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 1) On November 26, I read in the NYDN that “Most young adults prefer printed books to e-readers, study finds”.end-of-the-book-eco-1

Seems a study that asked 1420 young adults (16-to-24 years old) about their preferences, digital formats versus a book, found that 62% of them would rather pick up a book than use an electronic source.

Of those who responded in the book camp, a majority (51%) said simply that a book is preferable to an electronic form when they read. Others said that: they like holding the book and feeling the pages; the fact that it’s easier to share books than electronic sources and that they liked the “packaging” better than the digital format.

But, the two reasons I liked the best was that some peeps said they wanted “full bookshelves” and that they liked the “smell” of books.

And, maybe the coup de grâce moment came from the dude who said that “Books are status symbols, you can’t really see what someone has read on their Kindle.”


book-collectionAnd to that I say “Ayup.”

If you come into my house and look on my bookshelves you can see, at a glance, whom I have read and it is, in my opinion, a who’s who of some of today’s best fiction writers in the world… ok, some are dead but that’s beside the point… And, I gotta admit that is something that I take pride in… not only that I have all of these books but that I have read every single book (even the rare bad ones) and that they are, for the most part, all first printings, first editions. Yeah, it’s an ego thing but it’s my damn ego thing and I like it.

The bottom line is that that on some cold, dark, stormy night, I can sit in my recliner, cozy and warm, with a book from the select group of authors that are in my collection and steal away to some far off place where nothing can do me no harm but I can vicariously, and somewhat voyeuristically, transport myself to a wonderful magical mystery tour of adventure and wonder.


Let me see a Kindle do that… so, where you breathe, you damn Kindle!

2) Just before Thanksgiving, an article appeared in the NYDN that said a Vietnamese mom of a slain NY cop was denied, by a grocery store, of her deserved free ‘line of duty’ turkey.

Every November, as Thanksgiving draws nigh, turkey purveyor Shady Brook Farms works with the NYPD to send a coupon for a free turkey valued at $25 or less to families of officers who have been killed in the line of duty. May Schaberger’s son was killed while responding to a domestic dispute in Brooklyn in 2011, and, therefore she qualified to receive one of the coupons. But, when she went to Pathmark store to get her turkey, some turkeys of a different type turned the event into a humiliating, hurtful and embarrassing episode. 

May Schaberger, with husband Paul
May Schaberger, with husband Paul

In 2012, she was able to redeem her coupon for a turkey without incident, but this year, when she went to use the coupon, Schaberger says the managers of a Long Island Pathmark derisively insisted it was “counterfeit and that she had downloaded it from the Internet.”

Now, through a law suit filed in a Nassau County Supreme Court, Schaberger claims she showed the Pathmark managers a letter, which vows “to never forget the heroes devoted to protecting the public and to remember the sacrifices they made”, that accompanies each turkey coupon from Shady Brook Farms along with her NYPD Line of Duty Family Survivor ID card but the insensitive boobs still would not honor the coupon and “taunted her like a criminal, as a line of people waited impatiently behind her at the register.” The suit goes on to state that the so-called managerial humanoids spoke to her “in a derogatory manner, loudly and slowly, for all customers to hear, as if she was stupid and did not understand English” at which point she effectively told them to take their damn turkey and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

turkey couponShe probably didn’t say that last part exactly in that manner but in my mind I wish she had because it is what I would have said if I were in her shoes.

Her suit also charges that she was obviously discriminated against because of her Vietnamese heritage. 

But, curious is the fact that a few days after that ugly, and uncalled for, incident she went to another Pathmark and was able to redeem the coupon for her turkey without incident. So, at least we know that racist, ignorant, ill-mannered and insensitive managers are not epidemic throughout the Pathmark organization and hopefully are confined to only this one location.  

The suit seeks unspecified monetary damages which, if found in her favor (as I expect it will be if Pathmark lets it go to trial without seeking to resolve the stupidity first), it effectively will be a well deserved slap upside Pathmark’s collective head that they employ such small minded and mutant brained challenged racist asses to be managers of one of their stores. 

As expected, Pathmark declined comment. 

If, Pathmark is smart they will make a small, yet significant monetary apology to the lady and then make a donation to the NYPD Line of Duty Family Survivor and Shady Brooks turkey programs and then sack the asses who initiated this entire racist brouhaha. 

3) Okay, sometimes I see stuff that just makes me smile and shake my head because the absurdity of the story speaks for itself. Case in point: Recently Alec Baldwin had one of his usual meltdowns against the paparazzi and in the process of conducting his self-serving and self possessed spoiled brat act called a member of the razzi a cocksucking faggot. 

As would be expected, a lot of peeps got up in arms about his choice of words, and, no matter what side of the fence you are onBaldwin 3 regarding gay rights, I think rightfully so. I mean, the gist of what he was saying might be true but you still can’t, or, at least common sense and decent human social behavior dictates, that you shouldn’t go about publicly saying it to someone in a mean-spirited and as an obvious sexually/homophobe slur. And, if, you obviously have no socially accepted social skills, like Baldwin sometimes appears to not have, then you can’t say the stuff that he did for no other reason than the law says you cannot do it.  So, even if your personal social mores might suggest what you said is allowable; it is not.

Now of course, after Baldwin came under fire for his choice of words, especially from gay rights groups, he came out with his usual dumbshit spin on the situation and some of his “better” spins were that he denied saying “faggot” but instead said “fat head”, and, that he didn’t know that “cocksucker” is a homophobic epithet. Well, technically it is not always homophobic in nature, but it all depends how you use it and with whom you say, or shout, it… it’s a common sense sort of thing.

Now, maybe he did say fathead, I doubt it, but, maybe, he did… and, I guess to some folks that special compound and sexuallybaldwin 1 expressive word he said might actually be a term of endearment but usually when it is used in a raised and angry voice I think it loses it all its supposed endearment qualities. So, let’s get real here… Baldwin’s got a history of uttering racist and ethnocentric words, we can now add homophobic words, against certain people when they piss him off and at some point he needs to take responsibility for what he says.  And, in the simplest terms, the fact is that Alec Baldwin was wrong to use the word he did in the context that he did and he needs to own his choice of words; apologize and then don’t go and do it again. 

To be clear, what Baldwin said was inappropriate given the circumstance and actually, not even relevant to the situation at hand… I mean what does one’s predilection for certain sexual activities have to do with anything anyway? Truthfully? Baldwin is becoming very tiresome. 

The true measure of any one person is what they do with their lives… Now, if they choose to be little and mean-spirited and spout out inanities that are intended to hurt and disgrace people in order to control and subjugate them to their stupid-ass will, then, fuck ’em. Because, even if a person does do some so-called good deed after the fact, the fact is that those deeds are nothing but a smoke screen designed to cover who, and what, they really are, which in Baldwin’s case is an  angry, ethnocentric (or racist), homophobic, insecure, egotistical, control freak. 

Look at it this way, if a person commits adultery every week, steals, demeans folks by using terms that are racist, hateful or otherwise socially deplorable and do other unconscionable acts… or simply put, acts like a gangster or a terrorist. But, then they go out and donate money to some good and useful neighborhood charities, and, maybe even goes and says a few Acts of Contrition and Hail Mary’s and adds in some mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maximum culpas, AND, then goes out the next week and does it all over again then what have they accomplished and what are they? All the lying, cheating, stealing and hating are what they really are, no? Because, I submit their so-called charitable works, regardless of whom they may help, are nothing. And, the assertions of sorrow and fault are also nothing because they never do anything to fix their wrongful behavior. The reality is that they are nothing but a small insignificant pestilence on this earth who leave more paths of destruction and circumstances of woe than edifices of good. 

And, that is exactly what Baldwin is, or has, become.

riversBut now, just as this issue with Baldwin is seemingly going to bed, in steps this 80-year old so-called comedienne by the name of Joan Rivers… And, she appears on a clip from the paparazzi/gossip site, TMZ, and is shown saying, “Everybody’s either a wop, a nigger, a kike, a chink, a fairy, or a mick… Everybody’s something so why don’t we all calm down. Everybody just relax… Be thankful that we’re all living in America, and stop, everybody, being so damn uptight.” 

First, I don’t know it is really the right way to present a defense of Baldwin, especially, if, you want people to see your particular view of things.  I mean, alienating folks by calling every group out there by every negative word in the book is not how I would go about trying to win over and influence folks who see you as the enemy. And, while, I certainly do agree some words, or verbalized thoughts, are given way more import than they deserve, it still doesn’t mean you can go willy-nilly 112613-joan-rivers-launch-v2-3castigating a person in a derisive mean-spirited tone just because you have a disagreement with how they may, or may not, be doing their jobs. Which in this case is being an intrusive paparazzi trying to get a photo or a story. 

Rivers problem is that she is past her prime and nobody really cares what her opinion is any more. 

Now, that may open up an entirely new can of worms… age discrimination.


4) Seems back during halftime of the Turkey Day football game between the Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys game, Selena Gomez took to the stage to entertain the crowd. Her show was sponsored by The Salvation Army and was part of the Army’s 123rd annual Red Kettle Campaign which is a holiday season drive that ultiamtley provides toys, food, coats and shelter for underprivileged children/families.

As her performance began, Gomez’s stage garb included a red leather body suit, gold sandals and a fringe skirt. As the set drew to a close, she stripped down red leather hot pants.

In a word Selena be smoking:Selena 5


Selena 2Selena 3Selena 6


5) This was the lead in Manish Mehta’s sports column on December 3: “The day after Geno Smith was yanked in the midst of his latest debacle that effectively short-circuited the season, the Jets made the unpopular choice to stick with the struggling rookie quarterback.”  

Jets coach Rex Ryan was quoted as saying, “I believe in Geno… His perseverance is impressive to me. He’ll bounce back from this. I’m just waiting for him to have a great game.”

Rex Ryan and Geno Smith
Rex Ryan and Geno Smith


Why is that, Rex? Pray tell, why?


Rex Ryan and MArk Sanchez
Rex Ryan and MArk Sanchez

Didn’t we visit this rodeo before? Just last year, with Mark Sanchez? Where Rex said the same words, more or less, all year long regarding Sanchez as his main man and how he believed Sanchez was the best choice for the Jets to win week in and week out as he had a league leading 26 turnovers (18 interceptions/8 fumbles) … two years in a row? Exactly the same number of interceptions and fumbles lost?

Now, he has Geno Smith, who has managed only one touchdown drive in his last 36 possessions and hasn’t thrown for a score in 21 quarters. Plus, in his last three games, Smith’s QB rating was 10.1, 22.3 and 8.3. Plus, Smith has a league-high 23 turnovers that includes 19 interceptions which is already more than Sanchez threw in either 2011 or 2012 and the season is not even over yet. 

Rex, wake up and smell the coffee, you are not a good head coach and you set up your key players to fail much too often.

Rex needs to go away and return somewhere as a defensive coach. It is what he does best. Unfortunately, he is the Jets head coach and he sucks at it. 

I just hope GM John Idzik has a candidate list forming as I write this… please! 

6) On December 3, the NYDN reported that “Mayor Michael Bloomberg was hitting the links in Bermuda Sunday when a commuter

Bloomberg on golf course
Bloomberg on golf course

train derailed in the Bronx and killed four people — and he didn’t exactly rush back.” In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, who cited a person who saw Bloomberg down in Bermuda; he didn’t even leave the golf course until more than four hours after the 7:20 a.m. train tragedy. When Bloomberg returned to NY on Monday a reporter asked him where he was during the train wreck and Bloomberg said, “You have a real question? You just have to check the public schedule for where I am at any point in time. It will certainly tell you anything that’s germane to the job.” He then added that “When I was informed about the train wreck … (I) was in constant communications with my commissioners who were there to do the job… They’re supposed to show up and they’re supposed to do it. And that’s exactly what they did.”

You know what?  I agree with Mayor Mike.  Much too often during his final term as NYC’s mayor he has tended to think he knows everything, and anything, better than everyone else and has acted a bit like an elitist in how he goes about his job… (for some odd reason billionaires tend to have that problem sometimes… or, is a character defect?)… as mayor of the world’s most metropolitan city, but, in this instance he is right. Just what in the heck would he have accomplished, or could he have done, by rushing off the golf course; grabbing a charter back to NY and being at the horrific crash scene that would, or could, not be done by professionals and experts who he hired, appointed, or, were in place since day one of his mayoral-ship, to provide aid to the injured and to investigate what happened in the exact situation that had occurred? 

By Sunday night, the mayor had returned to New York and was visiting with accident victims and offering whatever comfort he could and you know what? That was where he was best suited to be and the time for him to be doing it… there and out of the way of everyone else so they could do their damn jobs. 

7) A NYDN article, dateline December 3, reported that a person, aka ‘Tips4Jesus’, has been visiting some very posh places acrosstips4n-1-web the US, running up some huge bills including some hellacious bar tabs plus some very bodacious tips that presently amounts to about  $54,000… and counting 

The article asks: Just who is Tips4Jesus?

No one seems to know anything about the person’s identity right now but servers in Ann Arbor (Michigan), Chicago and Los Angeles have all been left with shit-eating grins plastered across their faces as they discovered the tipper’s phenomenal largesse. And, it appears the money is there because, at this point, no one has come forth saying the bills aren’t being paid or that they anyone got stiffed. 

Now, I’m not sure why he tips the way he does but just peeking at his bar (see picture) he certainly is drinking top shelf stuff, and, quite a lot of it. Now… if, he be drinking most of that booze himself… just mentioning it in passing is all.    


8) In today’s (12/4) NYDN, I read about the community of Bryan, Texas

Guiness World Record gingerbread house
Guiness World Record gingerbread house

who banded together to build the largest gingerbread house ever built with the purpose to not only set a Guinness world record but to also, more importantly, raise money for a local trauma center.
And, in November the Guinness World Records peeps did acknowledge that the Bryan folks did, indeed set that world record after they verified that the gingerbread abode is th ealrgest ever built. The confectionary structure exact dimensions stand at 39,201.8 cubic-feet that is 60 feet by 42 feet a its base and at its tallest point rises 20.11 feet.

And, yes, the house is edible. Bill Horton, the GM of the Texas A&M Traditions Club that spearheaded the project, said, “One of the criteria was that it had to be edible.” In addition, Horton said, “We ate it all along… In fact, the first day, when the Guinness World Records gentleman came, I was walking him around the building and… he asked if it was edible. So I bent down, picked up a piece that had fallen onto the ground and ate it. He looked at me and said, ‘Either it’s edible or you’re an idiot.'”

The gingerbread house took a month to build and is made up of 22,304 pieces of candy. And, consumed almost 3,000 pounds of brown sugar, 225 gallons of molasses, 7,200 eggs, 7,200 pounds of flour and 1,800 pounds of butter and combined with the massive amounts of candy, it comes to a caloric count of about 36 million. 

Horton says “There’s loads of Twizzlers, loads of peppermint sticks, and spun-sugar glass work… Six-inch lollipops are all along the front, and plenty of green and red Life Savers.”

I just got one thing to say: if’n you be nibbling on a piece of this house and a door opens and a very old woman emerges and asks you in, with the promise of soft beds and delicious food… then leave immediately… post haste… I mean get the fuck outta there! Because, sure as God made little green apples and flop eared puppy dogs, that is a wicked witch who has a hot oven just waiting to roast you to a tender turn.

Hansel & Gretel

9) The following story I find absolutely amazing, intensely incredible and nothing short of miraculous… It seems last May a tugboat capsized about 20 miles off the coast of Nigeria and that all 12 men aboard the craft were presumed dead. About 60 hours after the tragedy, a diver was conducting a search and recover operation for the crewmen’s bodies. As the diver went from one point of the wreck to another on his recovery efforts there came that moment that had to be nothing short of a bone chiller as a hand reached out and rubbed against the him  in an effort to literally grab his attention. To say the least, the hand acomplished its mission.

It was Harrison Okene, who some how had survived in a small air pocket inside the ship for nearly three days after it had capsized and sank to theokene4n-2-web bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Recently released footage of the Okene’s rescue aired on NBC’s Today and shows the dramatic moment Okene was saved with the diver exclaiming, “He’s alive! He’s alive!”

Other divers were sent down and they ultimately freed Okene, who was put in a decompression chamber for another 60 hours before he was allowed to go back to his home in Warri, a city in the Niger Delta.

Amazingly, Okene managed to survive in that small air pocket inside the tugboat with no food and only sips of Coca-Cola.

Okene told Reuters News Service “I was there in the water in total darkness just thinking it’s the end… I kept thinking the water was going to fill up the room, but it did not.” 

There is just one damn thing I want to know and that is: How the fuck did this man not go stir-fucking- bat-shit- crazy being in such anigeria-shipwreck survivor mind numbing terror filled situation. It’s dark, ya got no food … just a soda…, you’re totally alone with no obvious hope for survival, or at the least an hour by hour diminishing hope, and you are essentially in suspended animation… in effect, a total and virtual real life sensory deprivation chamber with real life and death consequences. Simply, how the fuck did this man survive?

Dude, I have no idea if they got lotteries over there in Nigeria but if they don’t then go some place where they do and buy a few tickets because with your luck it couldn’t hurt to spend a few dollars… as they say “Hey, ya never know!”

There are just some things that occur in life, that despite all the shit that do happen in this world and despite my attitudes about religion, that makes me believe that there is something greater than us all… something I call God for lack of a better term or concept… that moves in some very mysterious ways.

10) My woman of week? Or is it of the moment? Anyway, it is Keira Knightly… I have always had a crush on this lovely lady…


 wallpaper keira knightley 1600x1200 108




Keira Knightley 7














And, WTF??????

gay sign


They killed Brian???!!!!  Not the drama princess,  Meg… or… whats his name, ahhh, right, the moron, Chris. But, freaking Brian…familyguy

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