Puppet Master IV: The Demon

Welcome to Part 4 of the Puppet Master Series. When we left the Series Toulon has just left Nazi Germany to go to the United States, then shoot himself in the head, to be resurrected by the puppets and then get killed again. His wife was killed by the Nazis then her essence was put in Leech Woman, but Tolon thinks he was reincarnated in 1991. Puppet_Master_4

All caught up? Good.

Ok, we open with some guys that was cut from the roster of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Villains, the head guy claims that Toulon stole the secret of animation from them, they much get it back and kill all who knows about it.

Thought Toulon bought the secret in Egypt?

So lets see, they have to kill the crazy dude in the first movie, the couple in the second movie, and the kid in last movie. Do the Puppets count?

Moving on, apparently there is a company doing artificial intelligence work. For some reason this counts as working off of reanimating puppets, so two researchers get killed by puppets from the underworld!!  How that didn’t make the poster, I have no Idea. They look like Gremlins with really bad animations.

They do take time to bitch about some wonderkid who is much smarter than they are. Think he will make an appearance??

Oh we are back at the Bodega Bay inn- really more of a townhouse more than a Hotel now, and look! There is Rick, he’s working on robots and attaching Frikin Lazer Beams to their Frikin heads!

Time out. If you can make a VISIBLE LAZER BEAM GUN that does NO damage when it hits things, why are you dealing with anything else? GI JOE LAZERTAG! This would be unreal in its applications! Forget making puppets hate Hitler, here is where the SERIOUS money is.

Ok, so Rick is going back and forth with his girlfriend who shows up with another couple, to really drag the plot down a bit. Lauren finds Blade who is playing the part of a doll, and – what luck! She’s a channeler! She feels all spooky, they go exploring, Rick has Blue Balls- WE GET IT- and they find Toulons old trunk. Being bored, they inject the dolls with the liquid they find, and reanimate All the Puppets but Leech Woman and Torch, neither of whom show up this time around.Leech Woman did die(?) in part 2, so only Torch is the missing one.  So for some reason they ignore everything they have been working on to play with the puppets.

Lets keep in mind these are scientists people.

Rick plays LazerTag with Tunneler and Pinhead. Cameron tries to convince his woman to do a seance with Toulon to learn the formula.


Science people. Science.

Lauren is able to reach the underworld, but instead of reaching Toulon, He reaches the lair of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and the little pyramid on the middle of the NOT Ouija board breaks, after getting a goofy story from Toulon.

Cameron and Lauren decide to take off, Rick wants to investigate, and Suzie is a dumbass, the car won’t start, cause its a movie, and Cameron makes the woman get out and push, just to REALLY hammer home the point that he’s an asshole (maybe she can’t drive a stick?) Cameron locks her out, she never comes CLOSE to pushing the car, but he is attacked and killed by a Demon Puppet.

So now the 3 Demon Puppets have arrives, they have bloodied the Humans, and WTF is up with the Old Dude who keeps whispering to the Original Puppets?

By and Large this is a cheap Movie, the costumes look cheap, the sets look cheap and the most of the money was obviously spent on the special effects. The acting isn’t bad, a bit better than the first two, I wish they did more with the Original Puppets, The concept of the Demon Realm is pretty good, but it came off a bit badly, and I really didn’t like the way the Originals Came off, the one fight between Blade and the Demon, the Demon wins pretty easily. The ending seems REALLY contrived, and the whole Toulon popping up in the seance scene was just pretty dumb, I’m happy they used the same Toulon from last time, but it seems like they just dumped the first two movies. I can see why, and if you ignore the first two movies and think if this was the second movie, I could see it fitting much better.

Overall, this is a better installment, it seems like a quick movie, and like the others, good time-killing fodder.

Question: HOW IN THE HELL Is this rated R? There are no Boob Shots, and you see worse blood on an episode of Frasier than you got here. Is there a theatrical version of an orgy that I missed? Does Pinhead start dropping F-Bombs after the credits?

As far as B-Movies go, I’ll give this a 7, It might be the second best overall so far, but I’m kinda punchy on it.

Spoilers Shead

Rick gets attacked, but survives, and the third Demon Puppet arrives. We FINALLY get some Puppet vs Puppet and Tunneler gets the first Kill of the movie by boring through a Demon puppet while it is being held but the others. This kills one of the underlings in the Demon UnderworldDemon vs Blade

The Originals go back upstairs and get YET another puppet, and start trying to hook this one up. Apparently instead of getting someone’s essence that just doesn’t want to die and putting them in the puppet (as explained in Part 3) you can animate a puppet by the Frankenstein Maneuver. The two Demon Puppets attack, but Six Shooter kills the second DEMON puppet by getting a wire on him while the lightning hits a lightning Rod on top of the Inn. Back in the MMPR lair, another sidekick dies.

Finally, they are able to animate the new Puppet. It somehow gets the face of Toulon on it, and he reveals the secret of how the elixir works- even though last movie the Nazis were able to reverse engineer it without too much trouble. Rick has to find more of the Elixer, but there is no more in the trunk. Rick runs out to the car to get the LAST VIAL from Cameron. They are able to animate the puppet fully, and beings to electrocute the final Demon puppet.

The big Man screams and makes threats, but he’s done for this movie.

Toulon appears again, gives ownership of the puppets to Rick, and the secret of the formula, and then fades away.

End movie . . . ?

Ok, here is the problem.


Six Shooter just stands there and does his annoying laugh, other than the one time where they gang up on a Gremlin, Blade becomes a bitch to one of them, and this movie spends WAAAAAY too much time dealing with the humans. I don’t care about Rick vs Cameron, and the whole thing about the researchers just is wasting time.

This movie is almost all setup, we don’t get the big showdown with the lead guy, he never pokes his head out the Quija board, never does nothing but sit there and scream, the whole thing the Gremlins do when they make a kill, are they taking the essence? Did the writer watch Cats Eye the day before?

I feel like this is a prequel or something, and really needs a payoff.

 Murder Board-
These are known kills- or can be 100% assumed ones. I’m not doing half points.

Blade: 3
Torch 3
Tunneler 4 (+1)
Leech Woman 3
Pinhead 2
Six Shooter 1
Multiple 1
Humans 2

We can add in 3 from the Demons, and 1 for Toulon, but I don’t know yet if they are coming back.


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  1. Toulons kill counts as a puppet kill because he was possessing the body of the puppet “Decapitron”. Also it does pay out in the sequel because they filmed 4 and 5 back to back.

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