Faux Pas or not Faux Pas….Did Obama disgrace the office of the President?

Many times before the President of the United States has been placed in a position of having to acknowledge other worlds leaders despite their differences in world status or demeanor. Therefore I really do not have a problem with President Obama acknowledging Raul Castro during the memorial service he attended for Nelson Mandela.

However, the selfie incident is one he should NOT have done.

I was openly questioned on my view of this by a colleague so I thought I would do my best to explain my conservative view on this.

For those readers that care, this is just one man’s OPINION.


Let’s forget just for a second this was a memorial service for a once honored and loved leader. I don’t care if the populace was drunk and dancing naked in the streets. If they had been, should he have done the same?

Let’s place this setting anywhere else. I ask, is this still appropriate behavior for the President of the United States in ANY public forum?

Am I the only one that thinks selfies are either too childish, self-absorbed and/or inappropriate for the Office of the President of the United States?

Am I the only man left in this freaking country that feels that Obama continues to disgrace the actual Office he holds?

When I joined the Army in 1984 it was explained to me that the Customs and Courtesies of the military dictated that I honor the Officers appointed over me with a salute as I approached or passed them on the outside. As well, I would have to render a salute if I had to “report” to them indoors as well.

I was told then, Do Not look at the person wearing the rank but at the rank, office or position that was being honored. I was also given to the fact that those wearing the rank were to represent it by maintaining a certain level of dignity and respect for the rank which they bore.

The President of the United States is the Commander in Chief of the entire United States Military. And as such, that office represents to me the highest office in the world and should always be represented as such.

I understand I have a more fevered attititude towards these things than the average citizen but it comes to a head when I find myself defending my opinion to those that feel like Obama is being “picked on”.


obamasaluteI have shown this picture before to others as I found it disgraceful as well. For those that have never served in the military, when you salute an Officer/Dignitary the correct protocol or custom/courtesy is to return the salute and always at the position of attention. One does not have to stop walking, however they are supposed to lower their left hand to their side. They should not be smoking, drinking or in this case, talking on a cell while returning the salute. It takes a total of 1/2 of one second to drop the left hand to return the proper salute. There are those rare occasions that the officer or dignitary might have their arms full with packages or such but they are still supposed to give the greeting of the day or at the very least acknowledge those rendering the honor in a dignified manner. THIS IS NOT WHAT RIGHT LOOKS LIKE. I am sure these Marines felt slighted by the President’s dismissal demeanor and attitude.

At least he used the correct hand to return the salute.

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  1. I don’t think he disgraced himself or the country with the ‘selfie’. Looks to me that there are three people in that snapshot…..all three of them leaders of their respective countries. This was just an opportunity for them to be unofficially photographed together. As for the salute, I think his left hand is on the bannister of the stairs in front of the entrance/exit door of the helicopter..

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