7Pounds of Something: 12/16 Edition

Welcome to Monday, and I 7 Pounds of Something for you. I’m talking Christmas Food, Fantasy Football, and Hobbits!

Speaking of, Since my wife doesn’t read this, Let me tell you a story.

My Father in Law, who I respect as much as any man on the planet, wants to do Fried Chicken on Christmas. His wife makes the Best Chicken and Dumplings on the planet, (with all apologies to my other Mother-in-law)  and also makes a great Ham.

Over the better part of a decade, my Mother-in-law has put out one heckuva spread, But as I said earlier, Her Husband wants Fried Chicken this year. She calls my wife to ask about it.

My Thoughts? Long as I get my Chicken and Dumplins, I’m fine with it.

And the Ham.

As a good ol Southern Boy I love my Fried Chicken, but if there is a Chicken left alive in the US on Dec 24th, I best have me some Chicken and Dumplins. To make the family happy, I’ll give up the Ham. I am SO Magnanimous. HAM


Like Hell. Her Son, My Brother in Law, loves the Ham. He loves everything, but he’s gonna want some Ham, If He’s gotta make it himself, He’s gonna have Ham on Christmas.

So, Chicken and Dumplins, Fried Chicken, and Ham.

A Christmas Tradition is Born. Note: I fully expect my gas Mileage to be 4 miles worse going home than on the drive down.

No One CaresThe Fantasy Playoffs start this week, I have lead my league EVERY WEEK. I have been in first place from Wall to Wall.

Before I hear about people whining I’m just riding Brees, I picked him SEVENTEENTH overall. So Deal. Also I have gotten SQUAT out of my first round pick (Foster) and my 4th rounder (CJ2K) so forgive me for riding my Second Round Pick.

Second place in the league went 8-6. In Case you were wondering.

The scary thing is? I’m the dog this week, I’ve been doing it the last two months with plug-ins and being better than Yahoo said I would be, Andre Ellington, The Pitt RB, Jennings, Someone pop up and throw on a 15? Chances are I had him. I’ve been lucky, and I’ve had Brees and the TE that won’t die. My Scary pickup? Ogbonnaya. Bears Run Defense SUCK, Its gonna be cold, and the Brownies are at home.

Yahoo has me down 7 originally, after the SD/DEN game, where I had Allen, who I’ve been riding, and Decker score 6 less than they should have, and his kicker outscore his projections, now I’m down 12 going into Sunday. Everyone on my team’s Offense is projected to top 10points. He’s got the Feast or Famine team- with 4 players projected to top 15. (Ryan, Megatron, Charles and the Seattle D) Needless to say, Jamal Charles blew my brains out. 51 points, I’m sorry, I’m sure my league is going to talk shit, but you are never going to lose when you outpoint your projections by 30+ Points. I got my ass beat. My guys just had an utter letdown. My only mistake was leaving Ellington on the bench over my better judgement, but still that would have only gained me 10 points. Ogbonnaya was a shit pickup.

My other team is doing much better- Started off 0-3, to go 2-6 and 3-8 and now I’m 7-8 and killin folks. I’m not gonna lie, I’m kinda proud of it, and knocking the wife out of the playoffs.

I’m thinking Next year I’m going 2 QBs, Combining TEs and WR, and having 3 of them and 3 RBs, just for the hel

Best thing about Troy?
Best thing about Troy?

l of it, thoughts?

Might start a keeper league too. Maybe I can get MF to do a weekly on it.

Rest in Peace Peter O’Toole.

I have never seen Lawrence of Arabia, but I loved him in King Ralph.

Actually Masada might be his best work, but track down him in The Lion in Winter, if you like History-ish films, and I do.

Its got Katherine Hepburn, Timothy Dalton, and Anthony Hopkins in it as well.

Lawrence of Arabia vs James Bond vs Hannibal!!!

Lets talk some Little People!

Well, Lets not be politically correct, lets talk Hobbits.

Hobbit CartoonI’m gonna be honest, I hated the Trilogy. I got the Hobbit really young in life, and loved it. I’ve read it dozens of times and I have the cartoon on VHS and have seen that plenty as well. I read the Trilogy, and I had a hard time getting through it. It took me so long that my mom actually bought me MORE Tolkien to go with it. To be honest, I was glad when I was done with it. Wasn’t as bad as Moby Dick but it was close.
The movies are a different story. I understand the large sections of the book that were dropped and the rearraingements that were made, not to mention the happy ending (Sorry) But I almost wondered watching it if I had read the right books as a child.
So I cracked open the Fellowship of the Ring, and wanted to read about the Ents and all the rest. I’m a guy that gets ticked about major differences between book and movie, but I have no problem with it. Read the Shining then watch the Kubrick version for example.
The Hobbit Part II is out, and destroying the box office, and I’ll be seeing it. But I won’t be happy. Its another trilogy, in a movie that doesn’t need an extra 2 hours. Part 1 ends with the dwarves hitting the moutain-or escaping the Goblin King at the earliest. The Battle of Five Armies is plenty exciting without throwing all this extra stuff in there with Orlando Bloom and this new threat to Thorin, I’m still waiting on Beorn, but I guess I’ll miss that too since he doesn’t have cleavage.

I think the whole going for 3 is going to end up biting Filmmakers in the ass sooner rather than later, I do love that Studios will drop the cash to get some movies made from Source Material that is gonna be unreal, but when I get a trilogy of Catcher in the Rye, I’m gonna lose it.


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  1. I stopped reading after you said you never saw Lawrence of Arabia. I am seriously considering never blogging for this site again, after reading such a thing.

    Man up, get the DVD, and clear 3 and a half hours out of your schedule to watch it. It’s one of the best movies, and best performances, ever.

  2. Took me two or three tries to get through the LOTR… The way I finally did it is that one day out of boredom I picked up book 2 and started reading and then couldn’t put it down… Finally, I told myself, “Self, you need to go to the beginning to find out who the hell all these folks are.” So, I did and read it from start to finish in like two days.

    I have since read LOTR from page 1 to the end three more times.

    Have never made even decent fried chicken but I make a damn good chicken & dumplings… or pot pie.

  3. I tried reading it again after the last movie, I got about a third and just said, you know, Legally I have read this, I got that notch on my belt. I don’t need this again.

  4. I’m sure it will be on TV eventually this week, AMC loves when old guys die.

    It’s been on my list of movies to get since you threw it up on the Man Movie list.

  5. Damn, are we sure that you are a black guy in New York and I’m just a dumb ol southern boy?

    We both saw Lion in Winter?

    Is this legal? Shouldn’t we be talking about Spike Lee and the Dukes of Hazzard?

  6. Yea, you should be .. what the hellogood are sterotypes, if peeps, like ya’ll, keep breaking them? damn it!

  7. Lol. I am indeed a black guy from Brooklyn. I was also a history major in college, and despite the fact I can show flashes of immaturity, I have a bit of a nostalgia streak to me. I can be a little old school.

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