Gilbert Arenas interested in another opportunity to play in the NBA

The Chinese Basketball Association isn’t exactly the bright lights of the National Basketball Association but it has enabled Gilbert Arenas to keep playing and he has done so at a fairly high level of play.

Last season, Arenas played in 14 games for the Shanghai Sharks (starting eight of them) and averaged 20.7 points per game, 7.3 rebounds per game and 3 assists per game.Gilbert Arenas

Stephon Marbury is another former NBA’er who has embraced his playing time (earning a championship there) in China and embraced the different culture, but Arenas still yearns for another chance in the NBA. On Friday, Arenas told the Washington Post he wants to make a return to the NBA and named several teams he thought could use his services.

“I know the Knicks-I’ve watched them. They need a lot of help; they need scoring. ‘Melo [Carmelo Anthony] needs an outlet. Someone who can just put the ball in the basket and take the pressure off him.

I [also] called Jason Kidd before the season and said ‘Listen, I feel that I can be better than some of the players you’re going to have.’ But they were already stacked to the brim. I thought I would’ve been great coming off the bench for the Brooklyn Nets.

With Derrick Rose being down, Chicago could use some more scoring. They’re struggling a little bit.

I guess the Lakers, with Steve Nash out. I think I could’ve made that squad, because that’s who I was working out with before training camp started. I was playing pretty well there. But they had 15 players, so…”

The last time Arenas played in the NBA was 2011-2012 when he played in 17 games for the Memphis Grizzlies. He averaged just 4.2ppg but he was limited to just 12 minutes per contest.

He’s under contract for this upcoming season, but Arenas will turn a relatively “young 32” in January. Having been away from the 82 game grind of an NBA season for a few years and a strong summer conditioning program should have him ready for….at the very least a tryout. And at the right price (the veteran minimum) he should be able to make a roster and help out on the bench, a weakness for a lot of teams. He could be a player who could contribute anywhere from 15-20 minutes per game.

In a League where Lamar Odom is possibly going to get at 34 and a former drug user Arenas should be able to get an opportunity to redeem himself.

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  1. If he has the right attitude, he’s worth the gamble. However I don’t see him as a fit with Brooklyn and despite his correct assessment of the Knicks, I don’t see him there either.

  2. Depends on who is the coach of either team. I don’t see Tom Thibodeau or Mike D’Antoni signing up to coach Gilbert Arenas. If neither could handle the play, or the antics, that was Nate Robinson, I damn sure can’t see them signing up to coach a similar player in Arenas.

  3. I CAN see Gilbert in the NBA next season, but I don’t think any of the teams he listed are the right fits. Not as of today anyway.

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