WTF? MLB style

I will keep this short and

Question: What second baseman in MLB has the following stats for all 2nd basemen in 2013?

OPS        1st

SLG        1ST

OBP       2ND

AVG       2ND

RBI         1ST

HR          1ST


Give up? The same second bagger the Yankees just let walk because of money. The same  team that has single handedly increased All Star payrolls beyond the reach of 75% of the league just let a home-grown All Star walk away because THEY thought he was asking too much.

I expect Joe to come defend them but I don’t get it. Cano and Granderson have been the top two run producers for the Yankees the past two season and now it looks like they will have neither on the team at the beginning of 2014.AND Grandy signed with the cross town Mets.

I mean, really………………..WTF!

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  1. Throw down the gauntlet and here I am. … Cano has never led anybody to anything, has never won any major awards and if you think about it $240 million over 10 years and $170 million over 7 years (reportedly the Yank’s last offer) is essentailly the same with the 7 year deal coming out to $24.286 million a year or more per year than Seattle is now paying Cano.

    So with Cano it was always about the money AND the years.

    That being said, it has always been my opinion that the Yankees were hoping they could make the offer they did and that Cano/JayZ would still go for the ten year deal.

    Prediction in two to three years watch Cano’s numbers go down in Seatlle compared to NY. If not by next year, that is.

    Granderson is a strikeout machine whose defense is going south year by year. Throw out 2103 because of injuries and use 2011 & 2012.

    2011: 41 HRs and 100 plus ribbies and slash line of .262/.364/.552 and 169 strikeouts
    2012: 43 HRs and 100 plus ribbies and slash line of .232/.319/.492 and 195 strikeouts

    2011: 32 HRs and 97 ribbies with a slash of .269/.346/.495 and 124 strikeouts
    2012: 24 HRs and 85 ribbies wit ha slash of .296/.331/.491 and 90 strikeouts

    I’ll take Beltran over Granderson. He is more consistent.
    And, I will wager that, while Granderson won’t be a dud in Shea, his numbers will be more like in Detoit than in NY. Beltrans’s numbers will go up slightly.

    Bottom line is the Yanks have won not too much with Cano and Granderson so what’s the difference if they leave or not?

    I see a potential lineup going into 2014 looking like this: (especailly if they sign Infante) Gardner, Ellsbury, Beltran, Teixeira, McCann, Soriano, Jeter, Johnson/Infante and put in whomever at DH.

    not too shabby if you ask me.

    My question is if other teams (Seattle for instance) are tossing around big bucks like water then why just single out the Yankees for being the bad guys?

  2. In what league is Beltran more consistent than Granderson? The “I’m injured again league?” From ’09 thru ’11 Beltran missed 199 games. This last season was basically Grandy’s first true injury proned season. While all their offensive numbers for career are comparative, Granderson is 4 years younger than Beltran. For the same money and contract you would have a 36 year old Granderson or 40 year old Beltran. I’ll take Granderson.

    But just for a second we say that Beltran IS a better deal for same money as Granderson; that still does NOT explain why the Yankees would part with Cano. This offseason alone the Yankees have signed Beltran for $45 million 3 year, Ellsbury for $153 million for 7 years , McCann for $85 million for 5 years and it is still rumored they are willing to total $300 million in spending before the offseason is over. Are you trying to tell me Cano is NOT worth more than Ellsbury?

    I also don’t get where you can compare Seattle’s ” tossing around big bucks” compared to the Yankees? Seattle had an $84.2 million payroll last year compared to NYY’s $229 million. How is it they are throwing around big bucks?

    So I ask again; why let Cano walk?

    And you can continue to defend the Yankees all you want but they ARE the biggest culprits in the exaggerated pricing wars that take place today among Free Agents.

    I can give you a list a mile long since the induction of Free Agency to the league.

  3. They were not going to offer 10 and 240. They offered more money per year, not by a lot but more, but only 7 years. Cano made the choice to leave. Over 3 damn years he decided to leave. So be it.

    How many rings in 10 years ya figure he gets?
    More than what the Yanks will win in the same period? Some how, I doubt it.

    Besides, Cano takes plays off. Way too often. I have watched this dude paly for his entire MLB career and he will just not play hard sometimes.

    I do agree they over paid for Ellsbury but I think Ellsbury is an excellent addition to their lineup. And no one can knock Ellsbury’s competitveness or his Jeter-like hustle on the field.

    Granderson is a liability in the field. His strikeouts are unproductive outs. While Beltran is not the fielder he once was he is better than Granderson and he strikeouts out a lot less. A lot less!

  4. just seems a shame to me that the Yankees could not find a way to hold one of their own. I don’t watch them on a daily or weekly basis, but seems to me ANY team would be better with a Cano at 2nd base over the rest of the field. A younger version of Utley might be better but not now. I can’t think of another 2nd baseman I had rather camped out at second than Cano.

  5. And, btw, I was wrong about the Yank’s offer… just read in the NYDN that Cashman is saying that they offered: “$175 (million) for 7 (years)” … thats $25 millon per year. A million more per year than what Cano got from Seattle… it was all about the years and the money and his so-called legacy as getting one of the richest and longest contracts in MLB history.

    Just my opinion and just saying…

    Will Cano be a future HOFer? Not sure now that he is in Seattle… I think his numbers will go down and it remains to be seen how he reacts.

    Personally, I think JayZ, et. al., did him bad…

  6. I guess I came across putting all the blame on the Yankees, and certainly Cano and his agent had a lot to do with this, however, homegrown talent is still hard to come by.

    I guess I have some hard feelings with McCann now a Yankee.

    I guess it is hard to understand when the Yankees are top of the heap every year in payroll why they can’t keep one of their own.

    And it is most certainly out of form for them to let talent walk just because of money or years on a contract.

    I do believe Cano has the talent to become a HOF second baseman. He will never have Rogers Hornsby like numbers , but then, who has?

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