Saban, Bama, Texas and the Tier 1 Jobs.

Ok, Lets name all the great Tier 1 Football Jobs,

Notre Dame. Say what you want, but its here.
USC, FSU – can be considered T1 jobs, just for the locations.
Ohio State, Michigan,  Texas, Can all be here as well, just because of the base, the MONEY and the fact that for most of the year, you are king of all you survey. I’m not going to count Oklahoma here, but a case can be made they are a SOLID 1A, but there is A and then there is 1A.
That’s it. Those are all the T1 jobs.Texas Alabama
I know Bama fans, get mad at me if you want. and LSU fans, I feel you, my wife is a HUGE LSU Fan.
But T1?
I got I got 4 words for you.
Mike Shula.
Gerry DiNardo.
If you hire, or have hired, those two men, and it wasn’t on a dare. Then you are not a T1 Job.
T1 Jobs are not jobs that you take a second choice on. T1 Jobs are FIRST CHOICE Plum Job.,s
Let me give you an example.
If you are the number 1 recruiter
If you are the top DB in the country, and Kiper has already called you twice before your signing day, and you sit down at a table LIVE ON ESPN.
The hats in front of you are Alabama
Vanderbilt and Iowa. All fine schools, all schools you could play and start Day 1.
But where is the T1 School?
Saban has done that. Saban did that at LSU.
Let me tell you something Bama fans, if Saban leaves, and you don’t hire a good coach, you hire Rich Rodriguez or Ron Zook, you will no longer be a T1 job anymore. Same for you LSU fans. You go right ahead and run Les Miles off, and hire Jim Haslett then Gary Crowden, and see how long it is before you are missing those days of the Peach Bowl.
Ask Tennessee if they wouldn’t take Phil Fulmer v2.0 back right now.
Thats not a dig at Bama, that just goes to show how great a coach you have. Saban could take 30 schools to the National Title game in 3 years. I’d bet large internal organs on it. Come on! Tell me if he went to Arizona State he wouldn’t have them in a BCS bowl in 2 years. Tell me he Nick sabincouldn’t take Michigan.
The only thing he can’t do is win in the NFL, and that was more a problem with Daunte Culppeper than him. Its kinda like Rick Pitino, he couldn’t win because he didn’t get Tim Duncan. He got Ron Mercer and Chauncey Billups. I bet if he was trotting out Paul Pierce, Tim Duncan and the Billups that was in Detroit along with Popeye Jones and Rick Fox, Pitino might have stuck around just a hair longer.
Lets attack this another way.
Name me 6 jobs that you are 100% sure as important as they are now?
Don’t be so sure, lets look back at the top teams the past 4 decades:(AP)
FSU, Auburn, Alabama, Michigan State, Stanford, Baylor, Ohio State, Missouri, South Carolina
LSU, Oklahoma, USC, Michigan, Miami, FSU, Ohio State, Kansas State
FSU, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Auburn, Florida, Wisconsin, West Virginia
Miami, Nebraska, Auburn, Georgia, Texas, Florida, BYU, Ohio State, Illinois
See any constants? Only FSU & Ohio State show 3 times, and only Auburn, Nebraska, Florida and Miami show up twice. I would bet good money that FSU and Ohio State will be ranked in 2023, and good money that Nebraska ad BYU won’t be.
I asked 2 co-workers to name the best 6 jobs in college football. Both popped 4 of my 6 easily, Both named LSU (I am in LSU country, and left off Michigan. One skipped FSU to name Bama.
I asked 7poundbag contributor, EJ, and- he named Bama, Texas, ND, USC and Michigan and could not give me a 6th quickly.
Let me break this down a bit easier for you.ncaa14map
Notre Dame is ND. As long as NBC is writing them checks, they will always be Notre Dame.
USC is going to be USC- the best program west of the Rockies, and keep in mind, only Nike and the NCAA is keeping Oregon from being Washington.
Michigan and Ohio State have the money, the history, and the local recruiting grounds to keep them around. I do think Michigan State and Penn State are there in second place, but I don’t think the gap is closing.
Texas is TEXAS. Say what you will, Any good coach that can recognize talent can win at Texas. There is no reason why you can’t have a top 10 recruiting class every year with enough 5 stars in your borders to fill 5 teams.
FSU is as proven, a constant winner, and unlike some schools has come out of retirement of a legend and is back in the hunt. Even being in the same league as Miami and Clemson has not diminished them. Plus being the crown in the state of Florida doesn’t hurt.
Thats my Big 6.
If you will notice I don’t have a single SEC team.
The distance between all the teams listed above and the teams in their conference is a MILE.
The difference between Tennessee and Alabama is a coach, between Georgia and LSU is a play or two, Florida and Alabama? A few years. There simply is not a huge room between the top third of the conference, and that only got worse with Texas A&M and Missouri.
So where does this leave Saban? I think he stays, I don’t see him leaving, I think he has whatever he wants at Bama, and simply doesn’t have anything to prove. With the playoffs coming, winning titles is only going to get easier in the SEC. He can have a slip up, like against Auburn, and be just fine. If he goes to Texas, the recruiting might be easier, but he is at the mercy of Oklahoma or Baylor to have a good season to hopefully cover for him. Saban is not about to allow anyone to guide him.
If Bama goes undefeated, it is at worst the number 2 seed. If you take an undefeated FSU, Ohio State and Oregon, vs an SEC team, chances are you are not going to be sweating the Baylor/OSU game hoping you get in the playoffs.
Is the Money going to be that much better? no.
Are the facilities going to be that much better? no
Is the recruiting going to be that much better? No, Texas A&M actually make that easier. Now he gets to take kids from Texas and Florida AND Georgia home in front of the family more often. Gotta love that.
Is the Honor any different? Is the Pressure? Is the stain of that NFL failure going to be less? I don’t think so.
Let me give you my plan.
Saban is going to stay in the SEC. He is going to wait a few more years, win a few more titles, Have his pick of jobs (He’s not going to Washington) and go in like Jimmy Johnson, with the full measure of almost every player in the NFL, and the knowledge of every player in the next 3 drafts. Maybe once he finds a QB he thinks can play the next 10 years in the NFL.
Maybe the Houston job, If they can get Johnny Football. Or a similar situation.
Saban’s not going to Texas people, Tier 1 job or not, there is no place like BAMA.

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  1. 2012 was the last year Notre Dame has been in the running for a NC or even been close to being relevant in the chase. IMO, they are NOT a T1A school anymore. Last year with all the luck and hype they managed to take a beat down in the NC game.

    You have to go back all the way to the 19’teens to find a decade that Bama has not won at least a conference championship and that whole time they have won a NC in all but two decades.

    ALL OF COLLEGE football should be grateful that Saban is staying in Alabama. HAD HE took the Texas job, he would have ran another dynasty program there for years to come. Say what you will, with his reputation and recruiting skills, he would have reaped the cream of the crop from the Texas bed that is Friday Night Lights.

    Texas SHOULD BE the #1 T1A+++ job in all of college football but Mack Brown found a way to screw it up.

    It has been eleven years since Ohio State has won a NC, and it’s not happening this year.

    USC? It’s been 20 years since they won a NC , and that one was vactated.

    My list would be something like this

    1. Texas

    2. Bama

    3. everyone else………………….

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