In what universe is Jacoby Ellsbury worth $21 million a year?

WTFWhen I heard this news I literally spit my morning coffee into the floor board of my pickup.

I am still in shock. Let’s forget the fact he has been a Red Sox player his entire career and probably would have earned the title of Captain had he stayed with them.

Let’s forget for the moment that he went to the hated rival.

Let’s even forget just for a second that he was one of the most beloved Red Sox players.

Here is what we should focus on. New York Yankees, are you frigging kidding me? #@&%*@ . Again you, Yankees, as an organization make a mockery of the entire contract-to-value system which forces other teams to make ludicrous deals as well just to appease hungry agents and overvalued players.Ellsbury

Did you not learn your lesson on long contracts with A-Rod? The Yankees are on the hook with A-Rod through the 2017 season (he will be 41) and owe him roughly $86 million more in salary not including additional Homerun Milestone bonuses.

Ellsbury is already 30 and will be 37 at the end of his new contract. Matt Kemp is 29 and is owed $21.5 million a year for the next 6 years. Are the Yankees trying to say that Ellsbury is another Matt Kemp? If they are they are crazier than I thought.

Here is the list of $21 million and below contracts from the 2013 season that Ellsbury will surpass in 2014 in salary.It is NOT all inclusive of all players that are better than Ellsbury. Just a posted list of high salary players from last season.

Zack Greinke


Los Angeles Dodgers



Vernon Wells


New York Yankees



Adrian Gonzalez


Los Angeles Dodgers



lMiguel Cabrera


Detroit Tigers



Matt Cain


San Francisco Giants



Cole Hamels


Philadelphia Phillies



Matt Kemp


Los Angeles Dodgers



Justin Verlander


Detroit Tigers



Roy Halladay


Philadelphia Phillies



Barry Zito


San Francisco Giants



Carl Crawford


Los Angeles Dodgers



Ryan Howard


Philadelphia Phillies



Felix Hernandez


Seattle Mariners



Alfonso Soriano


Chicago Cubs
New York Yankees



Josh Hamilton


Los Angeles Angels



Joey Votto


Cincinnati Reds



Derek Jeter


New York Yankees



It is hard for me to look at this list and say Ellsbury is worth more than these guys. I can probably find a couple but that is only due to recent injury troubles.

I don’t think Ellsbury is worth more than Andrew McCutchen, current reigning NL MVP who only made $14.7 million last season. I don’t even feel he is a better addition to the Yankees than say Shin-Soo Choo would have been.

And I most certainly can’t figure how the Yankees could sign him for that kind of money but yet be willing to let Cano walk. It just boggles the mind. I understand Cano is asking a ridiculous amount and I can’t fathom any team giving him an A-Rod like contract however, if any team could it would have been the Yankees.

Of all the Centerfielders on the market this year either in Free Agency or via trade, I can’t believe the Yankees signed Ellsbury to such an exorbitant contract.

It is just my opinion but they continue to ruin the level playing field for all the other teams.

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  1. Hard to disagree. It’s doesn’t make sense. They’re playing hardball with Cano but willing to give Ellsbury $21 million a year until he’s 37? The Yankees are a strange organization.

  2. I disagee that the Yankees ruin the level palying field for al lthe other teams and instead I submit that contracts like the Twins gave to Phil Hughes (24 million for three years) are more destructive than what the Yanks did with Ellsbury. Do I think they over paid for Ellsbury? Somewhat. Do, I think Ellsbury is a good signing by the Yanks? Ayup. He was the best outfield fit for the team in my mind.

  3. You mean like A Rod has the last 3 years? Yeppers, so said the comment on the Yankees not learning their lesson.

  4. Joe, as a Yankee’s fan, I understand your committment to your statement. However, when you are a fan of one of the lesser fortunate teams in the league, you see year-in and year-out free agents sign with the bigger clubs and you just know that your club has no shot at signing them.

    And when ANY club overpays for ANY player that ruins the value-to-player ratio that now all the other clubs have to contend with when it comes to signing free agents. Phil Hughes only raised his salary $850 K from what the Yankees paid him last year, so how does the two compare?

    Ellsbury was just handed a $12 million dollar per year raise!

    AND there were other good deals to be had by the Yankees on the FA market.

    No Sir, I’m not convinced on this one.

    Appreciate the comment , and discussion.

  5. As a Braves fan, I questioned the signing of B.J. Upton as well as Uggla…….you see how those have turned out right?

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