Week 16 Picks

Coming off one of the best week for picks, we all proved why we have jobs during the week, going 6-4 with the unanimous picks. Bill wins the weekly crown going 10-6.

Week 2 PicksNFL Sheild

EJ Stephen David DJ Bill Archie
 Miami at Buffalo Dolphins  Dolphins  Miami  Miami  Dolphins
 Minnesota at Cincinnati Bengals  Bengals  Cincy  Bengals  Bengals
 Indianapolis at Kansas City Colts  Chiefs  KC  KC  Chiefs
 Tampa Bay at St. Louis Buccaneers  Rams  Bucs  Rams  Rams
 Cleveland at NY Jets Jets  Jets  Browns  Jets  Jets
 Dallas at Washington Cowboys  Redskins  Dallas  Dallas  skins, never taking cowgirls again
 New Orleans at Carolina  Saints  Panthers  PANTHERS  Saints  Panthers
 Tennessee at Jacksonville  Jaguars  Titans  Jax  Jax  jags
 Denver at Houston  Broncos  Broncos  Denver  Denver  Broncos
 NY Giants at Detroit  Lions  Lions  Lions  Detroit  Lions
 Arizona at Seattle  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seattle  Arizona  Seahawks
 Pittsburgh at Green Bay  Steelers  Packers “Believe in the Pack”  Pitt  GB  Steelers
 Oakland at San Diego  Chargers  Chargers  SD  Oakland  Chargers
 New England at Baltimore  Patriots Ravens  NE  NE  Patriots
 Chicago at Philadelphia  Bears  Eagles  Philly  Philly  Bears
 Atlanta at San Francisco  49ers  49ers  49ers  SF  49ers
Last Week  8-8 9-7 7-9 9-7 10-6 9-7
Overall 153-69-1 140-84-1 139-85-1 132-92-1 124-94-1 115-77-1

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  1. I need Dallas to lose and Jets to win… or, I’m pretty much out of a lunch that I bet during preseason on which team would be better by season’s end.
    gumble, grumble, mutter…

  2. Sucks about your bet. I just want my picks to pay off. I didn’t think anyone could have came close to closing out my lead, but looking at the standings both Stephen and David has a shot at beating me.

    Good luck guys.

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