7 Pounds of Something: 12/9 Edition

Welcome to your Monday Morning cup o’something. Today we talking Football.


I don’t do Crow. I am a faithful fan of the Panthers, Irish, and Tarheels.Cam Brees

The Panthers Secondary Sucks. Has all year. That is not an excuse, and no I didn’t see the Saints tearing them up all game. Lets be honest, I expected the Panthers to win, and I will give the Saints credit.

1. The Panthers Shut DOWN the Running game of the Saints- Take away Sproles 1 run for 38 yards, and you give up 31 yards and about a 2 yard average- anytime you give up 69 yards period, you have done well.

2. Carolina’s first 3 drives all took over 5 minutes, they walked down the field, they were kept out of the end zone, but they were getting into a rhythm. Then LaFell forgets how to block Ole’s a guy who stuffs Steve Smith on third down, the Saints score another TD to go up 14-6 and its on. The Panthers only have 1 more drive that lasted more than 3:31 the rest of the game.

3. What I did not expect is the Saints offensive line to stand up to the front seven of the Panthers. I cannot believe what I saw there, yes the Saints got away with a TON – not to mention the flying V offensive line formation they got away with, including one time where only the the receivers were even CLOSE to the line of scrimmage. I think the Charles Brown was actually even with Drew Brees on one play. But even with all that, the Saints did one heckuva job, only allowing 2 sacks on Brees.

4. What was even worse was the Saints Defense.

The Saints Defense was just unreal. Buddy Ryan must have been going insane last night loving that game. They kept Cam Newton uncomfortable, they beat on Steve Smith (I was unaware you could do that 7 yards past the line of scrimmage)  like he was rented. They even turned Jordan Gross into a turnstile for a game. Just an unreal performance. Cam Newton looked awful.

Finally, the two biggest plays the Panthers had last night were both called back by penalties, one was an absolute Joke.

So two Weeks, and the bad thing is, due to the Cardinals loss, that game may not matter of the Saints beat the Jets next week. It was an amazing game.

By the way, Congratulations to Drew Brees setting YET another record, quickest QB to 50K. Of course the way the game is being officiated and regulated, you may see players doing that in 5 years in the future.


Next up, lets talk BCSACC FSU

Ok, for those of you that don’t know. I’m a ACC guy, and I’m glad that FSU is back on the good side of things under Jimbo, who I saw at LSU for years. I’m also glad to see Clemson doing well.
Duke, Well, F* Duke.

Auburn deserves the second spot. The SEC champion should be in the title game period anyway, and it should be an excellent end of the BCS era.
That being said. I wanted Ohio State in there. I want the ACC to be the one to end the reign of the SEC. I wanted to see the ACC in there doing work.

I was worried that OSU was going to pull a BCS and lose, and they did. Urban Myer has not faced ANY top ten teams at Ohio State, and while its not his fault that his conference SUCKS. I will admit that Ohio State is the FAR easier team to win and give the ACC the last BCS title, but lets be honest, that’s like holding the heavyweight title cause Ali is in Jail.

So lets pretend that this was next year, who deserves the 3rd and 4th spot?

Lets address the issue of BAMA.

Alabama was the second best team in the best division in the best conference. Anyone that says different is either a fan of another top 10 team or simply an idiot. Bama was a tiebreak away from facing FSU. LSU is third in the West, and still ranked 16th.

So Bama is not only deserving of a spot, but the third seed overall. I can see Oregon fussing about what about us, but you lost to not only Stanford, who I’ll get to in a minute, but Arizona (who is 7-5) by a ton. Same for Ohio State- you play in a suck conference, you didn’t go undefeated, neither did the MAAC champion, so go away.So no, go away.

So lets look at the champions.

Here is how I look at the resume’s

1. Its a season. Not a progression. A Loss in week 1 counts as much as in week 11.

2. Losses at home count more than a neutral site loss that, in turn counts more than a loss on the road.

3. I’m counting ranking when they played.

That being said . . .

My Final Four.

So Lets go with Florida State: undefeated, beat 4 ranked teams- including 2 in the top 10. Whine all you want, No other team did that. Miami might have been a fraud- but they were a fraud that you, you, you and everyone else voted for.

Explain to me how Stanford has a claim.

You lose to a team that ended up 5-7, and a team that fired its coach.

You did play an astounding 7 ranked teams, nice work, but you didn’t win the games you should have won, like LSU losing to La Tech and Vandy then screaming they should get in the title game. No.

Just. No.fcs_bcs_rankings

Baylor is ranked lower, but they pulled a OSU before pulling an OSU was cool. Losing to the #10 ranked team. They beat the other 2 ranked teams they played. I can see that. Again, if you are not going to play in the SEC, you have to win them all. I could see Baylor sneaking in if Texas was TEXAS. But its not. I could even see it if it was a wild Auburn/Georgia or Bama finish, but it wasn’t. They got THUMPED.

Michigan State played 3 ranked teams, losing to #22 Notre Dame.

Auburn, by the way, played 6 ranked teams, losing only to 6th ranked LSU, on the road. So if you take the top ranked loss- Then Auburn takes it, deservedly so.

Now, among the Non-Champions, you have Alabama, who played 4 ranked teams, losing on the road to #4 Auburn.

Oh, And Ohio State? played 3 ranked teams, losing to the number 10 team- and for all you people whining about Miami? Their best win, #16 Northwestern, ended up 5-7. So


In the obvious matchup. we get IRON BOWL II, just because we should.

So I would matchup Florida State and . .

Baylor. I have a hard time going Clemson or South Carolina or Oregon with 2 losses, with 6 one loss teams looking for 3 spots. Michigan State lost to #22 ND, Baylor to #10. MSU’s best win is vs Ohio State, Baylor vs #10 Oklahoma. If you are going to count the Big Ten or Big 12 as equals in power conferences, then count them. Baylor also has the top offense in the nation, and that would be good vs that FSU defense. But lets face it, we all want to see FSU vs Bama or Auburn- if they can beat Sabin twice. I would not hate a Michigan State pick at 4 either, but I give the edge to the team that lost to the better team.


So thats my take, enjoy.

Have a great week.


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