The DoneLosthisMind Chronicles: `12/3 Edition


Welcome to Te DoneLosthisMind Chronicles.nsfw

These are NOT SAFE for little minds, and if you get offended, by all means, don’t read next weeks, cause I don’t think its going to get cleaner


10) I’ve seen fashion girls do things for cocaine, that even a dog wouldn’t do for some peanut butter………..

9) Be patient and understanding with all the Obama supporters. It’s their right as Americans to be stupid. Unless Obama takes that away too..

8) You smell like shame and disappointment… I’m kind of an authority.

7) Life is short. Forgive yourself. Assholes will champion your faults with or without you.

6) I won’t be content with technology until my cell phone doubles as a taser.

5) Common sense is like deodorant, those that need it most, don’t use it!

4) Damaged people fuck like champions!!!!!!!!

3)  Always see the rose in the vase and not the dust on the table…

2) I would rather shove wasps up my own ass then go to work tomorrow!

1) whore + moron = whoron.

BONUS: I’m thinking of a number between one and who gives a shit.

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