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What up world! I took last Friday off because I wasn’t in the mood to blog. I’ll keep it 100: I had a rough Thanksgiving day, knocked back a few drinks, and woke up to a post-Thanksgiving hangover. It’s hard to piece words together when you’re hungover. It happens to the best of us. Anyway, I’m over that and I’m back with another edition of the best blog that no one reads. Other than the 7poundbag gang. Thankful for their eyeballs at least. This week I’m only going to talk about one topic. Yes, just one. There’s a lot going on in sports right now but I’m going to stick to one thing. The future of Carmelo Anthony. Yes, I’ve done this several times and contradicted myself several times but I don’t care. I’m talking about it again. Yes, again. Live with it.

Stephen A. Smith on his radio show for ESPN 1050 stated earlier this week that Carmelo Anthony has already made up his mind on leaving the New York Knicks. According to Stephen A. the Knicks maximum offer of 5 years $133 million would not be enough incentive to keep Carmelo tied to the struggling franchise. Now, can we believe Stephen A. Smith? While he does have a close relationship with some basketball players, and he does often report and break stories, the man can be wildly inaccurate. Case in point, he recently has been caught on video confusing Russell Westbrook and Russell Wilson, calling Westbrook a great quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. He means Wilson and not Westbrook. Anyway, while that’s nitpicking on my part, is Stephen A. right? Has Carmelo already checked out on the Knicks?

When Carmelo Anthony decided to leave the Denver Nuggets a few seasons ago, James Dolan orchestrated a trade for him that went against the wishes of General Manager Donnie Walsh. Walsh did not want to see the Knicks broken up to acquire him, but James Dolan (the mercurial one) decided that he needed a star. Dolan will do anything to keep Carmelo happy, except for the fact that Dolan can’t put together a roster to make the Knicks competitive. However, help may be on the way in the fact that the Knicks have a ton of cap space for 2015 where they could lure a transfomative player such as Kevin Love (who ironically was linked to the franchise by one Stephen A. Smith). The Knicks also have their 1st round draft pick that year in a draft that may be as loaded as the prospective 2014 draft. Carmelo Anthony will soon turn 30, but if he’s willing to take the extension and play out the string until the end of next season, he could be surrounded by a better and more competitive roster. The question for him is: does he want to stick out a rebuilding process in New York?

The answer depends on his mind state. When the Knicks acquired Anthony much was made of him coming home. He was born in Brooklyn, and moved away to Baltimore as a child. His body has several tattoos dedicated to West Baltimore, and the New York angle was never brought to mind until he slipped on a Knicks jersey. Even when his college, Syracuse, played at the Garden little was said about Carmelo’s New York roots. With all that said, does he want to stay home? Does he want to be one of the biggest sports stars in one of the best cities in the World? Too many questions to answer on December 6th, but as of right now Carmelo the prospective free agent is being associated with only one team: the Los Angeles Lakers.

7poundbag’s Commander-In-Chief, David, likes to refer to myself and fellow 7poundbag writer, DJ, as the J Brothers. DJ and I have developed a friendship over the years due to our time at another sports site, FanNation. DJ is a die hard Lakers fan, and a bit of an obsessive personality. I don’t say that to belittle him. Hardly. He does get on my nerves frequently but I respect his sports obesession, when I’m not telling him to piss off and leave me alone. Where am I going with this? Oh yeah, it’s DJ’s dream to see Carmelo Anthony paired with Kobe Bryant. DJ like many see Carmelo as the 2nd star that will bring Kobe his 6th Championship, and take over the mantle as Lakers star once Kobe retires. Carmelo is plenty familiar with Los Angeles, due to his home there and his wife’s career as an actress, but I’d like to strike a little fear into the heart of DJ and Lakers fans everywhere because I have a suggestion for Carmelo Anthony.

My suggestion? How about playing for the Los Angeles Clippers. Hear me out on this. In the summer of 2010, Chris Paul, Amare Stoudemire, and Carmelo Anthony plotted together to play for the same team. The plan was for all 3 to be Knicks. Now we all know Paul is a Clipper, and he’s turned himself into one of the best point guards of all time. The knock on Carmelo is that he needs to play with someone that is as good, or even better than him, and Chris Paul is that player. Paul, Carmelo, and whatever is left on the Clippers roster (because it would take a sign and trade to acquire Carmelo) would be a title contender under the leadership of head coach Doc Rivers. Signing with the Clippers would fulfill Carmelo’s requirement of playing in Los Angeles, playing with another star, and playing for a title contender.

Also, it will mean that he won’t have to be coached by Mike D’Antoni again. I know DJ will read this and insist that D’Antoni will be fired but he won’t. He has the Lakers playing respectable basketball and as rich as the Buss family are they cannot afford to pay another coach to walk away. Not so soon after canning Mike Brown. I’ve never been a fan of Mike D’Antoni but he’s currently coaching well enough to keep his job with the Lakers and as long as Kobe is good with him, he will keep his job. Everyone that is pairing Carmelo and the Lakers seem to forget about his complicated relationship with D’Antoni. I have not. I think it’s one of the few reasons a marriage between Carmelo and the Lakers would not work. Besides D’Antoni, I’m not sure playing with an old Kobe, and not the Kobe of old, is the best thing for Melo either. Two alpha males with fading skills is not what a championship team make.

However, playing with Paul who is in the prime of a Hall of Fame career is. As I stated earlier it would take a sign and trade with the Knicks and convincing notoriously frugal Clippers owner Donald Sterling to make it happen but it’s something that Paul should be encouraging the organization to do every day. Paul wants to be a winner and he can’t with Blake Griffin as his power forward. Blake’s a beast in the paint, but he and DeAndre Jordan clog the paint with their limited offensive game. Swap him out for Carmelo, who can stretch the floor and defend, and the Clippers go from good team to title winner. If the ring is indeed the thing then Carmelo needs to team up with his good friend, Paul, and wear the red and blue of the Los Angeles Clippers.

So, that’s it. I’m sure DJ, and my many Laker followers on Twitter will hate me for doing this but I don’t care. Thanks for reading. Peace.

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  1. I can see this scenario playing out. And for the record, I am fairly certain I never said Melo and Kobe would equate to a 6th ring for Kobe….but it would give Kobe another star to team up with and keep the Lakers relevant in the Western Conference.

    Good blog as usual, EJ.

  2. You’re right. You didn’t say it would lead to a 6th ring but the Lakers will always stay relevant because of where they play.

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