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Welcome to the kickoff for Thanksgiving week!

I’m not the type to do that whole-name-one-thing-a-day thing, But I do intend to next week. This week: I’m talking North Carolina, our new Roost App, Karma and more!

But lets get the party started in the Great State of North Carolina!Cam Newton

First off, The Panthers are in a 7 game winning streak- imagine if Riverboat Ron had went for it in Buffalo- we are talking bye weeks. The good thing about it is the Panthers have 2 games with the Saints in the final 3 weeks, so the NFC South is in range- the top seed in Seattle is a game the Panthers only lost, ON THE ROAD by 4, back in week 1. So can the Panthers have a great season? Absolutely. For some reason the secondary has played better than I expected, and the O-Line has not done badly here in November. One think that I thinks I think – I think FOX needs to listen to the broadcast more and slap some of the analysis. Just some stupid comments.

My favorite was that Cam Newton’s BLATANT helmet to helmet a few plays into the game was said to have not been called because Cam was too tall and the referee was “shielded” from seeing the hit.

Sorry Cam, I know you are a bit loopy, and we took a timeout so you can clear your head- and you didn’t play right for almost a half after this, and you were spitting blood, but you are too tall for us to see your HEAD SNAP BACK.

Just stupid, and dangerous. For a guy to say the ref couldn’t call it because the QB is too big? Really? Of course that was almost as fun as the total 180 they did on the Dolphins. Both guys in the booth changed their minds on the whole team right after Greg Olsen caught the ball. It was amazing to watch.

UNC Logo 3Next up, after the most embarrassing loss in UNC history since Jordan’s roommate was the coach, UNC redeems itself by beating the Pitinos. Anytime Pitino loses is a good thing, and for UNC to do the beating just makes me happy.

But as I said, I don’t care about NCAA Basketball for another few months, but I’ll see you when we play Duke.

Finally, Michigan lost  . . to CHARLOTTE. No, not the Bobcats, to the 49ers! I love it. Anytime Michigan loses I am also a happy camper.

Next up, over on the left hand side you will see a new link for Mac People. Roost

I payback for all the damn iPhones, iPads, iThis and iThats I spend all day fixing, we have added the Roost App to the 7poundbag. Its free, and easy to use- simply click on the link, download the app, and every time DJ wakes up- er I mean every time something gets posted, you will get an alert, it also gives you a list of everything that was added recently, so In case you missed that Raiders / Titans breakdown, you can click on the link and go right too it. Like I said, its Free, and its better than having to worry about the RSS Free. ShoutOut to Collin for playing Ginney Pig for me and testing it.

I emptied out the inbox, and its unreal how many partial posts I have to finish. I need a break or a Powerball win. I got so much left to do on here, in the home and in my life- Its just not funny.

Next up, Anyone remember the woman that said she was raped by the Duke Lacrosse team? Crystal Mangum? Did we ever find out if that was a stage name? The person that made me feel back for Duke and Coach K? Yeah, she’s going to Prison for murder. I take no joy in the loss of life, but I do wonder where Al and Jesse and Selena was when this happened? I wonder if any of them are going to visit her? They RUSHED to her side immediately- but how about now? If certain parts of OUR community would worry about every murder instead of the crimes they can MAKE MONEY ON, maybe we would be in better shape.

Never Ending StoryFinally, I have a question.

What do you look for in a book review? Same “format” as the Movie review? Just plow through with opinions? Solid judgement on weather or not you should pick it up at Barnes and Nobles, Goodwill or the Library?

Let me know. Its cold outside, So I might be doing more reading.

So thats it for today, thank you for reading, let me know how the Roost App works for you, and have a great, THANKFUL week.

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  1. A book has to have a hook that gets me into almost immediately, maybe not in the first few pages but it damn well better be by the end of the first chapter. It has to be well written, and, by that I mean when I read the words it needs to make images pop into my head… there are no visuals; the words create the visuals for me. And, last, I need characters that I belive in.. whether they be the bad guys, the good guys or somewhere inbetween… they need to be believable. Even if its fantasy or scifi, they still need to be believable and worth reading about… whether I root for them or agin them.
    If i am gonna spend any amount of my time reading someones work the nthe ydamn well better engage my mind, create a video that I can see in my head and make me think.
    I mean why else read if you don’t wind up thinking and ecercising the grey matter? I mean otherwise we could all just watch TV for our brainlees mind app quotas.

    Of course this assumes you are reading for entertainment and not for being infromed or educated.

    One of my favorite writers, for the simple fact being that he can stop me in my tracks with an amazingly wrtten sentnce that will mesmerize my brain, is Dean Konntz… check him out sometime if you have not alreasdy done so.

  2. And, all I know is your Carolina guys best not be over my UConn dudes in the next AP top 25. But, still glad ythey beat the Pitinos asses.

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