Puppet Master III

Welcome to Puppet Master III or Puppet Master 3, if you prefer, I’m partial to Roman Numerals, myself. But that just me.

Sorry if this are coming out a bit irregular, some kinda holiday and work schedule is screwing with life.

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Puppet Master 3

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Ok, so we go to 1941- screwing up Puppet Master 1’s timeline- and yes, this will be the last time I mention this, I’m tired of reading it. Anyway, we pop back to WW2, Where Dr Hess is making a formula to reanimate corpses to use as human shields on the Eastern Front.(Ok, I can see skipping out on the 1939, but Russia in 1941? Geez.) His SS counterpart, Kraus is impatient, and lots of yelling.

Dr Hess can get them to work for a bit, but they don’t do anything but mindless violence or shoot themselves.

Nearby, Andre Toulon is doing a puppet show for kids, with a NEW puppet, Six Shooter, who is making fun of Hitler.

Yes, a puppet show making fun of HITLER in 1941 This is one they should have used like 1936 or so for, they could have fit Part 1, and actually, uh, made sense since you could do things in 1930s that would get you shot on sight in 1941- especially in front of Kids.

Post Show, Toulon and his Wife feed the puppets some Mt Dew to sustain their life force.

The Show and the “feeding” of the puppets is seen by Lt Stein, Kraus’s driver, who runs back to tell his boss. Hess wants to bring Toulon in to help him with the reanimating process, Kraus wants to shoot him for treason.

Hess goes over Kraus’ head and saves Toulon.Leech Woman

Toulon shows his wife a new Puppet, who is made to look like her, So if you saw 1&2, You know she’s screwed since that Leech Woman! Kraus, Hess and some soldiers come in and put Toulon under arrest. Elsa tries to stop them from taking the formula, but gets shot. She spits on Kraus, who shoots her again.

Toulon is being driven to . . . Headquarters, and we are FINALLY on the board as Pinhead and Tunneler kill the Nazi’s taking Toulon away, and he returns to his shop to find it burnt but rescues Six Shooter and Jester- then its Nazi-Hunting Revenge Time!

So how was the play?

In a word, CHEAP.

Holy shit is this a cheap film. There is NO reason you could not do this movie with a camera today. Not even a good camera. I mean this could be a Student Film to be honest with you.

But the acting is better than the previous two, the puppets are smoother, the writing is a little tighter, if you don’t know a THING about Germany in 1941.

This fits more the classical slasher flick, setup setup setup major loss, then spree and final death, happy ending.

I do like the direction of going back to Germany, I do like seeing the backstory without having the invisible man bore us to death.

The Set Design just hurts, and the drama class costumes hurt. For the most part, I can get past it.

If this was Part 1, I would have high hopes for part 2. I do have some MAJOR issues coming up after the spoilers, But I’ll say this is the best so far.

Seriously. I’m going a 6 here, but for B movie fans, its a keeper.




Spoilers Shead

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