at an academic school. He survived losing the number 1 QB in the nation. He did something smart schools are not supposed to do, he reloaded, not rebuilt.That’s a hard thing to do. I think this is Shaws job to lose, and my only concern is can he keep it going?

Final: Yes, if he pushes for it. I got him coming in second.

Charlie StrongCharlie Strong

Current Job: HC Louisville
Record: 36-15
Texas Ties: None
Age: 53
Salary: 3.7M

Chances he would leave: Clearly a coach on the rise, he waited and waited for years to get his HC job, and has he taken the ball and ran with it. He spent years at Notre Dame and at Florida, and clearly can recruit with the Big Boys,

Should he take the Texas Job? He got passed over for Florida, even though he was the only coach held over from Zook by Urban Myer. There is only so much you can do at Louisville. If he takes the Texas job, he can schedule Florida every year out of conference and make them pay, then play Ohio State in the BCS and show Urban just how good he is, year in and year out. He threw Racism out there in not getting the Florida job, you want to attack and destroy the good ‘ol boy Network? There are few places better than Texas.

Does Texas want him? Can he win? Yes, Can he play with the big boys? Yes. Is he hungry? Absolutely. His record is much better than Mack Browns was at UNC when he came, and he’s winning 70% of his games in the Big East! He did have a job at Texas A&M but I’m sure he can be forgiven for that.

Verdict: I think he’s the best candidate out there. He has that little bit extra that will make the National Media happy, He’s a good enough recruiter that he can win early and often, and few coaches are going to outwork him.

Final: This is the first call I make, then Shaw.


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  1. I blogged a few months ago about Texas needing to fire Mack, and I think I mentioned Charlie Strong. We are in agreement that Charlie would be a good fit. Not sure if he’ll leave Louisville now, with them about to go into the ACC and with an athletic department that has given him all that he wants.

  2. Intersting article in Si.com says that “For the fifth consecutive year, Texas is the most valuable college football program, based on a study conducted by Forbes. Notre Dame is number two, with Alabama, LSU and Michigan rounding out the top five. The Longhorns are worth approximately $139 million, up $30 million from a year ago. The Fighting Irish are worth $117 million.”

    If, anyone is interested, I have a link on Facebook to the full Forbes article.

  3. Oh man do I think you missed a big one. My guy is one that already has his talents and face on display in almost every football watching livingroom in America and has the personality and style that no other college coach can match. I feel very strong that Texas in no way shape or form should go out and try to hire someone currently coaching at another university.

    No Sir, in my mind they tried a “Big Mac” now they should do their level best to try “Chuckie Cheese”. Jon Gruden would be my number one target. I’m not saying they could persuade him, but I definitely would pursue him.

  4. I just don’t see Gruden as a valid candidate.
    For some reason, I’m not sure he wants to do all the leg work required, even at Texas. I almost think he’d be fine as an OC, but is too good and is stuck being a Head Coach somewhere. I think he’s a better NFL guy than college guy.

  5. You might be right, and he might be afraid to step down to college level. These jobs are tougher to win at than the NFL because you have 100+ teams looking to knock off the big boys each week. But realistically, there are only about 20 with a snow balls chance at making the NC scene. And of those realistically there are only 5-6 that can achieve it year end year out.

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