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I wanna speak on an issue that recently came up and then let it rest… Recently, in a another space on this web location another writerbush sorta, kinda, took our fearless leader, his Prezness Barack Obama, to task for not properly saluting his honor guard whilst deplaning. Personally, ya’ll may realize (or maybe you don’t, but, anyhoo…) that I am not one who is big on pomp and ceremony but I am very big on respect. Now, I am willing to place a small wager… and by small, I mean the cost of a hotdog or burger at your favorite roadside stand… that since George Bush the First that none of the presidents, probably, had knowledge on how to give a proper salute… that is, proper by military standards. That being said … I do think that if a person is going to take the effort to follow certain protocols then it should not be that much trouble to do it properly and maybe they should ask someone who knows, “Hey, how the fuck do you actually do this stuff?”

Marine saluting Vietnam vet
Marine saluting Vietnam vet

I mean, would it have hurt any of these so-called concerned men in high places to pay attention to a small detail that might mean a hell of a lot to someone? Since, they all preach (or preached), day in and day out, that they have we the people in mind as they go about doing our jobs and living our lives? Maybe?

And, yeah, ya might be in a hurry and have other shit… very important shit, sometimes… on your mind, but, to take the time to pay attention to a detail towards those who serve… like I said, to me it’s not a big deal but it is a detail that matters to some and it would have shown a whole hell of a lot of respect to pay attention to that seemingly small thing that may mean a lot to someone else and just take the time to do it right.

As the song goes…  “All I’m askin’ is for a little respect…”

Just saying is all…marine umbrella


With respect, peace out, Arch….






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